30 Refined Van Dyke Beard Styles – Timeless Beard Designs

The Van Dyke beard gets its name from the famous 17th century Flemish artist, Anthony van Dyke. Although it was one of his favorite beard styles, he also liked to paint men with this style. The beard style consists of a mustache and a goatee, but there are many variations with some also including a soul patch. This facial hair design was popular throughout the 17th century, but it died down for many years before emerging again in the USA in the 19th century. In the past few decades, it has been coming back in trend as more and more men discover endless ways of grooming their facial hairs. Here are some stylish modern variations of this bead design that you can try out.

# 1 Grown Out and Natural

This beard style requires you to have some handlebars, a soul patch and grown out full beard. It requires minimal trimming and shaping up, and this is what gives it a natural look.

# 2 Simple with Sideburns

Here is a very straightforward design that a man with full facial hair can replicate. It entails maintaining some French handlebars and a small goatee that connects to sideburns.

# 3 Small but Cute

The mustache on this design is almost not visible as it has some short strands, but it still pairs with the nice goatee and sideburns to create an impressive beard style.

# 4 Classic Van Dyke

This style is what you would expect to see with men back in the 17th century. It consists of a French mustache, a soul patch, pointy goatee and clean-shaven cheeks.

# 5 Cool Stubble Length

As short as the facial strands in this design might be they still manage to create the Van Dyke style of beard. The strands are in a short stubble length, and they are perfect for a man that prefers to maintain short and neat facial whiskers.

# 6 Hipster Design

To create this beautiful hipster design you should shave and divide your mustache into two for a trendy design and cut the sides clean while maintaining a neat goatee.

# 7 Effortless and Adorable

Some men have facial strands that grow like this naturally. If you are one of them, you only need to give your handlebars and goatee a moderate trim to create the perfect Van Dyke beard.

# 8 Steampunk Design

Steampunk designs are ideal for men that like to stand out from the rest. This one involves some extra long French handlebars and a triangular pointy goatee.

# 9 The Spooky Look

Although the long curly locks are what creates the enigmatic look, the facial hairs also have a role to play. They consist of a thick mustache and a small pointy goatee that connects to a soul patch.

# 10 Vintage and Classy

The degree of exactness and the attention to detail when shaping these facial whiskers is impressive, and it creates a vintage goatee and some neat handlebars.

# 11 Untamed Natural Beards

A medium stubble like this one can also create a beautiful Van Dyke beard design, and the best thing is that you will not even need to do anything much. Some moderate trimming for some uniformity throughout the face is all you need for this look.

# 12 Complete Gray Van Dyke

The gray color of these facial strands is amazing, and it adds some beauty to the beautiful trim. To create this impressive style, you will need to shave the cheeks clean and maintain a connected goatee and mustache with a soul patch in the middle.

# 13 Extended Goatee

The thickness and extra long size of the goatee in this design makes a huge difference, and it is what makes this a cute beard design. Apart from the goatee the style also has a neat and attractive mustache.

# 14 Elegant and Simple

Keeping things simple like in this design can still give you a head-turning beard design. Here you should maintain full facial hair and a mustache, and you only need to give the facial whiskers a moderate trim.

# 15 Bald and Bearded

A stylish Van Dyke beard is perfect when you want to draw attention away from your bald head. Even if you maintain a short and straightforward design like this one you will still look magnificent.

# 16 Ducktail Goatee and Handlebar

The thick handlebars in this style pair well with the full ducktail goatee to create an impressive Van Dyke design that you can spice up by maintaining medium stubble on the cheeks.

# 17 The English Van Dyke

This design involves a thick English mustache that combines with an extended goatee and a soul patch to create a Van Dyke style of facial hair with the rest of the face shaved clean.

# 18 Full Facial Hair

Modern Van Dyke designs do not require you to shave the cheeks bald because you can still maintain some uniform whiskers like in this style. And if you pair them with some natural and unkempt handlebars you will look fantastic.

# 19 Sexy Short Beard

A short and clean beard like this one also makes an impressive design. For this design, you only need to give the mustache and goatee the Van Dyke appearance for a sexy look.

# 20 Round and Connected Design

This design gives the classic Van Dyke style a modern touch by maintaining a connection between the goatee and mustache and giving the facial hair a circular shape.

# 21 Imperial Handlebars and Goatee

The handlebars in this design will require some long whiskers and some hold product to create. Once you have them, you only need to form a small goatee to finish the imperial look.

# 22 Chin Puff Van Dyke

Modern day beard designs require some creativity, and in this design, this comes from forming the goatee in a chin puff style and pairing it with a simple mustache.

# 23 Easy with a Soul Patch

You can achieve this design even if you are not very skilled at shaving beard as you only need to maintain a simple mustache, a soul patch, and a short goatee.

# 24 The Faded look

This design requires you to shave your facial whiskers to a medium stubble length, and this is what gives them the faded appearance. But, you still need to maintain the connected mustache and goatee and a soul patch.

# 25 Curly Van Dyke

If you have some natural curly facial strands, this is the perfect style for you. It is a simple Van Dyke design that entails leaving an extended goatee and thick mustache.

# 26 Horseshoe Moustache

The small horseshoe mustache is the highlight of this design, and it pairs with the goatee and soul patch to create an appealing beard design.

# 27 Ducktail Van Dyke

A ducktail goatee and a medium size mustache are all you need for this look. Apart from this, you only need to give the cheeks a clean shave.

# 28 Medium Size Stubble

You do not have to maintain a lot of hair in your face to wear this style. It involves keeping a medium size mustache and goatee with some smooth shaven sides.

# 29 Neat and Fashionable Beard

This beard is natural without any trimming or shaping up, but it still looks neat and fashionable. Everything from the small mustache to the simple goatee looks exquisite.

# 30 English Handlebar Whiskers

Any man with some whiskers on the mustache and chin can wear this design. It entails giving the handlebars an English style and shaping the goatee into a ducktail.

The Van Dyke beard is timeless, and it will look good on any man that can create it. Look through the adorable beard designs above for some ideas on how you can shape your facial whiskers for a stylish appearance.

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