55 Sensational Comb Over Haircuts – The Best Way to Keep It Classy

Comb over haircuts have been in fashion since the old times. They are classy and have been known to work well with so many styles. In the past, these haircuts were often regarded as a thing for salesmen and brokers. But now, they are embraced by everyone, including celebrities. Here, I would like to share with you the 55 most modern comb over hairstyles.

# 1 Comb Over Pompadour

A comb over haircut is pretty cool. However, it’s even cooler when you style it into a scruff pomp. Make the pomp spiky and give the sides an undercut to achieve that perfect shape up style.

# 2 Side Flipped Front

Most comb over haircuts look great with some nice curls to go with. but this can be upgraded further by creating a part line about an inch from the forehead, where the front flips to one side. Finish with a tapered skin fade side to create more swag.

# 3 Classic Slicked Back Top

Slicked back haircuts provide a classic touch. And you can make it more unique by creating a half-slick back top with undercut sides to match. Give the slick back part a light brown tone making it easier to pick out from the dark shade.

# 4 Spiky Sharp Fade

A spiky top gives you that coarse yet elegant finish. Give it some added flavor with a comb part and pull out that refreshing skin fade haircut. This goes well with a reverse fade for a sparse beard.

# 5 Side Flipped Top

Style your comb over haircut into a spiky top and flip it over to one side. Go for a surgical razor side part from where the hair drops to a sharp skin fade. Blonde streaks at the top come in handy to add some light to the dark hair.

# 6 Curly Hipster

A hipster haircut is hard to go unnoticed. Make it the ultimate attention grabber with a curly top. Highlight the top in blonde to add some glow to the dark shade beneath. Disconnect the thick beards by giving the hair a low bald fade.

# 7 Spiky Back Flip

A back flip can be quite spectacular. But you can make it a stunner by giving it that spiky touch. The spiky top drops sharply to undercut sides that add some drama to this rustic blonde hair.

# 8 Uplifted Curly Top

Make the top curly and give it a comb lift to create spectacular curves a few inches from the roots. Give it more dimension with a slight flip to the side. Low fade sides seal up the whole look in a fashionable way.

# 9 Gelled Side Flip


Gelling the top and giving it a side flip is an ingenious way of cutting back some height. And there is no better match for this elegant top than mid faded sides. Give it a front taper line to make it even more classic.


# 10 Soft Graduation Haircut

Go soft and clean by sporting spiky directional hair that point up. Shape it into that elegant graduation haircut that provides a full square layer. Finish with a nice short taper that sits low on the head.

# 11 High Fade Classic Pompadour

Give your pomp tons of gel to achieve that waxy, shiny look. Make a little side flip at the tips and introduce a “Z” surgical side part. Add some extra flavor by creating high fade sides.

# 12 High Fade Spiky Pomp

Get that badass look by styling your hair into a spiky, slanted pomp. Cut off the tips to tame the height and make the “spikes” thicker. Give the top a sharp drop to a high skin fade.

# 13 Spiky Precision

Give the sides a spiky look. Add some flow with a stylish sweep to the back. Make the top hair short and sleek, and finish it with a tapered “V” cut at the nape of the neck.

# 14 Retro Comb Over Haircut

Leave the long top to retain its natural texture. Give it the curly effect and a slight flip to the side. Let it drop sharply to buzzed undercut sides that compliment the thin beards.

# 15 Tapered Medium Pompadour

Add some shine to your medium pomp by giving it a smooth gelled touch. Flip up the front to provide that stylish multi-directional look. Make a razor part and finish with a tapered high skin fade.

# 16 Long with Temple Taper

Go longer without compromising your masculine appeal. Isolate the front hair with a small side part. Give it a side flip and pull back the rest of the hair. Make a nice tapered cut at the temple to retain that manly figure.

# 17 Dapper Pomade

Opt for a sleek pomade and make the front fuller. Give the hair a hard part and let it drop to a high tapered skin fade.

