55 Men’s Bomber Jacket Ideas – Flaunt Your Casual Style

Men’s bomber jackets have been around longer than most of us known. Originally considered military attire for pilots of bomber planes who had to keep warm at high altitudes (thus the name, bomber jackets) the jackets have evolved from the bulky, mostly nylon garments they had previously been to tailored outdoor wear that is both stylish and suitable clothing for the cold weather.  Rocking a bomber jacket as a top layer requires little in terms of fashion knowledge but you do have to know how to properly layer your clothes. With a touch here and a tweak there, you can personalize your own top layer quite easily. Get inspired by these 55 men’s bomber jacket ideas.

# 1 Tan Suede

Tan jackets and blue jeans were invented to go together. There is something irresistible about the way the two colors pair together, especially if you throw in a crisp white shirt underneath to complete the laid back casual style.

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# 2 Composed

When layering your outfit, it pays to have a dull outer layer for a number of reasons. Not only does it ground the outfit, it will also direct the focus to the other interesting aspects about your attires, whether it’s the shoes or the shirt inside.

# 3 Edgy Bomber Jacket

Lots of pockets and straps not only make for a stylish utility jacket, they also result in an outer layer that looks edgier, more casual and more masculine. Rough it up all the way with ripped jeans and a bold but basically colored t-shirt.

# 4 Classic White

Admittedly, white is a bit flashy for an outer layer, especially if you don’t ground the colors right. However, a nice pair of khaki pants will do the outfit and the men’s bomber jacket the justice it deserves.

# 5 Leathered Up

We love leather, not because it’s tough, but for the sheer class it adds to any outfit we put on. The beige bomber jacket with black accents on the zip closure and the sleeves is certainly a great choice for a simple yet classy every day look.

# 6 Blazing White Bomber Jacket

A white jacket is one of the rare necessities many men should have but should not wear often. The white bomber jacket has a very casual appeal although it looks dressy enough for the runway, making it quite a handy piece of clothing.

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# 7 Army Green Suede Jacket

A change from the mainstream browns, whites and blacks is nice every once in a while. Army green is as good a color as any on a jacket because it is dark enough to be paired with bright shirts but has enough color to make the look interesting.

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  • Bomber Jacket 45

# 8 Sporty

Brighter colors make for a more youthful ensemble. This bright orange bomber jacket looks perfectly paired with a white t-shirt and ripped blue jeans. Though most people like to match the outer layer color with the shoe color, ground the look with some solid brown boots.

# 9 Black Bomber Jacket

It goes without saying that you should always have something black to throw on top of your casual outfits. Why not make it a classy black bomber jacket? It is versatile enough to look amazing when worn over t-shirts and collared shirts.

# 10 Black Leather

You do not have to own a motorcycle to have a black leather jacket. The collarless design of the bomber jacket offers endless style to your casual outfit. Go for an all-black ensemble and wrap it all up with the leather touch it needs.

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# 11 Logo Up

Feel like your bomber jacket is getting a little bit drab? Spice it up with a logo or two on the breast and shoulders. Simple logos such as those of popular car brands, movement signs or anything you prefer can seriously ramp up your casual wear.

# 12 Brown Suede Jacket

Like most men’s bomber jacket ideas, the brown suede jacket is one you can rarely go wrong with. Fashion-wise, it is a versatile piece of outer clothing that has class and masculinity in equal measure. You can wear it with almost any color and look great.

# 13 Navy Blue Nylon

A nylon men’s bomber jacket is perfect for a weekend spent outside. The color is also great for the cold as it helps to retain body heat. The navy blue jacket goes incredibly well with dark shades of brown or even black.

# 14 Nylon Bomber Jacket

A nice calm shade of brown is a pretty good color to go for when buying a bomber jacket for daily wear. Always look for the positioning and the number of the pockets on the jacket as these can often change the appearance of the jacket.

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# 15 Collared Bomber Jacket

A collared bomber jacket design is not only perfect for the winter weather, it is also a fashionable piece of clothing especially if the collar is made of fur. The jacket’s bulkiness oozes tasteful street style and makes it perfect for a laid-back layered look.

# 16 Zip-up Leather Jacket

Invest in a good black bomber jacket, preferably one made out of leather, to wear on your nights out atop the classic white-tee-blue-jeans combo. The fact that this look never goes out of style is enough to tell you just how important it is to get the black men’s bomber jacket.

# 17 Casual Black

Sometimes leather can look too dressy on a casual outfit. As such, you need something with a bit less sophistication and a lot more sportiness to finish that casual look. Throw on a black nylon bomber jacket over ripped jeans and a white t-shirt for a laid back look.

# 18 Loose Fitting Grey Jacket

Tailored fits are fine for some people although for others, the allure of the baggy outer layer still remains strong. A bulky fit goes best with cargo pants and a simple white t-shirt underneath to keep the look solid.

# 19 Printed

It is not uncommon to find men’s bomber jacket designs that resemble varsity jackets in the way that the arms are a different color than the trunk. Need something with a bit more kick? Go for an awesome print to personalize your jacket.

# 20 Slate Grey Perfection

Although made of nylon, a perfectly fitted slate grey men’s bomber jacket is quite a stylish garment to own, especially since it can be paired with almost any outfit. Black accents on the collar, wrists and waist certainly make it look better.

