35 Marvelous Line Up Haircuts For Men – A Shapely Addition To Any Look

Line up haircuts, also known as shape up or edge up haircuts, are where the stylist cuts along the natural hair lines or edges. This is an excellent addition to any hairstyle but works really well with tapers and fades. In this look, the barber will often clean up the temples and necklines with straight or geometric lines or use hard lines along the client’s natural parting. To show you how versatile and effective this detail can be we’ve found some of the best looks that incorporate line up haircuts.

# 1 Shape Up With Bald Fade

This model is wearing a neat look that features a strong line up over the temples and a bald fade along the sides, which feeds into the precision lines of the model’s beard. The longer hair down the center was gathered into a loose, messy top knot.

# 2 Curved Pattern

If your barber has mad skills then why not ask him to try this razor pattern? Three curved lines have been etched into this model’s fade hairstyle. The fade is only on the sides with the hair longer at the back and squared off at the neckline.

# 3 Temple Edge Up With Beard

This fade hairstyle has no parting lines, rather the hair gradually shortens to the back and sides. The edge up along the temple dips down into the top portion of the beard – tying the look together.

# 4 Crescent Line Up

We love how the crescent-shaped line up seen here ties in with the model’s natural soft curls. A fade is an excellent way to wear your curls, but still look professional and tidy. A line up adds to the tidy feel and opens up the face too!

# 5 Straight Line Up Fringe

For this look, the precision line has been taken across the forehead – resulting in a dramatic short fringe. There’s a slight right angle on the temples with a high skin fade on the sides and back.

# 6 Right Angle With Fade

Smooth, smooth, smooth! For this look, the barber has cut the model’s hair very short and performed a bald fade from just under the crown and along the sides. A neat right angle was cut in front.

# 7 Shaped Up Temples

This model is wearing a hairstyle with plenty of volume and texture on top that fades subtly along the sides. To finish the look off the stylist added a shape up along the temple.

# 8 Hard Line Edge

Hard lines add an edge to any look. This model’s hard line ties in with the straight cut shaping over the forehead. He’s also wearing a precision edge up over the temples which continues into his beard.

# 9 Sharp Fade With Nape Detail

From the front, this would just seem like a well-defined fade hairstyle but the barber has added a playful edge at the nape. This line gives his look a shapely effect as it dips down.

# 10 Right Angle Shape Up

Here we see sharp curved lines running down the sides with a disconnected parting and sharp right angle shape up in front. The rest of the model’s hair is brushed up and over, forming a pompadour style rise.

# 11 Textured Pompadour with Squared Off Edging

The squared off lines of this model’s look open his face and draw the eyes upward. He is wearing a temple fade look with textured, choppy hair on top.

# 12 Close Cut

Using a close razor cut the barber created a thick hard line which follows the natural hair shape. The temples are neatly squared off and the model is wearing a fade look that connects with his beard.

# 13 Defined Layered Fade

The barber has added extra definition to this model’s hairstyle by carefully shaving a line above the ears and into the nape. His hair fans out naturally from the crown, styled in a textured, layered fade.

# 14 Skin Fade With Edge Up

Smooth beard lines and right angle shape ups look great, especially together. This model is looking suave in a professional skin fade and edge up.

# 15 Blurry Fade Mohawk

In this take on the Mohawk hairstyle, the stylist has chosen a blurry fade instead of the bald shave look. This adds an extra dimension to his style. There is a right angle line up over the forehead, with a matching shape lower down in the beard as well.

# 16 Metro Style With Defined Edges

It’s a party at the back and business in the front! This unique style gradually tapers longer toward the neck but has clean ruler straight lines over the fringe with squared-off edges at the temples.

# 17 On The Line Fade

In this look, the hair has been faded along the edge of the temple line up. This straight line extends at the same level around the head with the model’s hair ending in a skin fade.

# 18 Beard Fade

This model has a choppy layered cut on top that has been smoothly blended into a bald fade. There’s an edge up over the sides which continues into the beard line.

# 19 Precision Look

The model’s hair was first precision cut with a faint fade over his ears then blow dried into shape and styled with a faint line up over the temples. This is a professional look that is quite subtle.

# 20 Crown Up With Dreads

This model’s look features a deep right angle shape up over the temples (at the same level as the crown) and a clean graded fade on the side. He has dreads on top that have been fashioned into an interesting arty style.

# 21 Edge Up Into Beard


Shape ups can really help guys with longer hair still have a neat look. We love the tidy edges of this model’s look, with the connection into the facial hair and long dreadlocks down the back.


# 22 Accent Hard Line With Temple Shape Up

The uppermost hair in this look is curled and styled with the product and the layer below is a smooth taper fade. There’s an accent hard line down the side with clean lines over the ears and a right angle line up above the temple.

# 23 Sharp Side Fade

This model is wearing an offbeat look that opens up into a skin fade around the ears and temples. The stylist added extra definition with a simple shape up and added texture by using the product over the choppy cut.

# 24 L-shaped Parting

For something a little different why not try an L-shaped parting like this one? It adds a unique touch to this bald fade style. There’s a faint triangular edge up in front, with pompadour style lift and a brush over.

# 25 V-Cut Fade

This model is wearing a V-cut fade style that has been neatly squared off at the neck. He has a textured cut on top with a right angle line up on the sides.

# 26 Angular Shape Up

Here we see a blurry V-cut fade that is smoothed out along the nape with a skin line above the ears. There’s a sharp angular shape up above the temples with a brushed up wave in front.

# 27 Defining Lines

In this example, the defined straight line over the model’s forehead continues into a razor cut a hard line down the side. This line runs through a classic fade that connects into the facial hairline.

# 28 Geometric Style

We love the sleek geometric style of this line up. It’s the perfect addition to the faded sides of this model’s look and the dreadlocks down the middle.

# 29 Textured Pomp with Beveled Top Locks

This model is wearing a long hard line down the side that extends from a squared off line up over the temples. The line curves downward from the crown and into the back. He’s wearing a textured pompadour rise with beveled edges.

# 30 Line To Shape

Here we see a classic faint fade over the sides with a geometric line that defines the nape. There’s also a rounded shape up over the temples with medium curly hair on top.

# 31 Line Up With Flat Top

This flat top hairstyle has been given a modern twist by incorporating a high hard line parting. There’s an edge up that fades into the beard line with a taper cut down the sides.

# 32 Natural Parting Dapper Style

This model’s defined parting has been set against his natural hairline and extends up to the crown. He’s wearing a comb over on one side with a rise in front and a graded fade on the other.

# 33 Perfect Shape

Smooth lines are the name of the game when it comes to a line up haircut. This barber is getting it right with a clean line over the forehead and a neat line up on the side, just above the slightest temple skin fade.

# 34 Weighted Look With Natural Edges

Here the stylist has achieved a weighted look, but keeping the length above the natural parting. This wavy hair sits slightly to the side and provides contrast for the faded edges and muted edge up.

# 35 Classic Graded Hairstyle

This is a look suitable for both work and play, and will suit men of any age. It’s almost a pompadour cut, but with textured hair on top, all neatly combed back with a natural lift. There’s excellent razor work on the sides, with perfectly round edges.

Line up haircuts are well suited to men who want to have a clean look and they work well with many different types of haircuts ranging from classic styles to those a little edgier. This type of look does require a little more maintenance to keep the lines tidy, but as you can see the extra effort and time at the barber will definitely be worth it. Try it for yourself and ask your barber for a line up with your next trim.

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