55 Trendy Hairstyles for Black Men – New Styling Ideas

Black men have a generous choice of haircuts that range from short, medium to long. This gives them endless options to explore: afro, dreads, fade, tapered and more. There are a number of flattering and sexy hairstyles for black men that will give you that fantastic, fresh and clean look. Below we explore 55 stylish haircuts for black men that will give you a whole lot of choices to experiment with.

# 1 Temple & Nape Taper

Thick hair can be quite fun experimenting with, especially when it has that kinky look. Give it that sexy touch with a tapered fade cut at the temple and the nape. Let the skin fade disconnect the beard to create that classic look.

# 2 Kinky Shape-Up

Give your kinky hair an edge with a classic shape-up. Make an excellent cut along the natural hairline and finish with a low tapered fade cut at the back and sides.

# 3 Clean High Fade

Add some shine to your natural hair and give it that messed up, kinky look. Make everything stand out with a high fade cut at the sides.

# 4 360 Waves

Go for a unique, captivating look in the world of waves. Give your hair the silkiness and shine of 360 waves. Seal up the elegant look with a tapered fade cut at the temple and nape.

# 5 Classic Flat Top

Gently trim your natural African hair to create a leveled top. Give the hair a classic twist with the coolness of a tapered skin fade at the nape and sides.

# 6 Side Parted Short Hair

A side part isn’t a style that suits only those with medium to long hair. Give your short hair a hard side part and finish with a high tapered fade cut.

# 7 Fresh “Star” Cut

Add some party at the back of your box haircut. Trim and pull off that classic star shape that will leave every mouth agape.

# 8 Rasta Vibes

Natural rastas are an excellent way of adding some sweet vibes to your hair. Give them that medium height to hug your shoulders in style.

# 9 Multi-Tone Mohawk

Give some added touches to the ordinary Mohawk haircut. Create a thick, kinky top and add blonde highlights to make it stand out. Make a hard side part that extends about 2 inches into the hair. Give the sides a blurry fade and make a taper at the nape separated with a classic signature line.

# 10 Tapered Blow Out Mohawk

Add tons of volume to your hair by giving it a blow dry. Make a tapered cut along the edges of the forehead. Finish with a tapered skin fade at the temporal area. The result is a voluptuous Mohawk that will get you immediate attention.

# 11 Signature Taper

Make it simple and cool with a medium buzz cut. Add a classic, curved signature line at the sides and let it drop to a tapered skin fade at the temple and nape.

# 12 Temporal Taper

Bring the natural curls of your hair into full display by cutting it a medium trim. Create some contrast by sporting a tapered skin fade at the temporal bone area.

# 13 Thick Curly Mohawk

A Mohawk haircut doesn’t always require a great deal of height. You can actually keep it medium and add some curls to make it appear thicker. Make it easier to spot with blonde highlights. Give the hair a short signature line and finish with a tapered skin fad.

# 14 Cornrow Shape-Up

Make your fade haircut a stunner by styling the top into cornrow braids. Introduce a curved signature line to the high fade sides. The result is a pretty cool shape-up that will rock wherever you go.

# 15 Creative Flat Top

Go for a deconstructed box haircut. To achieve that, make an undercut at the front to add more edge to your haircut. Make two, short signature lines along the length of the undercut and you’re good to go.

# 16 High Fade Shape-Up

Make it classy and funky with a thick, kinky top. Introduce a hard side part and let it drop sharply to a high skin fade. The haircut looks even cooler with a patchy beard and a thin beard line.

# 17 Classic Multi-Taper

Add some style to your tapered haircut. Make a taper at the temple ending in a buzzed look. Clip the hair along the occipital bone and finish with a signature taper at the nape.

# 18 Afro Drop Fade

Give the sides of your thick afro a perfect trim to creative a dramatic shape-up. Let the trimmed sides drop to a low blurry fade that stretches to the nape.

