45 Lively Ways to Style Pinroll Jeans – Cuffing your Pants Perfectly

Fashionable, trendy and flattering are the three words that best describe pinroll jeans. And so, every man not only needs to know how to give his denim this look but also how to style them by pairing with cool sneakers and top. With these jeans, you can pull anything from a smart casual look to a laid back one as you only need to figure out the right combination of shoes and t-shirts or dress shirts. Also, make sure that you get the cuff right so that it does not have twists or wrinkles as this can ruin the look. Here is a gallery that showcases 45 upscale styles that you can create with this jeans design.

#1 Black Denim and Kicks

This outfit aims to create an all black look, and it is a very simple design to pull with nice fitting jeans. You should then pin roll them and pair with some laced black sneakers.

#2 The Dress Shoe and Shirt Combo

Men that prefer to maintain simple semi-casual look should try this look as it is just perfect. It requires one to pin-roll his gray jeans and pair them with a clean patterned dress shirt and some cute brown dress shoes.

#3 Camouflaged Street Wear

This street wear is perfect for a relaxed weekend or even for a night out. It entails pairing a long camouflage t-shirt with your pin rolled gray denim and some bright gray sneakers.

#4 Pin Roll with Cool Grey Nike Sneakers

These beautiful gray Nike sneakers are the highlight of this look, and there is no better way to show them off than by pin rolling your dark blue denim pants.

#5 The Blue on Black Look

It is important to choose your colors well if you want an outfit that will make you look elegant and help you stand out. This design pairs a black sweatshirt and jeans with a blue baseball cap and trainer sneakers to create a perfect casual outfit.

#6 High Top Vans and Cute Dress Shirt

That cute dress shirt that you rarely wear is what you need to pull this look. It pairs the shirt (which you should button all the way up) with tight jeans and some cute high top Vans to create a smart casual look.

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#7 Pinroll Jeans and Pink Striped Tees

The options are endless once you know how to pin-roll your jeans perfectly. Here the light blue jeans with a perfect pin roll pair with a pink pocket shirt that also has some subtle stripes and white sneaker to create an excellent outdoor design.

#8 Sweet Nike Air Max

This Nike Air Max looks fantastic, and this is because of its impressive sneaker design and color. They pair well with the crisp jeans, but the wearer also spices up the appearance with some stylish white socks.

#9 Check Shirt and Trainers

These skinny jeans might be a little too tight and short for some men, but they still create an appealing appearance. They pair with a black and white check shirt and some simple trainers to create an impressive outdoor style.

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#10 Distressed and Pin Rolled

Pin rolling your distressed pants is a good way to give them a fresh look. And if you pair them with a simple t-shirt and some navy blue Nike sneakers you will get a grand appearance.

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#11 Fancy Sneakers and Black Polo

These cute slip-on sneakers are comfortable and look very stylish, and they are perfect for enhancing the sweet tight jeans. They also pair well with the black polo to create a perfect weekend wear.

#12 Grey Washed Jeans with White Sneakers

These gray washed pants have a fantastic color and perfect fit and rolling the cuff is all you need to make them look classy. You should then pair them with some laced white sneakers and a long-sleeved white shirt.

#13 Laid Back Casual Wear

This beautiful outfit also demonstrates another easy way to wear your gray washed jeans. It combines the pants with some bright slip-on sneakers and simple white short to create an impressive and laid-back weekend outfit.

#14 Sassy Slip-on’s and Black Tees

Guys that like wearing the pinroll jeans do not seem to get enough of slip-on sneakers as they always match well with this jeans design. And with such a perfect shoe and pants combination you only need a simple black t-shirt to complete the look.

#15 Low Tops with Pin Roll Pants

This look is about combining various bold colors for a simple weekend look. It combines the pin rolled pants with white low-tops and camouflage socks and with a long sleeved t-shirt at the top.

#16 Bright Socks and Raw Denim

It is always a good idea to roll up your raw denim to expose its unique finishing. But, for this look, it also helps to reveal the bright socks and the clean white low tops that are also essential for this look.