# 21 Brown Leather

Here’s another shade of brown you can wear with almost anything and look good effortlessly. The bomber jacket is made out of leather, so that counts when it comes to personal preference and style.

  • Bomber Jacket 51
  • Bomber Jacket 52
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  • Bomber Jacket 55

# 22 Dual Zipper Suede Jacket

Trendy from top to bottom, the dual-zipper closure of this bomber jacket makes it a trendy option for men with a modern fashion sense. The tan suede material is also a great choice that is versatile enough to look great on everything.

# 23 Bulky

The bulky design and the army green color of this men’s bomber jacket brings it as close to the original as possible while allowing it to retain its stylishness. It is a bit big for most men but with the right fashion sense, one can come up with some stylish pairings for it.

# 24 Green Nylon

Keep your outfit grounded and looking good with a simple green nylon men’s bomber jacket. Arm pockets and the rugged design of the jacket make this jacket the perfect addition to your outdoor clothing gear.

# 25 Skater Boy

Men’s bomber jackets are versatile enough for people of all ages. The bulky design of this green men’s bomber jacket is a common aspect of the modern dressing couture, and it often looks best when paired with fitting trousers.

# 26 Plain Black Jacket

The lack of any prominent features on the breasts of this jacket gives it a clean, high quality appearance. Its plain appearance makes it perfect for wearing with bright patterns and colors as it helps to tone them down.

# 27 Trendy

Every man needs that flashy piece of clothing that has the potential to make his entire outfit pop. This white bomber jacket with a cool modern design that features stylish patterns and black sleeves is just what you need.

# 28 Light Bomber Jacket

A light bomber jacket is more of a fashion piece than warm clothing for the cold. The zip-up jacket should be worn open to match the casualness of the entire ensemble. You can opt for a bomber jacket with a logo to keep things interesting.

# 29 Grey Cotton and Flannel

Bulky bombers are good and all for most casual days where you just want to fling something on top and step out. You will find, however, that a slimmer fit is decidedly more suave, presentable and can go well with anything from khakis to sweatpants.

# 30 Traditional MA-1 Bomber Jacket

The MA-1 has certainly spawned its fair share of spinoffs, but sometimes nothing quite compares to the allure of the original. Made to be a military jacket, you can expect enough warmth in the cold weather while looking effortlessly stylish.

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# 31 Slim Fit

Bulkiness was a huge characteristic of traditional men’s bomber jackets but over time, the smaller, more fitted designs seem to have stolen the limelight. In a way, the bomber jacket combines the best of both worlds by infusing the traditional bulkiness with a bit of modern fitting.

# 32 Laid Back

No doubt the most common variation of the men’s bomber jacket, this laid back design is unsurprisingly more popular with modern men. It oozes casual appeal with a distinctly laid-back edge that is very attractive.

# 33 Dynamic

Most men tend to be a bit conservative when it comes to layering a jacket over a shirt. The hemline of the shirt and the bomber jacket should be the same as this often gives the impression that your clothes don’t fit.

# 34 Classic Army Bomber Jacket

This army edition bomber jacket has retained all the characteristics of the traditional jacket in a number of ways. Although the bulkiness is still present, this design sheds off the extra straps and zippers as well.

# 35 Sophisticated Suede

Layer up this cold season with a suede jacket to keep you warm and classy at the same time. It is almost impossible to go wrong with suede especially when matched with bright shirts underneath and khakis, chinos or jeans.

# 36 Casual Style Bomber Jacket

Leave your bomber jacket unzipped over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt for a simple casual look when going out. The best part about this men’s bomber jacket idea is that you can simply zip up and turn it into a nighttime outfit.

# 37 Street Casual

Bomber jackets have more or less been incorporated into the way we dress ourselves every day. As many designs as there are for formal bombers, there are just as good designs for casual bomber jackets. Bold logos and a slightly bulky design will never lose their enticing appeal.

# 38 Button-up Varsity Jacket

Buttons look more classic than zippers, which is why every man should have at least one button-up jacket in his closet. This cotton bomber jacket fits nicely and features cool details around the neck and sleeves. The breast is a great place to print a school team logo or anything you prefer.

# 39 Crisp Cut

Like a good blazer, a tailored fit on a bomber jacket can look good on you no matter what you wear it with. Keep it relatively simple if you plan on making it an everyday outfit and go for zipper closures instead of button up jackets.

# 40 Bulky Amber Jacket

One way you can make the bulky design of the classic bomber jacket to work is to use brighter fabric to make it pop. The warm lining will certainly be a perk in the cold weather and you can layer up further by adding a hoodie inside the jacket.

Every man has his sense of style and that will determine whether a bulky fit or a trim fit will best suit your physique and taste. Remember to try before you buy so that you ensure that the fit of the jacket is perfect for your body type as required. Use the sleeve lengths and the cut of the shoulder to determine whether the jacket is right for you. While there are different varieties of bomber jackets you could go for, the type of look you’re aiming for is important as this will help you know whether to go for a bulky jacket or a crisply fitted one.


55 Men’s Bomber Jacket Ideas – Flaunt Your Casual Style

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