55 Glamorous Men’s Blowout Haircut Ideas – Classic and Stylish Cuts

The blowout haircut is a style from the 90’s, but it was very popular in the early 2000’s, and this is mostly due to Pauly-D from MTV’s Shore Fame. Although this style has been around since then, in the last couple of years more and more men have been wearing it and giving in some modern variations. The traditional blowout is about taper fading the sides and leaving a long top that you should blow dry and style with gel, but the current designs are about making an overall trendy appearance. Below are some 55 photos that demonstrate different ways of wearing the blowout.

# 1 Natural Flow Wave

It is hard to believe that the funky wave at the top of this hairdo is natural and it requires minimal blow-drying and little amount of gel to style it. Apart from this the style also has some subtle highlights and a nice taper fade.

# 2 Long Layers and Skin Taper

This beautiful hairdo involves leaving some extra-long strands at the top that you should gel and style into some wavy layers. However, the design also has a skin taper on the sides that graduates into the top flawlessly.

# 3 High and Easy Brush Back

For a neat blowout look like this one you should leave some long strands at the top and style them with a lift and brushing them back before finishing with a clean fade on the sides.

# 4 Artistic Side Swept Waves

You will need the help of a skilled stylist and a thick natural hair to wear this look. It involves leaving some long waves at the top and tapering the side and back to a uniform level. You should then finish by sweeping the waves at the top sideways in subtle and messy layers.

# 5 Upswept Curly Layers

The height of the strands at the top is vital when it comes to the blowout haircut. In this deign the strands on the upper part have some subtle curls and a layered upsweep styling, and you should complement them with foil fade on the sides.

# 6 Neat Natural Waves

Men with hair like this will have trouble controlling the frizz, but a blow dry is the best solutions. The strands have some beautiful natural waves, and you only need to fade them on the sides and upsweep the long ones on the crown.

# 7 The Blowout Hawk

A blowout can also make stylish faux hawks like this one. It entails leaving some thick and textured curls on the top and giving the sides a smooth drop fade.

# 8 Slick Brushed Back

A slight lift and brush back are all that you need to create this funky hairstyle. However, you should also taper fade the side to create a disconnection with the massive facial hairs.

# 9 Textured Vintage Waves

The texture of the blow-dried and upswept locks on the upper part of this haircut is fantastic, but the design also has a smooth skin fade on the side that makes the hairdo look trendy.

# 10 Wavy Blowout

The thick texture of the wavy locks on the crown of this headdress is amazing, and it will create a top notch design. With such an amazing hair you only have to blow dry it and finish with a fade in the sides.

# 11 Messy and Tapered

Some hairdos like this one are only possible with the right type of hair. It is a straightforward design that entails tapering the strands to make the sides and back short and gel the strands at the top and making them messy.

# 12 Neat and Spiky

Some men will not require any gel to create this look because their natural strands already have an excellent texture. Leaving some long and spiky strands at the top and styling it with an upsweep is all that they will need to wear this look.

# 13 Elegant Tapering

Most of the beauty of this hairdo comes from the skillful cut. It involves tapering the sides and back while leaving some upswept and blow dried wavy strands in the upper section.

# 14 Sassy and Voluminous Blowout Curls

The smooth tapering and brush back on the sides of this headdress are magnificent. But, the style would not be complete without the thick and sexy blowout curls at the top.

# 15 Rugged and Blondie Mane

Blonde will always make any man look refined and stylish. It is the first things that you need to wear this hairdo that will entail taper fading the sides and leaving some blow dried and side swept bangs on the crown

# 16 Thick and Natural Curls

If you are an African man, you will not need any gel to create a blowout haircut. You will also need minimal blow-drying because living your thick natural curls in the middle and skin fading the side is enough.

# 17 Lined-Up Thick Blowout

This blowout design looks fantastic, and this is due to the smooth fade on the sides and a perfect line-up at the front. The blow drying and the generous use of gel on the strands at the top are also an important part of the design.

