How Often Should You Wash Your Hair – 10+ Tips to Help You Do It Correctly

How often should you wash your hair? This is a probably a question that you could be having on your mind if you are a man. Whether you like keeping short hair or long hair, you want to make sure that it is maintained properly if you want to look great. When it comes to washing hair, it will mostly depend on the type of hair you have. But generally, you are not supposed to wash your hair most often because you will leave it leached of natural oils, dried out, or damaged. It is recommended to wash the hair sparingly using high-quality shampoo. Depending on your hair, you can wash it at most every other day or only two times a week.

The following are some important tips on how to wash your hair if you want to keep it looking great all the time.


Select Conditioner and Shampoo Wisely

When buying hair conditioner and shampoo, do not assume that they are all the same because they are not. Also, do not buy conditioner and shampoo based only on price. If your budget is tight, it is understandable that you may want to buy the cheapest hair products on the market. But even as you look for the most affordable hair conditioner and shampoo, be sure to think about the effect that they will have on your hair.

Good shampoo and conditioner is the one that will work best with your hair and leave it looking the best it can be. For the shampoo, it is advisable to go for one that is sulfate-free while the best conditioner is the one that is silicone-free. The sulfate and silicone are very hard on hair and may cause it to have a dull look or dry over time.

If you have dry hair that gets frizzy, it will be a good idea to look for hydrating or moisturizing products that have butters, oils, among other nourishing ingredients. If you have fine or oily hair, clarifying hair products that have ingredients such as chamomile and tea tree oil will work well for you. For someone that has hair that frays or breaks easily, the best hair products to use will be restorative products that have proteins such as keratin and collagen.

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Avoid Over-Washing the Hair

One of the common mistakes that most men do with their hair is over-washing it. Barbers and grooming experts recommend washing your hair only two or three times a week. You may think that it is healthy to wash your hair on a daily basis, but that may actually be too often for you. The problem with washing hair on a daily basis is that it strips it of the natural oils that are produced by the scalp and leaves it prone to getting frayed and frizzy.

In case you have hair that gets greasy very fast, it will be a good idea to do a water-only wash on those days that you are not shampooing. This will prevent loss of natural oils from the hair. When you reduce the frequency at which you wash your hair, it will keep overproducing oil for about a week, so you should not worry yourself too much. Things will balance out and your hair will start staying cleaner for longer without requiring a wash.

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Clean the Hair with Cool or Warm Water and Spot It Dry

While hot showers are great, they may not be good for your hair. The heat of the water will leave your hair feeling very dry. So make sure that you use cool or warm water whenever you need to clean your hair. If you have to take a steaming hot shower for some reason, make sure that you finish with a cool or warm rinse. This will allow your hair to look shiny and healthy rather than dull and frizzy after drying.

If you want to dry your hair immediately, be sure to spot it dry instead of roughing it up with a towel. When hair is wet, it is can break very easily because it is weak. Water causes keratin molecules that are available in the hair to stretch. For that reason, you need to avoid a rough towel treatment because what you will be doing is exposing your hair to breakage. Simply use your towel to get rid of excess water by dabbing the hair dry.

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Dry the Hair Carefully Using a Blow Dryer

If you have weak hair that is prone to breakage, using a blow dryer to dry it instead of a towel will be a good idea. But you will need to use the blow dryer correctly. You are supposed to put it on a cool setting and then hold it a distance away in order to protect your hair from heat. Holding the blow dryer too close can cause water in the hair to heat up, something that will in turn damage the hair.

When using a blow dryer to dry hair, it is advisable to use heat protection spray. This will make sure that your hair does not break just in case you happen to hold it too close. This method should be used sparingly because blow drying your hair every day can start causing damage to it eventually. In case you notice that your hair has started thinning, do away with the blow dryer.

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Avoid Brushing the Hair when it is Still Wet

Some people assume that brushing their hair when it is wet makes the work easier and allows the hair to straighten properly. What they do not realize is that they are exposing their hair to damage. When hair is wet, it is usually stretchier and can break easily. Wait until the hair is dry to brush it, and when brushing, make sure that you use a natural bristle hair such as a boar bristle brush. This kind of brush distributes oils properly in the hair and makes it shinier and softer. If you have to brush your hair when it is still wet, make sure that you use a wide-tooth comb.

