Promoting Strong Hair Growth for Men – 15 Tips You Need to Know

How to grow hair faster for men? A question that men discuss and think about almost every day. While women tend to have a faster growth, men not only have short hair but their growth is also very slow. There can be several reasons for the difference in growth. Poor diet, lack of use of hair products, not proper protection, etc., there can be many problems that a person can face due to which their hair growth is static. But, one positive thing is, there are many ways that can be adopted by men to enhance the growth of head and facial hair. We have gathered top 15 ways for men to increase the growth of their hair.


 Proper Diet

Hardly anything can beat proper diet. Regardless of the list of hair products you use and the time you spend at the salon, the benefits of having a healthy and nutritious diet are second to none. Everyone is in a rush these days. From college to university students, from office workers to other professionals, everyone lacks time. We are all running on a very tight schedule. Therefore, we all tend to opt for the easy way out which is fast food and junk food. From burgers to crisps, there are many unhealthy and calories filled products that not only increase the weight of a person but also affect their hair growth.



Whether it is head hair or beard hair, an improper diet can affect the growth and stature of both of them. Even the thickness of the hair can be adversely impacted due to an unhealthy diet. Therefore, the first and one of the most important factors that can result in better hair growth is having a nutritious diet. Eating a healthy breakfast that contains proteins, salads, and fruits and then having one more meal that gives complete nourishment, are the key to having a fast hair growth.

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 Hair Oil

It may sound old school and a centuries old trick but applying regular hair oil can quickly increase the length of hair. While it is a frequent practice with women, men do not really focus on hair oil. A good coconut hair oil can help you increase the thickness and length of your hair in no time. Many hair stylists recommend weekly applying of hair oil and the benefits can be seen instantly. The main reason is that hair growth starts from the roots.

While most people focus on hair products that affect the hair itself, the real growth can only be achieved through the scalp. Hence, a hair oil is the only product that goes right to the roots of your head and can stimulate hair growth. There are many kinds of hair oils in the market, choose the one that suits you the most or has good Amazon reviews. Try argan oil as it is considered to be the best hair oil.  Many may have an uneasy smell, therefore, this one that has a nice aura. But, regardless of whichever oil you choose, it is a very effective product that has helped many in the past and once you get used to it, you would experience really good growth of your hair.

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 Apply Egg and Yogurt

Yes, this trick that women are very well aware of can work wonders for growing hair faster. By mixing the egg yolk with yogurt and applying it to the hair helps the strengthening of hair. When the process is repeated a few times, the strengthened hair start to grow quickly. Eggs contain protein and vitamins which can ultimately help in moisturizing and shining of the hair.



The fatty acids and sulfur in the egg are also very potent in reviving dull and poorly maintained hair. This shows the power that there is in eggs and when it is combined with yogurt, it becomes a truly exemplary formula. A lot of the latest hair products also contain this magical mixture, simply because it has been proven to be very effective in the past. And we are sure that anyone uses our tip, especially men, would be able to see their hair grow faster than before.

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Though our focus is mainly on the usage of natural products and mixtures, supplements can also be very useful. There are many protein and vitamin supplements available in the market that can be consumed with breakfast, lunch or dinner and it can help encourage the growth of the hair. They have minerals that help in aggravating the growth but one needs to be very careful when using them. Though these supplements are very good but only a certain quantity must be consumed otherwise, overgrowth of hair can take place.



Therefore, we would advise anyone that wants to switch to supplements to first consult a doctor or physician because they would be able to suggest the right dosage. They would also inform you about the time when they should be taken and when to stop. Moreover, they would also give you complete information on the side effects of the product. But, one thing is for sure that supplements can increase the growth of hair for men.

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 Proper Protection

Use proper conditioners and shampoo. Yes, it is very important that men should invest proper time and effort into finding the best hair products for themselves. Normally, this practice is associated with women but if men do the same then there is no reason for them not to have quality hair. Going to the market and browsing through the products available and finding the right one can simply breathe new life into your dull and slowly growing hair. Look for formulas rich with stimulants: natural oils and biotin.

Try conditioning first. After applying the conditioner on the hair, we suggest giving your hair the time to absorb. Once the conditioner reaches the scalp, the roots of the hair become strong. And after shampooing, the hair not only becomes stronger but also starts to grow faster. It is a simple formula, as a cleaner person tends to look good and subsequently becomes attractive. Cleaner hair would result in a cleaner look and faster growth.

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 Head Cover

A lot of men that work outdoor or in industries where dangerous chemicals are used, for them it is essential to cover their head. When the person comes in direct contact with the sun and other chemicals for a longer period of time then the hair can get adversely affected. Their growth and shine can be easily lost.



Therefore, men that use head cover can see a rampant change the look of their hair and its growth. Though it is not something that can be applied to the head or consumed but this little tip can help you maintain the well-being of your hair. Even a healthy diet and use of good hair product can be nullified if the hair is not well protected or are exposed to environments to which they shouldn’t be.

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 No Electric Products

Constant blow drying or heating of the hair can damage the hair and its roots. Exposure to continuous heat from any of the electric products can be detrimental in the sense that it can harm the look of the hair. Though they might give you temporary style and look but in the long run they will stop the growth of your hair. They cause flash drying effect on your hair which means that the water and moisture from the hair goes missing.



