25 Simple Yet Stylish Crew Cut Trends – For the Masculine and Chiseled Look

The classic crew cut has come into popular fashion from the military and athletic world. This haircut is easy to maintain and very practical, factors that make it very popular with the Armed Forces and athletes. It’s a simple and overall short haircut. It is also shorter at the back of the head than at the crown. The cut helps to define facial features and lends a chiseled look. It is a suitable cut for most face shapes. It also works with all hair types, and is a timeless look for celebrities ranging from Brad Pitt to Robert Downey Jr. to David Beckham.

#1 Crew with Shaped Beard

The simple crew with a soft side-parted front here is particularly striking on this model, when combined with the shaped full beard.

#2 Soft Crew

This crew is a clean and stylish cut that is great for men of all ages. Here, the model’s features are accentuated by the crew continuing into a neatly trimmed full-beard.

#3 Short and Simple

This simple crew cut has been designed with a low fade combined with a grade on top. This haircut is very low maintenance and short enough to be super comfortable in summer, as long as you’re armed with sunscreen.

#4 Textured Fade

This simple and low maintenance crew features a textured style that has been created with a taper fade. The end result is a long and high front combined with tight sides for a pleasing, youthful effect.

#5 Scotty Cardle Skin Fade Crew

Here, Scotty Cardle, British Lightweight Boxing Champion wears an easy to maintain and classic crew with a skin fade. This is a great everyday crew for busy men who want to look dapper with the least effort.

#6 Edgy Blended Fade

This fantastic edgy blended crew looks great with its contrast colors on the sides and on the front and top. The blurry fade is accentuated and given sharpness by the square cut at the temple. The style is a fine combination of neat professionalism and creativity, and is versatile to wear anywhere.

#7 High and Tight Crop

In this haircut, the barber has combined a close crew along the sides with a soft and layered crop that adds a little height and balance to the model’s face.

#8 Edgy Low Taper Fade

This style features a low taper fade with a hard parting and a longer front that is combed down over the temples and draws attention to the hard parting. It’s an edgy haircut that also adds a little softness to the face.

#9 Weighted Blend Taper

This style can take years off a guy’s face. In it the barber has created a weighted blend on the sides that runs into a crop with a taper haircut that goes particularly well with longish faces.

#10 James Eliot Solardo Slickback

In this style, DJ/producer James Eliot AKA Solardo wears his crew cut with a slightly longer top that is slicked back into a wave, showcasing the musician’s jawline and facial features perfectly.

#11 Blunt Crop

The model here wears his crew in a neat and straight blunt crop on the front with a skin fade on the sides. The sharp haircut makes a pleasing contrast with the soft beard.

#12 Wavy Crew

This haircut is great for men with wavy or curly hair. The barber has buzzed the sides with a medium fade and let the natural curls create a contrasting texture on the front.

#13 Broken Crop

Rather than a continuous smooth fringe line, the barber has gone for a broken fringe in this haircut, which lends softness to the crew.

#14 Short Fluffy Crew

This cut is simple and short, with a medium fade on the sides and a fluffy textured front that you can style quickly and simply.

#15 Contrast Crop

There are a lot of things going on in this style, but it’s stylish and edgy if you can pull it off. The sharp line of the blunt crop goes well with the skin fade and the soft, bristly full beard.

#16 Dapper Crop

This stylish crop is great for straight hair, falling in soft folds on the front and fading below the temples.

#17 Waves

This styling for wavy hair creates lots of textures, with the fade down the sides and the soft waves on the front. The short trimmed beard creates further contrast with the longer lengths on the front.

#18 Tousled Crop

The tousled crop is a versatile style for men of all ages and face shapes. The longish hair on the front can be worn as the model is wearing it, in a natural tousle. It can also be styled into an edgier updo.

#19 Wavy Top

The soft wave on the front in this hairstyle has the effect of making an athletic face look softer. The curls along with the short full beard help to accentuate the model’s jawline.

#20 Upswing

This textured style looks effortlessly cool and flattering on all faces and most hair types. The skin fade along the sides creates a tight elongated look, while the lengths of hair at the front can be styled quickly without a fuss.

#21 Slick Crop

This flattering crop with skin faded sides is edgy yet not too shocking, making it suitable for mature men who are bound to look younger with it.

#22 Classic Wave

This hairstyle is ideal for wavy hair. The model here wears his waves in a short and classic wavy front. The sides are given a skin fade that has a high contrast with the waves and lends the style a modern look.

#23 Textured Salt and Pepper Crop

This textured style is universally flattering, especially when worn with a full beard as the model is wearing in this case.

#24 Soft Crop

This complex style has a smooth, slicked back and a tight fade on the sides, with a loose fringe that has a lot of texture to it. The full beard in this case helps to balance the hairstyle.

#25 Textured Top

This style has a high and textured front that has been finished with grooming spray for a looser effect.

As is evident from the examples on this list, the crew cut does not have to be a boring Ivy League’ or military style. The modern barber has been experimenting with different crew cut variations and edgy styles so that there is an updated crew cut look for you no matter your age, hair type and face shape.

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