# 18 Front and Upswept Spikes

A sweet and straightforward style like this one is what any man that wants to keep up with the times should wear. It entails giving the side a skin taper fade and leaving some spiky strands at the top that you should style with a forward sweep and by lifting the front

# 19 Brilliant Gentleman Pompadour

This style is what you would see with gentlemen in the 1950’s. However, its neatness also means that it will make a great and trendy modern haircut. It involves forming a thick and smooth pompadour at the top and giving the sides a zero fade.

# 20 Twists Sponge and Fade

Twists sponges are easy to create even if you do not have a naturally curly hair. However, for yours to look this adorable, you need to use a lot of gel and give the sponges, a nice fade.

# 21 Amazing Spiky Waves

Blowouts are all about giving the strands on the upper part a smooth and elegant styling. In this design, this involves texturizing and up sweeping them. The sides should also have an excellent skin fade to create a glamorous appearance.

# 22 The Classic Sweep Back Wave

You need the services of a barber that knows how to use the scissors well to wear this lovely headdress. It will entail leaving some long wavy bangs on the crown that you should blow dry and sweep back before finishing with uniform fade on the sides.

# 23 Disheveled and Textured Structure

This hairdo is all about creating a textured and disheveled structure, and you can achieve this with clippers or scissors. The sides also have a perfect taper fade, and you should finish the look by front sweeping the textured locks.

# 24 Flowing and Movable Bangs

There is plenty of flow and movement on the top section of this hairdo, and you can only achieve this by blow drying and sweep back of the wavy locks at the top. You should then finish the look with skin fade that has a drop in the temple.

# 25 Long and Curly Blowout

The haircut in this design will require skillful and neat tapering of the strands on the sides and back while leaving a few inches of hair on the crown. You should then finish by using some gel to form a smooth curl at the front and sweeping back the rest of the strands.

# 26 Natural Movement

You do not have to use a lot of gel or pomade to create a perfect blowout haircut because you can still do it with minimal use of a product like in this design. However, the headdress also has a top notch cut that involves leaving some full and textured lock on the crown.

# 27 Short and Tight Bangs

Some short and tight bangs on the upper part and an excellent skin fade on the sides can also give you a beautiful blowout headdress, and this design is a perfect example of this. However, you should chop them with scissors for an excellent texture.

# 28 Sleek and Fancy Curls

The movement of the top section of this hairdo is fantastic. It comes from leaving some textured curls on the crown and blow drying them while giving the sides a smooth skin fade.

# 29 Super Cute Highlighted Bangs

Color can also make a huge difference when it comes to wearing a blowout haircut. This design has some wavy and upswept bangs on the crown with some gray highlights that make the headdress look stunning.

# 30 Blonde White Summer Bangs

You have to bleach your strands to give them this lovely blonde shade. The cut is simple as you only need to chop and taper the sides while leaving long locks on the upper section that you should style with a side sweep.

# 31 The Excellent Mess

The texture of the long locks at the top of this headdress will require a skillful and keen haircut to create. You also need to give the sides a smooth skin fade and finish the look by blow-drying and making the strands at the top messy.

# 32 Cute Curly Trim

Even if you do not have a naturally curly hair you can still wear this look with an inventive and textured trim and by blow drying and applying some quality gel on the long top. Apart from this, you will also need to skin fade the sides and back.

# 33 Sexy Curls with Side Part

A hard razor line on the sides always seems to spice up a hairdo. However, there is still more to this looks than this because the design also has some sexy and upswept blow-dried locks at the top.

# 34 Impeccable Blowout Curls

Curly hair can still give you a neat appearance and you only need to know how to cut and style them inventively. In this design, you should texture them and style with a blow-dried upsweep and by giving the sides a skin fade.

# 35 Retro Tapered Hawk

The volume and styling of the thick mane at the top of this hairdo are incredible, but the tapering on the sides and disconnected look are also top notch.

# 36 Master Class Wave

This blowout haircut is suitable for men that prefer to maintain some length throughout the head. To create this design you should taper the strands throughout the head and give them a zero fade. You should then use some gel and blow dry to form the intricate wave.

# 37 Retro-Inspired Wavy Blowout

You will need some very moderate trimming to create this look, but you should brush back the strands at the back to make them appear short. The center of attraction of the style is the beautiful retro-inspired wave at the top.