#17 Ripped Denim and Red Nike Sneakers

The clean and bright look of these red Nike sneakers is breathtaking, and it will make any man look classy. These sneakers match with ripped and rolled up denim and a beige sweatshirt to create a glamorous gentleman outfit.

#18 Black Slip-Ons and Washed Pants

Slip-on shoes make life easier for men because they are easy to wear and comfortable. These black ones match well with the black sweatshirt, and they are the perfect accessories to the washed pinroll jeans.

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#19 Oversize Tees and Pin Rolled Jeans

The portrait t-shirt combines with the oversize one beneath to create a unique street look. But, the style would still not be complete without the cute rolled up denim pants and bright Nike sneakers that combine to create a bold look.

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#20 Raw Denim and Sweatshirt

This look comes from rolling up your raw denim in a pin design and pairing it with a dark toned and fresh looking “TRIBE” sweatshirt. For the shoes, you can wear anything that you like, but the bright trainers with laces and an impressive stitching in this particular look are an excellent choice as they add some style and elegance to the overall appearance.

#21 Stylish Pin Roll with Cool Sneakers

Any pair of jeans that has a good fit and a beautiful color can create an attractive pin roll design. This one pairs with an orange Puma polo t-shirt and Puma sneaker to create a fabulous outfit that you should accessorize with a stylish cap.

#22 Adorable Leather Jacket and Pinroll Jeans

Here is an outfit style that will help you step out in style and boost your confidence. It pairs a cute black leather jacket with pin rolled dark tone denim and cool sneakers.

#23 Red Wings and Selvedge Jeans

These brown Red Wings boots are as elegant as any can get. Everything from their color to the stitching is perfect but the selvage pants are the center of attraction for this appearance, and they pair well with the smart jeans jacket that has a few badges.

#24 Blue Raw Denim and Boots

Raw denim is classy, and it is perfect for a gentleman. But, you also have to know how to dress it and in this design, it entails rolling up the cuffs to expose the selvage design and pairing it with some cute dark tan boots.

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#25 Spiced up Flannel Shirt and Jeans Suit

The raw denim pants with the cuffs pin rolled pair with the denim jacket to create a unique suit that you should enhance with a slim-fitting flannel shirt and beautiful leather boots.

#26 The Rugged Style

This rugged look is also about pairing denim pants and a coat. You also need some dark tan Red Wings boots, and you should finish the awesome outfit with a stylish coat over the jeans one to keep the cold at bay.

#27 Pin Rolled Japanese Denim and Leather Jacket

Japanese denim is stylish, and it has a unique raw design that makes it look and feel special. The one is this style has some rolled up cuffs, and it pairs with a black leather jacket that has a vintage buttoned sweater below and white sneakers to create a bold and elegant appearance.

#28 Army Green Utility Shirt and Denim Combo

The army green shade of this utility shirt is fantastic, and it also has a trendy design that makes it perfect for a casual look. This shirt matches well with the tight fitting denim pants and some sexy dark tan boots to give the wearer a sassy and head-turning look.

#29 Levis Denim with High Top Converse and Vest Coat

A faded Levis Denim trouser with some cute badges like this one will guarantee a man a fashionable look. He only needs to pair it with some cute high top converse sneakers and a white t-shirt that has a nice vest jacket over it.

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#30 Selvedge with a Cool Shirt

Selvage denim makes the perfect pinroll jeans style and if you match it with a crisp green shirt like this one you can be sure of an upscale and refined outfit. The low top sneakers are also an excellent addition to the look because they have a beautiful design and color.

The 30 cute pinroll jeans styles above will provide you with unusual ways to wear and style anything from denim to ripped and washed pants. But, for a man to be sure of an elegant look he should never forget to choose his shirts and shoes carefully.

How To Pinroll Jeans

45 Lively Ways to Style Pinroll Jeans – Cuffing your Pants Perfectly

How To Pinroll Jeans

45 Lively Ways to Style Pinroll Jeans – Cuffing your Pants Perfectly

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