40 Inspirational Ideas on Fedora Hat – Stylish and Elegant Wear

Fedora hats have a long history that dates back to the early 1800s. These stylish hats have proven to be timeless, owing to the fact that their popularity is still unshaken. They come in a variety of styles and colors and can be worn in combination with casual or formal outfits. Check below to find out the 40 cool ideas for styling this trendy fashion piece.

# 1 Grey and Purple Combo

Settle for a grey hat that’s got a dark grey band. Pinch the crown and settle for a purple shirt that sports rolled-up sleeves. Finish the outfit in grey pleated pants.

# 2 Gentleman Style

Sport a navy blue hat and match with a blue blazer. Go for a green polo shirt that has red and navy blue bands at the collar. Complete it cool in white trousers.

# 3 Bohemian Style

Go the bohemian style by sporting a white creased hat that has a black band. Pin some feathers to the band and go for a white double-breasted shirt. Add grey jean pants and you’ll be good to go.

# 4 Orvis Hat

Go a little bit formal with a deep charcoal gray hat with dark brown leather stripes. To finish the look chose the watch of the same color palette.

# 5 Dark with Tartan Flair

Choose a dark outfit that’s got some flair in it. Go for a black hat that’s pinched at the front. Add a dim grey jacket and a tartan shirt that has a red flair. Finish in a dark t-shirt.

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# 6 Grey Wear with Tartan Accent

Go cool in a grey wear. Settle for a hat that sports shades of grey and a beautiful tartan pattern at the front. Add a light gray v-necked t-shirt and sport some bracelets on the wrist to upgrade your style.

# 7 Grey and Black Winter Combo

Choose to brave the chilling winter weather in a grey and black outfit. Stand out cool in a black hat and go lighter by settling for a gray knit sweater.

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# 8 Relaxed Summerlook

Stand out in a relaxed summer wear sporting a navy blue hat that’s got the flair of a red brim. Let it sport a dent at the top of the crown. Pair with a navy blue t-shirt and finish in navy blue shorts.

# 9 Traditional Styling

Sit cool in a handcrafted beige hat sporting pinched crown and a dent at the top. Sport a striped band featuring brown, black and beige stripes. Settle for a black blazer and sport the flair of a red patterned shirt. Finish tough in blue jean trousers.

# 10 African Printed with Street Style

Settle for a dim grey hat that’s got some African prints on the band. Pair with a street outfit sporting a blue printed shirt and beige trench coat. Complete it tough in ripped blue jean pants and brown suede Chelsea boots.

# 11 The Fedora Stone

Sport the tough guy look by settling for a grey hat and a suede jacket. Add a dark accent in this tough wear by settling for a black t-shirt.

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# 12 Panama Classics

Go for a white premium handcrafted hat sporting a deep dent at the top and a black band. Settle for a white suit and finish in a crisp white t-shirt.

# 13 Dapper Business Wear

Upgrade your business wear and add some fun to it with a navy blue hat sporting a grey velvet band. Wear with a blue glen check suit that has a white pocket square. Sport a white shirt that’s worn with a beautiful printed tie.

# 14 Winter Layering

Sport a beige hat that’s got the crown pinched at the front. Add to it a brown band and sport a dent at the top. Give it the perfect combo of a perfect winter layering. Settle for a beige trench coat and a black reflective waist coat. Sport a white shirt that’s worn with a yellow tie.

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# 15 Cool Gucci Wear

Stay cool in a white hat that’s got a black band. Go for lilac shirt that sports white collars and cuffs. Add blue Gucci jean pants and finish sock-less in black loafers.

# 16 Business Classics

Sport a deep army green hat paired with a deep army green tuxedo that’s got velvet lapels. Keep the deep army green color flowing by settling for a matching v-necked t-shirt and sneakers.

# 17 Cool Country Wear

Look great in a country wear styling sporting a brown hat that’s dented at the crown. Go for a blue floral printed shirt. Add grey roll-up pants and finish sock-less in white sneakers.

# 18 Vintage Style

Go retro in a brown dented hat that has a black band. Add more to its vintage look by sporting a tartan suit. Settle for a white shirt that’s rolled up at the sleeves and finish in a dark grey pindot tie.

# 19 Cool Mix and Match

Settle for a cool blended outfit. Start with a dark liver hat pinched at the crown. Spot a pindot shirt and wear with a black polka dot bow tie. Sport a grey cardigan and top in a tartan blazer. Complete the outfit in blue chinos pants.

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# 20 Street Swag

Choose to go black and do it in style. Sport a black pinched hat and add a black leather jacket. Keep it dark by settling for black pants and finish in black shoes that’s got some white accents to it.

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# 21 Chocolate and Black Combo

Go for a sexy logo-imprinted Chapeau Rudolph hat that sports a sweet chocolate color with a black accent at the crown. Pair with a black jean shirt and sport a black crew neck t-shirt.

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# 22 Tough Combination

Sport that sweet yet tough rugged wear that will make heads turn. Settle for a brown dent-free hat that’s got a black velvet band. Sport a tough black leather jacket and pair with a blue denim shirt.

# 23 Chapeau Rudolph Styling with Ripped Street Wear

Go cool and classic in a brown Chapeau Rudolph hat. Add some casual blending to it by sporting a black t-shirt and dark grey ripped jean pants.

# 24 Cowboy Styling

Sport that tough black cowboy hat that’s got metallic rings on the band. Settle for a white shirt that’s got black floral prints. Finish cool in paisley pants.

# 25 Spring Mixing

Stand out in a Geoffrey Camel hat sporting a beige color and navy blue accent on the band. Math with a plaid oxford shirt and finish by sporting crisp white chinos pants.

The fedora hat is an all-season wear that’s versatile, timeless and trendy. Try to sport one today and add some fun to your outfit.

The Right Way to Wear a Fedora Hat

40 Inspirational Ideas on Fedora Hat – Stylish and Elegant Wear

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