# 18 Finger Waves Pomade

Comb over haircuts provide many different options to explore. You can zero your exploration to this beautiful finger waves pomade. Make a part line at the side and pull off a high tapered razor fade.

# 19 Quiff Pomade

Make it cooler with a cut off pomade that sports a front quiff. Give the hair a curvy part line and style out a double tap that ends in a low skin fade.

# 20 Trimmed Dapper Haircut

Style the hair into a sleek, shiny pomade. Make the front of the pomade fuller and flip it back for that multi-directional flow. Finish with a perfect trim all way round to create the illusion of a bowl cut.

# 21 Quiff Finger Waves

Pull out that amazing look in the world of comb over haircuts. Give the hair a sharp high fade leaving a thinner top. Apply tons of gel to the top and make a unique quiff at the front. Spice up the whole look with some beautiful finger waves.

# 22 Long Front Flipped Top

Go long and loose in style. Flip your long hair to the front for that flirty look. Wrap a scarf around the sides to get that killer finish.

# 23 Short Textured Top

You don’t always have to go long in comb over haircuts. You can opt for a short, textured top. Make a tapered cut just above the temple and allow it to stretch a few inches into the hair. The result is a stylishly flipped cutout that rocks. Finish it with a tapered cut at the sides.

# 24 Bang Style Comb Over

Trim the temple to match the length of the beard line up. Add some sophistication to the longer top by giving it a side flip. Let it overlap the undercut side to create flirty bangs.

# 25 “V” Top Undercut

Add a “V” top to your undercut. Give it some texture and a back flip. Provide your haircut with a multi-directional flow by flipping the crown to the front and over the top.

# 26 Undercut & Design

Get a sleek, flipped up Mohawk that drops down to a blurry fade. Make it crispy by adding some artwork to the sides. Finish with a low bald fade that runs way round the head.

# 27 Valley Pomade

Make your pomade sleek and give the hair a hard part that creates a “valley” between the pomade and the tapered side. Let the tapered cut drop to a blurry fade. Make the fade low at the back to create that stylish “V” cut.

# 28 Flippy Bangs

Texture the curly top and give it that disheveled look. Create a curvaceous front and flip it across the forehead for that flirty bang. Level the hair and the beard with an undercut.

# 29 Curly High Fade

A curly top looks great on a high fade haircut. Let it pop by making it loose and fuller at the front. The result is a curly, elegant take on a pomade haircut.

# 30 Eclipse Fade

Your side-flip spiky top might not be enough to get the attention you desire. Give it a sharp fade upgrade that sports a crescent-shaped hard part.

# 31 Side Flip Cut Off

Get in your own league with a comb over haircut known to few. Make it beautiful and stunning by giving the top a side flip. Cut it short to let it overlap that buzzed side halfway. Give the cut off a longer tip at the front and let it curl towards the face to create that flirty bang. Complete by flipping the front over the cut off top.

# 32 Tattooed Skin Fade

If you have a love for tattoos, then incorporate it in your skin fade. Make the top sleek and cut off the front section with a part line. The result is a beautiful contoured top that compliments the tattooed sides.

# 33 Multi-Directional Pomade

Give your pomade a multi-dimensional look. Make it slick and flip up the front so that it lies over the top. Introduce a curvy hard part that borders the undercut sides.

# 34 Comb Over Razor Taper

Give your spiky hair a curved side part. Flip the top and sweep the sides to the back to cut down on the spiky profile. Give the hair a low tapered razor cut and make it stretch along the edges of the temple. What you get is a soft seamless finish that looks great.

# 35 Highlighted Mohawk

Pull off that sleek Mohawk in your dark hair. Making it more visible with platinum blonde highlights. Let the top drop to a blurry fade.

# 36 Classic Tapered Pomade

Give your pomade that classic look by making it sleek and glossy. Make a hard part that drops to a high tapered side. Introduce a sharp “Z” outline at the front to make you stand out.

