25 Impressive Mexican Mustache Ideas -The Upscale Facial Whiskers Design

It is not easy to define the Mexican mustache because individuals from different geographical locations seem to have their varying definitions. But, the beard style is about keeping the strands above your upper lip long and bushy. Whereas it might remind some people of the handlebars, others see it as a walrus or horseshoe mustache. However, all these are an accurate representation of the style because it seems to have characteristics of different beard styles. Here are some designs that should give you some idea of how the style looks and how you can achieve it.

# 1 Bushy and Thin Mexican Handlebars

This mustache style entails leaving some thick strands that cover the upper lip completely. But, they also have some pointy ends which you should shape into thin handlebars.

# 2 Neat and Simple Handlebars

These handlebars might not be as thick as the traditional Mexican design, but they still look beautiful. They also pair with a small goatee and soul patch to create a perfect facial hair design.

# 3 Full and Connected

You can still maintain the connection between your mustache and goatee when wearing this beautiful design, but the strands above your upper lip should also be full and bushy.

# 4 Adorable Pencil Moustache

Some men prefer to keep their facial hairs neat and straightforward, and so this style will be perfect for them. It entails leaving a small strip of hair above the upper lip and trimming it well for a neat and elegant look.

# 5 Cowboy Moustache

A rugged and less groomed beard like this one is what you would expect to see with cowboys back in the day. However, the messy and bushy look also qualifies it to be a Mexican mustache design.

# 6 Impeccable and Sectioned Mexican Style

This look is about shaving the sides short for a clean look and leaving a full but thin strip of hair above the upper lip which you should outline and divide into two.

# 7 Gentleman Moustache

Mexican facial hair designs do not always have to look messy and unkempt because a clean and well-groomed mustache like this one is still possible.

# 8 Short and Wavy

It is not always about keeping the whiskers above your lip long and bushy because you can also achieve an impressive look with short and wavy ones like these.

# 9 Sweet and Extra-Short

Even if you do not have a long bushy mustache, you can still achieve a Mexican look by pairing you short and sweet strands a with full facial hair.

# 10 Simple and Neat Horseshoe

Horseshoe mustaches are very trendy, and they are perfect for men that want styles that will make them stand out. This particular one is short and straightforward, and it combines with a cute soul patch to create a refined beard design.

# 11 The Chevron

The chevron is a full mustache design that is perfect for men with coarse facial hair, but it takes some time to grow out. This particular one is also neat, and it requires regular brushing.

# 12 Sharp and Sexy Handlebars

The Mexican look in this design comes from the thick strands above the lip, but the sharp and sexy handlebar design on the ends also help to enhance this appearance.

# 13 Untouched Whiskers

Everything from the thick and full facial strands to the simple mustache in this style is untouched, and this natural appearance is what makes this an exquisite beard style.

# 14 The Van Dyke Look

The goatee and soul patch in this design combine with the small mustache to create an impressive Van Dyke design. But, the mustache also has a beautiful trim and sectioning into two parts.

# 15 Super Nice and Dramatic

This dramatic look entails maintaining a cute walrus mustache design and shaving the rest of the face to a bald level to ensure that all attention remains on the beautiful whiskers.

# 16 Trimmed to Perfection

The trim in this mustache is splendid, and it gives it an awesome shape which pairs with the goatee to create an excellent appearance.

# 17 Adorable and Unique Whiskers

17 Adorable and Unique Whiskers


These whiskers look stunning, and the best thing about them is that they require minimal trimming. They have some nice waves and a beautiful natural gloss, but the shape of the Mexican mustache is one of the elements that make this an outstanding design.

# 18 The Classic Look

A vintage look like this one can still work for modern men, and it is also very easy to create. You only need to maintain a bushy mustache and give it a neat and clean trim.

# 19 Small and Cute Horseshoe

Horseshoe mustaches do not always have to be very long and outstanding because a small and cute one like this will still create a refined look for a modern gentleman.

# 20 Pointy and Bushy Whiskers

These whiskers are what most people will identify as the Mexican mustache. They are long and thick with some pointy ends that will make any man look masculine.

# 21 Thick Retro Handlebars

You can always be confident of a head-turning appearance with some handlebars. These particular ones are full, and they cover the upper lip completely. The whiskers also have a soft partition but the handlebar design is still what makes them stand out.

# 22 Redhead Handlebar Mustache

The color of your facial strands can also make a significant difference to their look. Although these are as long and thick as any other Mexican style the color of the handlebars and their rugged look is what makes this attractive design.

# 23 The Painters Brush

These whiskers resemble a painter’s brush, but they have a natural partition in the middle and a curved flow on the ends that makes them look distinct.

# 24 Rugged and Wavy Horseshoe

There is no attempt to shape or brush these whiskers, and this is what gives them their wavy and rugged look. The whiskers also have a horseshoe shape that is not easy to notice because there is hair almost everywhere on the face.

# 25 Effortless but Adorable Whiskers

A clean shave on the rest of the face ensures that all the attention remains on the strands above the upper lip. They also have a neat and effortless look that makes them look adorable and a hipster-like appearance.

The Mexican mustache is what every man that likes to keep some stylish and trendy facial whiskers should wear. Although most individuals think of it as just a long and bushy mustache, the 25 styles above prove that there are countless ways of trimming and styling it.

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