# 38 Classy and Distinct Crown

A look like this one can only be possible with the services of a skilled and experienced barber. The design involves leaving some extra-long and highlighted locks on the crown and styling them with a chic upsweep. You also need to use high-quality pomade and blow-dry the textured locks

# 39 Side Swept and Parted

The cut on this design entails a taper fade on the side and leaving some long locks at the peak that you should style with a blow-dry and a hard side part before sweeping them sideways.

# 40 Easy and Stylish Taper

A simple taper haircut like this one can also create a chic blowout. To wear this look, you should decrease the strands gradually towards the back and maintain some long and spiky ones at the top that you should leave to flow naturally but with a slight lift.

# 41 Pomp-Inspired Blowout

Men that prefer a tight and neat top should wear this adorable blowout haircut. It involves leavings a long and smooth hair at the top that you should style into a pompadour-like design and give the side a taper fade.

# 42 Cool and Elegant

This glamorous hairdo is ideal for a guy that wants to look fresh and stylish without having to do much. The style entails leaving some thick and smooth strands on the crown and giving the side a zero fade.

# 43 Feathered Fine Cut

Incredible volume and an excellent texture are what characterize this hairdo, and they mean that you do not have to use a lot of product to create the blowout look. However, the headdress also has a smooth taper cut and an innovative styling.

# 44 Simple and Natural Blowout

Keeping things simple is also an option when you want to form a cute blowout design. In this particular style, the headdress maintains some thick and wavy upswept and blow-dried locks on the crown and tapered sides.

# 45 Funky Blowout

This cut is what you need to wear a funky and adorable look. It involves taper fading the sides and leaving some upswept and textured faux hawk locks at the top.

# 46 Old School Shape Up

The extra-long hair in the upper part of this haircut will require a quality hold product for styling. This design also has a skin taper fade on the sides, and you should style the long locks with a lift and by forming some large curls.

# 47 Three Level Blowout

Modern hairdos are all about creativity and breaking away from the norm. This style achieves this by having three tiers of hair that you should separate with hard razor lines and style the long section at the top by blow-drying and sweeping the locks sideways.

# 48 Undercut Side Sweep

An undercut is a fantastic addition to your blowout hairdo, and it also gives you more styling options. In this design, the hair on the crown is long and textured, and you should style it with a smooth side sweep over the undercut

# 49 Rugged and Natural Blowout

You will not have to use any product to create this look because it has a natural and messy finish. For this look, you should taper the side and leave some textured bangs on the crown that you should style by making shaggy.

# 50 Fine and Wavy Top with Smooth Sides

The strands at the top of this haircut are beautiful and have some subtle waves. For this look, you only need to apply some gel to the strands and give the side a smooth and uniform fade.

# 51 Natural Texture Hairstyle

Men with a natural textured hair like this one will not even need to use gel or pomade to create the blowout look. A simple long top with short sides haircut is enough, and they only need to upsweep the textured strands on the upper section to finish the look.

# 52 Lateral and Neat

It is not always easy to keep the strands on the crown straight, but you can still achieve a refined look by playing around with their appearance with a slight back sweep like in this headdress. By doing so, you will create a beautiful and unique blowout.

# 53 Windswept Bangs

There are endless things that you can do with your hair if it has a medium volume. In this design the locks have a textured cut and a unique windswept look that you should complement with a neat fade on the sides.

# 54 Choppy Elegance

The textured, and rough look on this headdress comes from the inventive use of scissors to trim the strands. This hairdo also has a zero fade on the sides, and you should blow dry the top locks and style them with a lift and side sweep.

# 55 Retro with a Modern Touch

The size of the hair in the upper part of this headdress is amazing, but you will need to use a lot of product to style it into the heavy side and back swept wave. These strands also have a lovely natural texture and a smooth fade is all you need to finish the design.

The blowout haircut might be a 90’s cut, but there are endless modern and trendy variations that make it a perfect option for any man that want to look elegant. If you are thinking of wearing something special and unique, go through the 55 glamorous designs for some ideas and inspiration.

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