25 Fascinating Ideas on Being Bald With Beard – The Manly Looks

The bald with beard look is no longer just a style for men with hairline issues or those with gray hairs because more and more guys are wearing it because of its elegance. Whether you prefer keeping long facial hair or short ones, this style will still work for you. It is easy to create as you only need to trim your facial whiskers inventively. If you still need some extra convincing that this is a stylish and elegant look check of the pictures below.

# 1 Untouched Medium Stubble

This look will only require you to give your head a clean shave and leave the beard as it is. It is medium stubble without any trimming and with a natural white shade, and it gives the man an impressive appearance.

# 2 The Perfect Fade

The size and impeccable trim on these facial whiskers are fantastic, but the fade below the ear which blends them with the smooth shave is what makes this an amazing look.

# 3 Smooth Blend

Only a bald head can help you get this beard and haircut combination. The style is about transitioning from the smooth shave to a neat and lined up full facial hair.

# 4 Bald with Moustache and Stubble

A short and straightforward mustache like this one can also be the highlight of your appearance. This design keeps the head bald and the rest of the face in a medium stubble length to make sure that all attention remains on the mustache.

# 5 Short and Broad Facial Hair

This head is not entirely smooth or clean because it keeps a small patch of hair to form the cross shape. But, the thick and uniform full facial hairs are just outstanding thanks to their smoothness and length.

# 6 Naturally Highlighted Curtain

A statement-making curtain beard like this one is perfect for a man that is patient enough to grow it out. It has some moderate trims that give it the perfect uniformity, but the natural highlights that come from the white hairs also help to spice up the appearance.

# 7 Dark and Lined-Up Whiskers

Some guys are just lucky to have facial hairs with an excellent shade like these. The dark tone is fantastic, and it creates an impressive contrast with the light skin shade. These facial strands are also thick, and a line-up is all a man need to create an elegant bald with beard appearance.

# 8 Bushy and Shaped Up

This bald with beard style is ideal for guys with long bushy facial hair. It entails giving it a uniform trim and finishing with a smart shape-up that starts at the front of the bald head and flows on the sides.

# 9 Simple and Stunning

The bald head does all the magic for this style because the beard is untouched. However, the color of the facial hairs and their full growth pattern also enhance the overall look.

# 10 Faded Stubble

A clean shave like this one is perfect for a formal appearance. It pairs the bald head with short stubble. The stubble also has a subtle fade and sharp line-up.

# 11 The Bundolz Beard Look

This masculine look entails giving the head a clean shave and letting your beard to grow as long as possible. The extra long and full beard connects to a mustache that is also thick and long. However, you will need a beard comb to make sure that the whiskers maintain their perfect flow.

# 12 Full Face Ducktail

The modern bald with a beard look is not always about shaving every inch of hair in your head. This style maintains a short buzzed hair, but the full face beard with a ducktail shape on the chin is what gives the style its distinct appearance.

# 13 Taper Faded Whiskers

How you shape your beard will always determine how attractive it will look. This beard is long and wavy around the chin, and it has a sharp fade on the cheeks and a regular line-up.

# 14 Classy and Faded Beard

Although there are endless things that you can do to spice up your facial hair this style proves that a skillful and neat fade is more than enough. And if you blend it into the bald head you will look extra cute.

# 15 Raw and Elegant

These whiskers do not have any color enhancers, but it still looks outstanding. The most prominent factors about it are the sleek fading on the cheeks and the round shape around the chin and mustache.

# 16 The Santa Look

A Santa look like this one that combines a bald head with a thick and long beard can also work for men that want to stand out. The whiskers also have a natural white shade which makes them look fantastic.

# 17 Bold Angled Beard

The angles on this facial hair are just amazing, and they show the endless possibilities that you get from a skilled barber. Apart from the perfect shape and angles the full beard also has a fade that blends it with the bald head.

# 18 Buzzed Head and Short Stubble Combo

Some men are not comfortable with a smooth shave and so this is the best option for them. It combines an extra short buzz cut that has a skin fade on the sides with short stubble to create a clean and straightforward look.

# 19 High Skin Fade with Full Beard

This haircut is about the hair disappearing a few inches above the ear to create a high skin fade which disconnects it from the thick and full beard.

# 20 Carved and Faded

A clean shave on the head ensures that all the attention goes to your beard and so you should not go wrong when cutting and shaping it. Although this design keeps the full beard short, it also has a smooth fading on the sides and a beautiful carve that make it look fabulous.

# 21 Super Clean Look

This style proves that it is possible to have a long beard and still get a clean look. Here the facial hair has an incredible line-up and a slight taper on the sides and the long strands on the chin also look neat thanks to the use of a beard comb on them.

# 22 Angular Beard with Clean Fade

The level of precision when shaping the pencil mustache and giving the rest of the beard an angular look is just fantastic, and it is what makes this look an excellent idea.

# 23 Impeccable and Adorable

There are endless things that you can do to your beard once you grow it out. In this design, the facial whiskers have a smooth carve and a slight taper which are perfect for complementing a bald head.

# 24 Big and Shaped Up Whiskers

Patience is all that you need for this look because it will take several months for your facial whiskers to grow this long. Once you have the massive beard, you only need to give the head a smooth shave and finish by shaping up the facial hair.

# 25 Extended Full Beard

If you have a long and full beard, this is an excellent style for you. It starts with a smooth shave of the head and finishes by shaping up and fading the full beard.

A bald with beard look is one of those that every man should try at some point. It is a unique look that will grab attention everywhere you go. The 25 styles above will give you enough ideas on how you can pull this stunning and modern appearance.

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