Normally, men that work in the fashion industry do get their hair blow dried almost every day. This continuous process does not allow for their hair to grow long. But, for men that want to see their hair grow fast, they need stop using these machines on their hair.

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 Combing of Hair

This might not sound rocket science, but combing of hair can actually increase the length of the hair and that too, fast. During the day, the experiences a lot. Dirt, car emissions, rain, sun rays or snow. All these things can tangle your hair. After proper washing, if the hair is combed softly, the hair can grow faster.


Rather than leaving them trapped in all sorts of dirt throughout the night and letting them affect the hair, it is very important to get your hair washed with clean water. Once that is done, the combing not only moves the dirt particles away from the hair but also helps in increasing its length. As it has been mentioned before, the growth begins from the roots or cell inside the scalp and they require stimulation and movement. Once there is a regular movement of the hair through combing, hair tends to become strong and subsequently grow.

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 Do Not Use a Lot of Gel

Gel is very common with men. Whether you have long hair or short, men use a lot of gel to keep them in shape. From spikes to scissors cut, from an army cut to a ponytail, men do apply gel to keep give their hair a shiny and glossy look. Furthermore, it helps in keep the hair in one position throughout an event or the entire day. But, using a lot of gel can harm your hair in the long run.



It can weaken the hair and make them very vulnerable. Plus, it can also eliminate the work of good hair products. Hence, it is recommended that men do not use a lot of gel until and unless they are getting ready for a certain event. Other than that, they should use water for hairstyling. This simple trick will see your hair grow faster than they did when you were using gel on a daily basis.

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 Softer Pillow

While this might sound uncommon and not a regular practice but a softer pillow that has a silk cover can help your hair grow faster. When you use cotton pillow covers or sheets, your hair tends to go through the process of friction throughout the time you are sleeping on it. Every time there is a frictional contact between your hair and the cotton pillow cover, your hair’s growth is adversely affected. Constant friction would not result in your hair catching fire but it can surely damage it to an extent that the growth may stop.



So, if you are planning to grow hair faster then it is time to change your pillow cover. Use silk instead of cotton and you would see the difference. Silk is soft and smooth, therefore, your hair relaxing when coming in contact with it. Subsequently, the more relaxed they are, the faster they would grow. Your hair is like other parts of your body. They would grow when they are under no stress.

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 Cold Water Wash

Yes, even in winters, a cold water wash of your hair can inspire faster growth. Though, hot water is great for the body in winters but not so much for the hair. The hotter the water is, the more problematic it would be your hair. As the hair are a very sensitive and delicate part of the body, they need extra care. Washing them warm or hot water can damage them and at times, even puncture its growth.



Therefore, it is ever so important to wash them with a slightly cold water. We do not want you to use chilly water that would give you a brain freeze or a headache but a relatively colder water will not only wash your hair but also help it in growing faster. Cold water impacts the outer layer of your hair and also thoroughly cleans the dirt and other germs in your head. This can lead to a healthier and shinier hair, plus a fast a growing one too.

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Exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle. It is one of those things that positively affects every organ of your body. Right from the stimulation of brain cells that helps you in staying depression and stress-free to the better pumping of the heart, exercise is a single best way of keeping everything in top notch position. Even the muscles in every part of your body tends to become stronger and smarter with exercise. And when exercise is combined with yoga, the benefits double.



Thus, a person that exercises and is also a yogi would see their hair grow faster. Outdoor or indoor exercises, both are very effective in helping the grow of your hair. Stress and depression are two of the biggest reasons for hair loss. Either it is because of work or personal issues, stress directly affects your eating habits and hair growth. Which is why it is recommended by doctors and trainers to exercise often because only then can you stay relaxed. And a relaxed body helps in the growth of everything including your hair.

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 Keep Your Hair Germs Free

Though germs are normally associated with children but even older people can have an infected scalp. Hair lice and dandruff can badly impact your hair growth. Lice feeds on the blood and the more blood they suck, the harder it becomes for the scalp to through blood to the hair. As it is a proven fact that the better the blood flow to the hair, the faster the growth of hair, therefore, it is why it is always recommended by hair stylists to keep your head disinfected. Lice also reproduce and the head can possess lice eggs which are very similar to dandruff.



So, in order to allow your scalp to breathe freely and for your hair to get a continuous supply of blood, you need to keep your head lice free. Either through anti-lice lotions, shampoos or applying of hair oil.

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When you are looking to grow your hair fast then try two teaspoons of vinegar and adding it to one liter of water. If you are not a big fan of vinegar or the smell of it then you can apply this formula once every fortnight. Vinegar does the job of a conditioner and when it is applied often, then there is no reason for your hair not to grow fast. It also helps in giving a natural shine and healthy look to your hair.


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 Be Gentle

The last and one of the most important tips is to be gentle with your hair. Constant usage of hair products such as gels and hair sprays, getting your hair, colored and using electronic products can damage your hair and make its growth stagnant. Even the rough use of a towel to dry the hair can be detrimental for the hair.



Thus, it is crucial that you be gentle with your hair and treat them with utter care. Though, a lot of men do not invest a lot of time, money and effort on their hair and are happy with a simple haircut every now and then. But, the ones that do, may actually doing more harm to their hair than good.

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