# 19 Edgy Taper

Short hair with natural curls look great. Go ahead and give it an added dosage of beauty with a tapered lining at the forehead. Make it classier with a tapered fade cut that sits low on the temple.

# 20 Patchy Fade

Give your spiral curled hair some cool deconstruction. Make it shorter at the temple and nape with a blurry fade. What you get is a pretty cool version of the Mohawk haircut.

# 21 High Quiff Afro

A quiff haircut can be quite a stunner. Incorporate it into your afro to achieve that classic, slanted haircut. Finish with a low tapered skin fade on the sides.

# 22 Kinky Temple Taper

Give your kinky hair a classic touch without altering its overall look. All you’ve got to do is just make a temple taper that extends down to the cheek, connecting with the thick beard.

# 23 High Taper Skin Fade

Have short hair? Well, you can keep it clean and fresh with a high skin fade. What you get is a cool haircut that provides the convenience of easy maintenance.

# 24 Extended Blurry Fade

Let the fade cut “eat” into your sloped haircut. Make it stretch from the temple to the crown to create that cool patchy finish.

# 25 Faded Twist

Get that contoured look by sporting thick short top, faded sides and thick beard. The overall finish is a classic shape-up that has more edge to it.

# 26 Classic Drop Fade

Make it slightly kinky on top and finish with a cool drop fade that is blended at the back. Grow a goatee to make the haircut sexier and simply irresistible.

# 27 Stripe Game

Give your afro that smashing look. Give one half of the front a patchy undercut that sports two signature lines for that stripped look. Give the sides and the back a faded cut and make three signature lines that stretch from one occipital bone to the other. What you get is that classic and sexy stripped look.

# 28 Box Braided Mohawk

Make the top stand out by styling it into highlighted box braids that are merged into two chunky braids. Give the sides a smooth, tapered low fade to create that breathtaking Mohawk haircut.

# 29 Faded Design

Add some flair to your kinky hair by giving it a patchy and vibrant red highlight. Give the hair a sharp fade that sports cool, curvy signature lines.

# 30 Braided Signature Fade

Twist the hair into two chunky cornrow braids that fall down naturally from the crown. Make a tapered skin fade, separating the taper from the skin fade with a curved signature line. What you get is that smashing profile that will make heads turn.

# 31 Signature Hard Part

Make it flawless and less boring with a signature hard part that extends to create one cool streak of hair. Give the back and sides a high fade cut that keeps everything clean and fresh.

# 32 Braided Temp Fade

Give your long, kinky hair a twist to create spongy braids. Add some red highlights to the hair for that distinguished look. Give your hair the clean and neat finish of a temp fade to make it ooze with sexiness.

# 33 Chunky Cornrows

Get the elegance of cornrow braids and make them chunkier to create more visual volume. Merge them into a secure tie at the back to create that streamline profile. Give the hair a temp skin fade to disconnect the thick beard.

# 34 Wavy Temp Fade

360 degree waves can have a cool and dramatic impact on your hair. However, you can decide to keep it checked and sophisticated with a smooth tapered temp fade. Let the tapered fade extend to the nape to add more class.

# 35 Tapered Bald Fade

Give your short natural hair the elegance and easy maintenance of a low tapered skin fade. Trim the edges to create a well-defined hair lining that compliments your neat beard.

# 36 Loosely Curled Mohawk

Pull off a classic Mohawk and make it loose and curly. Add some edge to it with a blurry temp fade that narrows towards the occipital bone. And there you have it – a statement haircut that’s just too good to be true.

# 37 Clinical Zero Hard Part

It’s hardly there but has a clinical look to it that makes it simply spectacular. The zero front hard part gives a boost to the beauty of this taper fade that extends to the front. The kinky top is highlighted in a patchy red tone to direct the most attention your way.

# 38 Low Signature Fade

Do you have short hair? Keep it low and stylish with a curved signature line that drops to a skin fade. It’s a great way to keep your short hair classic, neat and fresh.

