25 Inspirational Baseball Haircuts – Trendy and Legendary Looks

There is always hype about baseball haircuts, and this is because the superstars in the MLB seem to get everything right when it comes to their headdress. The game does not come with any significant restrictions when it comes to the hair, and so one can be confident of seeing anything from a bald head to some fancy bangs. If you have that one favorite star that you would love to look like the gallery below will give you the inspiration and the ideas that you need for your baseball hairstyle.

# 1 Messy and Uniform Taper Cut

Adam Eaton prefers to keep things simple, and so you will hardly see him with any sophisticated cut. Here he keeps the sides tapered and uniform and some longer and messy strands at the top.

# 2 Wavy Bangs

This haircut also involves tapering the sides and back while leaving some long strands on the crown. But, Trea Turner styles the long hair into some fancy forward swept bangs for an appealing appearance.

# 3 Upswept Top with Faded Sides

Tyrell keeps his hair high and tight at the top with a neat upsweep. He then spices the design by chopping the sides short and giving them a nice fade.

# 4 Sleek Brushed Back Top

This Carlos Gonzalez haircut is about leaving some long hair on the upper section and shaving the rest of the head short. He then styles the hair with a lot of gel and by brushing it back.

# 5 Textured Over the Forehead Bangs

Although this is a regular long top with short sides the texture of the hair at the top and the fade on the sides is fantastic. Trevor Story styles the textured bangs with a lift and layered brush back, but he still leaves a few of them hanging over the forehead.

# 6 Short and Uniform

Neat and formal looks like this one can also work for baseball stars. Here Miguel Cabrera chops his hair to less than an inch and keeps it uniform throughout the head.

# 7 Kevin Kiermair’s Slick Back

Wearing one of Kevin’s styles like this one will always give you some interesting baseball haircuts. Here he has short faded sides and designs the long top with a simple, slick back.

# 8 Spiky with a Taper

Shawn keeps some short and spiky strands at the upper part that he only needs to make messy by running his finger through. He pairs this with some simple tapering on the sides to create a sleek look.

# 9 Faux Hawk with Spikes

The faux hawk is a modern and inspiring haircut that will make any man look elegant. In this design, Eric Hosmer enhances it by making the long hair spiky and styling it with a lift.

# 10 Natural Fro Top

Tony Kemp maintains a natural afro style at the top of his haircut and gives the sides a fade to create a stylish look that is perfect for an MLB superstar.

# 11 Quiff with Fade and Line-Up

In this hairdo, Musgrove uses his soft and dark toned hair to create a small quiff at the top. He then finishes the look by fading and lining up the sides.

# 12 Natural Curly Mohawk

Mohawks also make the cut in the list of inspiring baseball haircuts. This particular one looks neat and trendy because George Springer makes it with his naturally curly hair and also gives the sides a smooth fade.

# 13 Altuve’s High and Simple Cut

With a thick and dark toned hair like Jose Altuve the options are endless, and in most instances, he does not need to do much to create an appealing look. Here he only keeps the top high and gives the rest of the head a smooth and uniform cut.

# 14 Thick and Gelled Top with Tapered Sides

This Kris Bryant haircut is about keeping some thick strands on the upper section that he styles with gel and by tapering the sides and back.

# 15 Bold and Unique Bangs

You will hardly see anyone else with this Bryce Harper haircut. It is a bold and inventive design that entails using his thick and long bangs to create a bird-like shape at the top.

# 16 Uniform Curls with a Side Part

Anthony Rizzo decided to go with some uniform curls when meeting the president. He gives them a soft side part and uses a generous amount of product to ensure that they have a maximum shine.

# 17 Classic Taper Cut

This hairdo is about tapering the sides and back and finishing by finger combing the long strands in the upper section to the back. It is a simple style, but it still gives Ben Zobrist an elegant appearance.

# 18 Smooth Short Cut with a Line-Up

A gentleman cut like this one is just what you would expect to see with Adrian Beltre. It is a formal design that involves chopping the hair shirt and uniform and giving it a skillful line-up at the front.

# 19 Undercut and Tapered Bangs

Bryce Harper is not just a good baseball player but also a fashion trendsetter, and this is more so when it come to haircuts. In this one, he keeps some long bangs at the top that he styles with a layered brush back and he also has a skin faded undercut on the sides and a taper at the back.

# 20 High and Tight Look

The high and tight hairstyle is one of those that will always look fabulous on African Americans. Robbie Cano keeps the strands at the top natural with minimal use of products and finishes with a zero skin fade on the sides.

# 21 Thick Afro Mane with Inventive Taper

The beauty of this hairdo is all in the cut as it requires no styling. It entails leaving a thick mane at the top and giving the rest of the head a skillful tapering.

# 22 Trendy Mohawk

Aaron Judge keeps a simple mohawk design that he enhances with a taper fade on the sides to create one of the most attention-grabbing baseball haircuts

# 23 Short Haircut with Spiky Top and faded Sides

Mark Teixeria prefers to keep his hair short and neat. In this hairdo, he makes the locks at the top spiky and gives the short sides a smooth fade.

# 24 Upswept Top with Skin Fade

The upswept and spiky hair at the top section is the highlight of this Mike Trout haircut. But, he also has a beautiful skin fade on the sides that adds some extra elegance to the hairdo.

# 25 Shoulder-Grazing Ginger Mane

Justin Turner’s hair color is distinct, and it is what makes him stand out. With such an amazing hair color he does not have to do much for his hair to look fabulous. In this style, for example, he only needs to grow it out to a shoulder-grazing length and style it into a face framing brush back.

Baseball haircuts come in all sizes and shapes. The superstars in MLB are always changing their looks, and so you can always be sure that there will be something exciting for fans to review. But, the 25 haircuts above will offer you more than enough inspiration.

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