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Massage Your Scalp while Taking a Shower

Massaging your scalp helps to increase blood circulation to that area, something that in turn stimulates the growth of hair. Doing this every time you take a shower will help you keep the hair that you already have and also grow fresh hair. Massaging your scalp is not a hard thing at all. You simply need to use your fingers to rub the scalp in a circular motion while focusing mostly on the areas that have no hair or are showing signs of thinning.

There are some oils that are believed to stimulate or accelerate hair growth, including coconut oil, almond oil, and tea tree oil. Instead of massaging your scalp with plain water, you can use these oils before shampooing and then wash them out before getting out of the shower. You may not be able to see any results after massaging the scalp once or a number of times. It is something that you will need to incorporate into your bathing or showering routine if you want to see any meaningful results.

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Protect Your Hair when In the Pool

If you have ever been to swimming pool, you may have seen most women putting on waterproof caps to prevent their hair from coming into contact with water. On the contrary, you might have seen men at the same pool swimming with nothing to cover their hair from water. Well, if you are a man, you need to do due diligence and make sure that your hair is covered from water the next time you go swimming.

Swimming pool water usually has a lot of chlorine that can cause a lot of damage to your hair. If you do not wear a waterproof cap, the chlorine will chemically bond with the proteins that are found in the hair and cause the cuticle to lift, something that will cause your hair to dry up, become dull and brittle. The cuticle is the protective outer layer of the hair.

If you cannot wear a waterproof cap while going to swim, you will need to wet your hair thoroughly using clean water before you start swimming. This will help dilute and minimize the adverse effects of chlorine. Applying a little conditioner before you step into the swimming pool can also minimize the harmful effects of chlorine.

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Start with a Rinse Before Washing the Hair

The same way your laundry requires a rinse cycle before adding detergent, you need to make sure that your hair is very wet before you go ahead to add shampoo to it. Warm water opens the cuticle and allows any dirt or products that may be trapped in your hair to be removed when you wash it. Another benefit of rinsing your hair in warm water before washing it is that it allows the oils in the hair to be loosened through the scalp, something that causes the cuticle to be opened so that it can absorb the oil.

If you have long hair, make sure that you condition it first to protect the fragile ends from becoming so dry and getting damaged. You will need to run a small amount of hair conditioner through the hairs and then rinse them lightly before you do any shampooing. When you do that, not only will you be keeping your hair healthy, but you will also be making it smoother, moisturized and also boosting its shine.

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Lather Up at the Scalp

When shampooing your hair, make sure that you only do it at the scalp, specifically at the nape. To be able to lather up properly, you will need to start from the roots as you move towards the ends. Hairs that are found close to the scalp are the youngest, so you should expect them to be the oiliest. The ends of the hairs are the oldest, and as a result, they are the driest and most fragile parts of the hair. You need to handle them with care to avoid the risk of damaging your hair.

Use just enough shampoo depending on the size of your hair. Do not use a lot of it. A quarter-sized amount will be enough if you have medium-sized hair. But if you have long hair, you might need to double that.

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Be Gentle with Your Hair

A lot of friction can result in permanent damage of your hair’s cuticle and cause frizz or breakage. You need to wash your hair the same way you do when washing the delicate parts of your body – very gently and carefully. Start by lathering the hair at the roots so as to increase blood flow to the scalp and as a result promote hair growth. It is a good idea to use vertical strokes with very little pressure when lathering. Circular motions are not recommended because they can tangle your hair.

When lathering the ends of the hair, a straight stroking motion is recommended. Just make sure that you do not scrub the ends because they are very fragile and can break easily. Use a back and forth motion like you usually do when you are cleaning a rag on a washboard.

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Do Not Rinse and Repeat

There is no need of washing your hair twice. Even if the instructions on the back of the shampoo that you will buy recommend that you do so, do not do it. If you wash your hair twice, you will be stripping of important nutrients, something that will cause it to become very dry. Shampooing only once is enough. You should only rinse and repeat if your hair is very dirty and the first shampoo did not produce any lather.

If you clean your hair properly, you will never have to worry about it breaking or becoming so dry. Make sure that you use a conditioner and shampoo that is made for your hair type if you want to get the best results after cleaning. For dry hair, you will need to look for the best moisturizing products. Oily or fine hair needs to be shampooed daily to look great. Dry or normal hair should be cleaned only two or three times a week.


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