25 Stunning Grey Suit And Black Shirt Combinations – The Perfect Formal Look

A grey suit and black shirt combination is one of the outfits that men can never go wrong with. It gives off a clean and formal look that will make you look really handsome. Since they are all neutral colors, you can pair them with any color of your choice and they will still look great. But you should not deviate so much from the neutral colors if you want to achieve a stunning look. When accessorizing or enhancing the suit, try to stick to black, navy blue, grey and other colors close to those. The following are some of the best grey suit and black shirt combinations that you can try for a perfect look.

# 1 Grey Suit with Black Shoes

If you wear a grey suit and black shirt, putting on black shoes will be the perfect way to finish off that look. The shoes will match very well with the shirt to bring about a balance between the black and grey colors.

# 2 Cool Formal/Casual Look

There are different shades of grey. You can choose to go for a dark shade of grey for the trouser and then wear a cool looking light suit that has a touch of blue in it. When paired with a black shirt, you will look totally awesome.

# 3 Charcoal Toned Suit with Grey Hat

This is a nice shade of grey that will look perfect when paired with a nice looking black shirt. If you do not mind wearing hats, a grey one will be perfect to go with this look.

# 4 Cool Off Duty Look

Who said you cannot rock a nice suit when you are off duty? This particular look will be perfect when you are attending events whereby it is not mandatory to put on a tie. It is a simple but classic look.

# 5 Urban Suit and Shirt Style

If you are not a big fan of ties, one of the great ways to style a grey suit and black shirt combination will be to wear or black or grey sweater and then put on a white scarf. It is a great look when going to the office and also when attending informal events.

# 6 Biker Pants and Blazer

When grey biker pants and a grey blazer are paired with a black T-shirt, the end result is an awesome look that will make you look really cool and handsome. You do not have to wear formal shoes with this look. Matching sports shoes will be perfect.

# 7 Cool Blazer with Different Shades of Grey

This is a great look for the office or just casual wear. The black shirt and matching grey tie looks perfect with the suit. It is a perfect look for men with style.

# 8 Grey Checked Double Breasted Coat with Black Polo Neck

Instead of a black shirt for this look, you can go with a black polo neck. A black trouser will be perfect to match with the polo neck. There is no need for a tie.

# 9 Sunday Casual Look

A grey checked blazer, black jeans, black tee and a polka dots scarf is a nice weekend wear to try. It is a great look, especially for younger men.

# 10 Great Winter Wear

During winter, you need to put on attires that will make you feel warm. Instead of a black shirt for a grey suit, you can go for a black turtleneck instead. You can also go for a black trouser for the suit instead of a grey one.

# 11 Classic Mix and Match Suit Look

This look tries to deviate away from the neutral colors but in a cool way. Instead of a black or grey trouser, you can go for a khaki one and then pair it with a black polo neck and grey blazer.

# 12 Stylish Look for the Adventurous

Everything about this look is perfect. The shade of grey for the suit looks awesome and the black turtleneck and shoes match well with it. It is a nice casual wear.

# 13 Perfect Gentleman Look

This is such an amazing and classy look that both younger and older men can try. The white trouser and grey blazer look super awesome together. The black shirt and brown high top shoes are also great.

# 14 Grey Checked Blazer with Black Jeans

If you like rocking a smart casual look, this one will be perfect to try. The grey checked blazer looks stunning when matched with black trouser jeans and a black shirt.

# 15 Cool Smart Casual

Wearing a suit with a T-shirt instead of a shirt has become a very popular style nowadays. A grey suit always looks great when worn together with a black T-shirt.

# 16 Classic Friday Wear

When it is Friday, you do not need to be so strict on yourself with a suit and tie like the rest of the week. For can go easy and replace the shirt with a cool black T-shirt if you are wearing a grey suit.

# 17 Winter Wear

This is a style that will help you cope up with the cold season. The grey trench coat could not look better with the black tee and the black accessorized trouser. A black scarf will be great for this look.

# 18 White Sneaker for a Grey Suit

If you rock a grey smart casual look, white sneakers will go well with that look. If you do not want to look too official, you can go for a black turtleneck instead of a black shirt for this style. The suit can be a mixture of grey and black.

# 19 Smart Casual for Men

A grey blazer looks fantastic with a black official trouser and black T-shirt. This will be an alternative look to wear to the office on a Friday.

# 20 Cool Street Style for Men

A man with street style will definitely find this look to be interesting. The grey blazer that features nice shades of white is well paired with a black polo neck and jeans. It is also a nice style for winter.

# 21 Cool Style for Men with Class

This a classic look that will give you that handsome look you always want to achieve with every outfit you put on. The checked grey blazer and the black turtleneck look like they were meant to be worn together.

# 22 Turtleneck Under Charcoal Grey Suit

You will not only look stylish when you rock this look, but you will stay warm in winter because of the turtleneck and blazer. A black beanie hat can be perfect to enhance this look.

# 23 Three Piece Checked Suit with Black Shirt

This will be a cool look for an event such as a wedding. For the shoes, you should go with black to match with the shirt. A black tie will great to match with the shirt too. You can finish the look with a cool looking black hat.

# 24 Grey Suit and Black Shirt with Blue Shoes

Instead of going for black, grey or brown shoes when you have a grey suit on, you can be adventurous and try bright colored shoes such as the blue ones in this picture. You will still look great as long as you wear stylish shoes.

# 25 Casual Friday Look

Friday is that day when wearing suits does not just resonate well with many people. You can still cheat a suit look while keeping it as casual as possible. A grey suit, black shirt and ash tone sneakers will be perfect. You can forgo the tie and formal shoes.

When it comes to grey suit and black shirt combinations, your skin tone does not play a big part because they are neutral colors which are perfect for every skin tone. It is a great look to try just to break the monotony from the usual black or grey suit and white shirt combination that is common with many people. This look will be great for formal occasions because the black shirt is not very distracting and will not make you stand out too much.

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