25 Retro and Modern Ivy League Haircuts – The Best and Timeless Trend

Ivy League haircut is the timeless choice indeed. Ivy League is known for having the brightest students in the world. These young men are known to be the trendsetters in traditional men’s fashion. So here are the latest 25 modern variations of this iconic look.

# 1 The Smart Look

Ivy League has many smart minds around, which reflects in their personalities. Hence, shaved at both end and the back, the crown is provided through a side to help those smart minds stand out.

# 2 The Rebels

Every thought about having a textured cut that shows your ability to be rebellious and a Rockstar. This Ivy league haircut will set you apart. The cut helps make waves at one side of the textured cut.

# 3 Short Pompadour

The Pomp style can never fade. It is traditional, it has a short back and sides, while also having enough hair to form a crown by using your best gels. Can be used at the parties or a class where style matters.

# 4 Designed for Perfection Cut

Perfection should be visible in every aspect of our personality, and this haircut never disappoints. The curving, the texture, the way the pomp is made, it can be the worst nightmare of any barber to go wrong here.

# 5 The Mild V-Cut

V may stand for victory, and victory brings in attention. The cut is precisely done to form a mild V with short hair at all three sides, including the back, and the hair flowing backward again to form a focused V hair waves.

# 6 The Seriously Innovative Cut

Innovative ideas will usually flow when you have those two inches get off your hair on all sides, giving it look a bit messy, yet perfectly sized at all sides. To complete the innovative cut, there may be an undercut required.

# 7 The Fringed

Fringe nicely made in the front with short hair all along gives it one of the cleanest and classiest looks available. The fringe can be made in the form a crown too, depends on how clean you wish to look. However, the style is one of the very best Ivy League Haircuts.

# 8 Mixed Fringe

It takes some serious dedication to looking at what style can make you not just stand out from the crowd, but give you a distinct class too. This Mixed fringe style, with short hairs on the sides and a thick line cross through the forehead, makes you a party boy with a serious attitude.

# 9 The Wedged

Wedged and a Flat Top is again another clean look, which is not what everyone appreciates, apart from those who have a serious sense of fashion. Hair is chopped small and cleaned at all ends, with enough left to form a wedge above, which sits flat across.

# 10 The Elegant Pompadour

Pomps are in high demand, but the styling may defer from person to person. The need to trim the sides to make them elegantly short, skin toned and then help from the pomp from either side, will surely make you a superstar and worth eye-catching at the first sight.

# 11 Slick and Side Parted

The Slicks are traditional, but the shine they produce can impress anyone from a distance. The look can be loved or hated, but when applied to the best hair products, and given a thick deep part line at any sides, will make you think twice if it’s you who is ready to shine.

# 12 The Smart Traditions

Traditional looks, with a crown going backward has always been loved by all ages. It is smart, trendy, can be applied at all levels and can be an evening looker. If you have heavy hair and they can slide back, but you want the sides trimmed to skin color, try this for some exceptional compliments.

# 13 Smart Sweeps

Why not just get those medium cut hairs side swept for a change. It may take some time but try parting your hair on one side first, then sweep the upper half of your hair to the opposite direction. Elegant it will look if the right quantity of hair products are applied to make them stick.

# 14 Textured Goodness

Giving your hair texture of any choice may need some serious thought. Hair can be neatly cut at all sides, while a lot of them are left in the front and medium cut is provided in between to help form any texture you wish with a styling gel or cream.

# 15 Sweeping Waves

Keeping your hair can be a mixed feeling if not done right. These Sweeping waves can give you a modern retro look when thick hair are swept from the front to a side, while the other half or those in between are swept to the opposite side. Sweeping may take some trimming near the edges, with a thick line at any end you prefer, giving it a subtle more agronomic look.

# 16 Undercut Slicks

Slicks are one of the most preferred looks in the Y Generation. They like to get the hair trimmed at both sides and the back, while careful smoothing those hairlines can give a good partition from where to move your hair. Easy to make, high in demand.

# 17 The Undercut Pomade

You like textures and lines, while some styling in the middle. This cut gives you all the looks in one cut. Ask you, barber, to cut the sides short or trim them, then leave the fronts long enough to form a proper pomp. While cutting the back and middle hair small to form a messy texture.

# 18 The Bond Look

You wanted to go on a rescue mission, wearing a tuxedo and have your hair cut well to impress, yet catch the bad guys in one go, this cut is for you. It has slicks, while a trimmed side to help make it a clean look. You can wish for a thin line to separate your hair.

# 19 Short Sweeps

Sweeps can look great on short hair if they are made well. Using thin scissors to chop the hair and the sides , while leaving enough in front to form a texture to sweep can help your beard look a love affair.

# 20 The Face Matchup

You want your mustache and your hair to have a look alike feel, this cut will ensure that. The sides are cut short and trimmed to give a clean look, a thick line helps separate the slick look, while the thin hair is helped to one side of the cut to make it traditional and match your personality.

# 21 The Splash Boy

Slicks are the order of the day if you wish to be a perfectionist at all ends. A clean slick look, with no undercuts, can make you look smart and functional. A boy can impress anyone with this side trimmed style with a thick line to aid.

# 22 Mr. Right

You are a young professional, who needs to set the tone in The Ivy league haircut, this one will not disappoint. It is not just any other slick cut, with a crown to go on one side, it is the perfect cut for board meetings and those casual evenings at the end of the day. Let those think hairlines help you transform from the boss to a pal in no time.

# 23 The Visionaries

Trying to fulfill your mission, you may need little effort, and more hard work. This cut defines you, with subtle cuts to form a unique balance of natural texture and shortened to let your personality shine, while the textured front and pomps help you to keep the ideas and thoughts in place. A traditional yet highly functional look for all occasions.

# 24 The Officials

Official looks are not that easy to find, they are embedded inside our own personalities and show a distinct aura. This cut may define you as a soldier, a man of honor with its small shops on the sides and top, with usual texture going to a side of your choice. There are no lines here to separate the hair.

# 25 Distinctive Cut

The cut needs some inspiration, it looks like any another cut, but it has its own distinct lines that go well behind the forehead. Hair is pumped and put in place to make them form a crown in front, while the short sides clean the look and make your skin align with the face. One of the best looks for those who are athletic and famous.

The Ivy League Haircuts are distinctive and are classic, can be used for any type of gathering, provided you are aware of the personality you hold. A haircut can always make you look cleaner and leaner, while the way you form them, will portray your thoughts and abilities in front of others and help you move away from the usual crowds.


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