How To Clean Suede – Basic Tips On Cleaning Suede Garment Like A Pro

How to clean suede? It is the most difficult task for many people who love wearing suede garments. These garments include suede shoes, suede jackets, handbags, hats and suede gloves among others. Suede garments are essential in our lives because they are not only stylish and fancy but also very versatile and unique.


Suede jackets are very useful in the fall because they keep us warm on cold days. However, the biggest challenge is to clean and maintain a soiled suede garment without damaging it. Many people do not know how to clean suede garment and make sure they have remained supple and soft. Well, if you belong to the group that finds it difficult cleaning suede garments, here are the basic tips that you can follow and clean suede garments like a pro at home.


 Start By Checking Whether Yours Is Dyed Suede Or Not

Cleaning dyed suede is more difficult than cleaning a non-dyed suede and you need to be extremely cautious. Dyed-suede has high chances of bleeding when exposed to water and you have to be very careful when cleaning such garments. You can start by brushing the garment gently with a light-colored towel to see if there is any color transfer. This is the simplest way to test if the color is likely to come out of your suede garment if you clean it with water.


If the color is coming out, you need to avoid using too much water and excessive scrubbing. You may even use alternative methods to clean it. On the other hand, if the color is not coming out, then it is safe to use water. However, this does not mean that you should scrub it roughly because suede is very delicate and exerting too much pressure when cleaning can damage it.

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Remove The Top Layer Dirt On The Suede Before Applying Water

Once you have identified whether yours is a dyed or non-dyed suede, the next step is to remove the dirt may be seated on the suede. Here you need to use a suede brush that is made of soft hog bristles. Remember that using a brush with hard bristles can damage the suede by leaving scratches or damaging the nap.


You need to rub the entire surface of the garment with a suede brush and get rid of the dirt that can be removed without necessarily using water. This also helps you to know the areas that are more soiled and emphasize on them when cleaning with water. You do not have to apply a lot of water, but it has to be evenly spread. If the dirt can come out without using water the better. Never use chemical suede remover on your suede garment because the chemicals can damage it or even stain the suede more.

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 Use Home Remedy Stain Removers To Get Rid Of Stubborn Stains

In a situation where it is difficult to get rid of notorious stains using water and from your suede garment, you can apply natural stain removers to remove them first. Some of the stains that can be tough to remove using water include sweat marks, oil residues, and color stains. Some of the natural removers that you can use include corn flour and white vinegar.



You can apply a thin layer of corn flour on the suede garment and leave it for a couple of hours or even overnight. The corn flour absorbs the stain out the material and you can brush it off together with the flour using a suede brush. If the suede garment has a bad odor, you can use basic soda to get rid of it.

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Use Heavy Duty Suede Cleaner When Home Remedy Cleaners Have Failed

If home remedy stain removers have failed and you must use heavy-duty suede cleaner, then you need to make sure they are leather cleaners that are suitable for cleaning suede garments.



If possible, try to use tailor-made suede cleaner for specific tough stains. It is also recommendable that you test the stain remover you are planning to use by applying it on a small hidden part of your garment to see how it works. This is because some products can cause discoloration on your suede garment. Always check the ingredients of the product you want to use and avoid those that could cause suede discoloration.

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 Apply Water And Scrub Evenly

Once you have removed the top layer dirt on the surface, you can now apply water evenly and scrub the suede to remove the remaining dirt. However, you need to remove excess water before scrubbing so that suede can remain supple and soft after cleaning. You can remove excess water by shaking off the garment as much as you can. You can even use the suede brush or a clean towel to remove excess water before you start scrubbing.



Once you have removed excess water, rub the garment evenly to remove dirt and facilitate even drying. Note that failure to scrub the suede evenly can cause water spots when drying and ruin your garment. You need to repeat the process as many times as necessary to get rid all the water. Never spot-clean suede garments with water because water can stain them if applied in a single sport. Always apply a small amount of water on the whole garment and scrub with a suede brush gently and evenly.

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 Dry And Revive Your Suede Garment

Once you have scrubbed all the dirt from the suede and you have shaken away excess water, the next step is drying and reviving your garment. This is the most critical and important step because it determines if the will garment will retain its original shape. The process of removing excess water should commence immediately after cleaning using a clean dry microfiber towel. The idea is to get rid of excess water using the towel by dabbing and twisting.



Remember to be quick before the suede absorbs too much water and starts sagging. The dabbing and twisting method not only gets rid of excess moisture but it also makes your suede garment to look as good as new. You need to repeat the process before allowing the garment to dry naturally.

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 Repeat the Revitalization Process and Improve the Nap

You need to repeat the process of improving the nap of the suede the second time after allowing them to dry naturally for about 2-3 hours in order to give your garment its original looks. Here you use a dry suede brush and move it forward and back gently until the garment retains its original shape.


You can then set the garment aside once more and allow it to continue drying naturally. However, you should not expose the suede to the strong sun that could dry it quickly and cause cracks.

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 Repeat the Nap Revitalization Process the Third Time

Once you have allowed the suede to dry for several more hours, it is important to repeat working on the nap revitalization using a dry suede brush. You need to repeat the process several times until the garment has dried completely and retained the original shape.

This is very important if you want your garment to look as good as new and stay long without sagging. Note that you should never use a hair dryer or any artificial supply of heat to dry your suede garment because you will end up damaging it. It is a must to allow suede to dry naturally and free from direct sunlight.

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 Apply Suede Protector Before Using Or Storing Suede Garments

Suede protector serves as a wall against water stains and dirt. The product can be bought from stores that sell suede products and should be applied after cleaning before using or storing them. You need to apply the suede protector uniformly on the item and avoid over-applying it in one area or soaking the garment with it. Allow the garment to dry before storing.



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 Store the Garment Well Until the Next Use

Once you your garment has dried completely and it has retained its original shade and texture, it is important to store it well until the next use. Always store your suede garments in a clean, cool and dry place free from excess light. Exposing your suede garments to extreme light will make them fade and lose the original color. More so, storing suede garment in a hot place will make it crack and lose shape. On the other hand, storing suede in a damp place will cause mildew.



If suede garments get moist accidentally, you need to get rid of the moisture as quickly as possible using a clean and dry white towel or with a white paper tissue. It is important to allow suede to breeze freely when stored. Never wrap it with a plastic material because mold and mildew will grow on suede. If you must wrap your suede garment, use shoe bags for shoes, a dry pillowcase or tissue paper for small suede accessories.

Generally, the above are the basic tips on how to clean suede that you can use and clean your suede garment like a pro at home. Remember that you must be patient when cleaning suede if you want to get the best results. If you feel that, you still cannot follow the above directions or you do not have time to do it by yourself, you can seek help from a professional cleaner who are conversant with cleaning suede items.

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