# 39 Zigzag Signature

Focus the most attention to the nape. Give it a tapered fade cut that sports a zigzag signature line. It’s a brilliant way of making the nape stand out from the kinky top.

# 40 Classic Temp Fade

Comb your natural textured hair to create that neat profile. Give it a well-defined hair lining and finish with a classic taper fade at the temple.

# 41 Low Drop Fade

Your unkempt hair might make you lose the compliments you’re looking forward to. However, you can change it for the better by giving it a low drop fade that looks as captivating as it is stylish.

# 42 Stripped Mohawk

Let not anything deter you from giving your Mohawk haircut your best shot. Make it kinky on top and go for a temp fade that sports patchy stripes along the occipital bone.

# 43 Sloped Design

Give your hair that surgical precision that no one will see coming. Give it a high sloped top that drops sharply to a high tapered skin fade. Express your love for art by creating an artistic signature line that cuts through the taper.

# 44 Shape-Up Mohawk

Create a clean shape-up in your kinky Mohawk. Let it sport a gradual reduction in volume towards the back. Drop the kinky top to a high tapered blurry fade that connects to the beard.

# 45 Afro High Fade

Give your kinky afro hair some excellent shape-up look. Trim the sides and back into a high skin fade that creates a look that is as fresh as it is sexy.

# 46 “V” Fade Cut

A high fade haircut lets you keep your hair clean, neat and fresh. But it won’t make such a huge impact than when you give it a classic twist. Give your hair a high tapered bald fade. Let the tapered back end in a creative “V” outline just above the bald fade nape.

# 47 Inspirational Mohawk

Stand out by doing it your way in the world of Mohawk haircuts. Create a full-stretch Mohawk from your kinky hair. Make your Mohawk wider and edgy with a tapered temp fade that disconnects the patchy beard.

# 48 Cut & Colored Shape-Up

Give your hair that signature look of a hard part that drops to a sharp fade. Give the top expert trimming to create a perfect shape-up. Add some glow to the dark shade at the top with a captivating blonde highlight.

# 49 Money Fade

Finger waves are downright elegant. And you can give them that signature look by sporting a curved hard part that drops to a low skin fade. Declare the fullness of your pockets by carving in a dollar sign ($) into the back of your hair.

# 50 Stripped Fade Cornrows

Make your haircut more conspicuous by styling the top into highlighted cornrow braids that terminate at the crown. Give the hair a tapered high fade cut that is blended at the back. Make three hard parts at the sides to create patchy stripes.

# 51 Droopy Taper

Take your creativity to the limits to give your short hair a magical transformation that will captivate many. Drop the curly top to a droopy, tapered bald skin fade. And there you have it – a haircut that is simply dramatic and sensational.

# 52 Freestyle Mohawk

Let your creativity inspire you to creating a Mohawk haircut that has lots of fun and drama to it. Give the hair a low tapered fade and create some dramatic projections just above the side of the nape. What you get is a breathtaking freestyle Mohawk that demands immediate attention.

# 53 Simple Design

Give your short hair that spectacular, orange highlight. Make it artsy by carving creative signature lines into the hair. Finish with a low tapered fade to give it that effortless yet elegant look.

# 54 Fresh Shape-Up

Give your kinky hair the freshness of organic pomade. Style it into a sweet shape-up with a high skin fade that extends to the back. A medium thick beard will do well to compliment that kinky hair.

# 55 Curly Dreadlocks

Add to the sweetness of your dreadlocks by styling them into “S” shaped curls. This is a brilliant way of going thicker in style. Make a nice side part to add to the intricate look of this hairstyle.

These are one of the most sensational hairstyles for black men. Though some of them can be quite skillful and laborious, the result is truly impressive. In case you’ve been planning to give your black African hair a new look, these are the most creative styles you might want to consider.

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