# 37 Flat Top Pompadour

This is one of the coolest comb over haircuts that draws great inspiration from the 50s hairstyles. A slanted pomp, fuller at the front, is cropped to make a leveled top. This is completed with a medium fade.

# 38 Sleek and Spiky

Combine a spiky top and sleek sides separated by a curved hard part. Make some little tapered cut just below the part line to let it drop smoothly to the sleek sides. Give the hair some flair with glowing blonde highlights at the top.

# 39 Diffused Curly Hair

Create a messy curly look at the top. Introduce a clean comb part and embrace the natural movement of the hair using a diffuser. Finish with a low, sharp skin fade.

# 40 Channeled Top

Here’s a pretty cool take on comb over haircuts. The mid section of the top is trimmed to create a curved channel. A hard part is made all round the head and drops to a tapered low skin fade.

# 41 Gelled Mohawk

Go for a smooth shiny Mohawk. Achieve this by giving your hair a blow dry and adding some gel. Pull it back for that sleek touch and give the sides a buzz cut.

# 42 Blurry Mohawk

You can opt for an extended Mohawk that runs to the nape of the neck. Make it sleek and give it a slight flip. Give the sides a high undercut that ends in a low skin fade.

# 43 Undercut Bang Flips

Make your haircut the topic of your admirers. Above that simple undercut, give the hair some extra with a flipped top that creates those sexy side bangs.

# 44 Flipped Front

Get the coolness of a bang hairstyle in a creative way. Give the front a curvaceous end and flip it to the side to double as a bang. Make a low undercut to provide a perfect display of the spiky hair.

# 45 Razor Fade Pomp

Give your sleek pomp a back sweep quiff to create that sculptured look. Go for a clean comb part and finish with a low razor fade that disconnects the beard.

# 46 Neat Tapered Dramatic Flip

Flip back the top to display the elegant waves. Make a hard part that drops to a tapered cut. Make a curved signature line just above the ear to intersect the tapered cut.

# 47 Inspired Crop Haircut

Share in the world of comb over haircuts with a cropped finish. Make the top sleek and crop it to a bowl cut with a tapered skin fade.

# 48 Disheveled Curly Pompadour

Give your pomp thick curls and style it into a messy disheveled look. Obtain a perfect shape up by finishing it in a sharp medium fade.

# 49 Finger Combed Pomp

This sleek pomp looks effortless in the way it is finger combed. The hair sports a hard part that is let to drop to a tapered high skin fade.

# 50 Dramatic Side Flip

Give the hair a side flip from the part line. Add some sexy touches by curling the flipped ends. A tapered cut at the temple creates some uniformity with the short beard.

# 51 Spiky Slicked Back Top

Make the top spiky and give it a nice slick back. Make a tapered cut just above the nape of the neck. Add some little party at the back with a signature “V” line. Complete with a bald fade at the back and sides.

# 52 Curly with Messy Fringe

Give the top tons of texture and pull it into curls. Cut it short for that stocky look and flip the longer front forward to create a curly fringe. Seal up the look with a low tapered cut.

# 53 Double Tap Mohawk

Make the top sleek and straight and add some shine to it. Give the sides a double tap separated by a curved signature line. Let it end in a bald fade to isolate the beard line.

# 54 Creative Comb Over Haircut

Sometimes it’s good to go for something outside the box. Pull off a creative haircut with a spiky flat top. Make a double part line and style out a stretchy spiky patch in between. Seal off the day with a tapered high fade.

# 55 Front Quiff Pomp

Make the front of your pomp fuller with a quiff. Separate the pomade from the blurry fade with a hard part. Let the blurry fade terminate in a bald for that dramatic beard disconnection.
There are endless options to explore in comb over haircuts. And here are some of the best examples that have been experimented by celebrity figures across the world. Make them part of your lifestyle and get tons of compliments from friends and family.

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