25 Amazing Ways to Style Kangol Hats – The Immortal Brand

Kangol is one of the most famous brands in the industry of classic headwear. They first produced berets for golfers, workers, and soldiers. They later diversified to other types of hats and caps. The hats have a kangaroo logo on them, and they became popular in the 80s when the hip-hop celebrities began wearing them in their shows and public events. Some of the leading Kangol hats and caps include:

# 1 The Jungle Green Adjustable Military Cap

The military cap is one of the most accessible Kangol headwear in the market, and every man should wear one. The single solid green color gives one a back casual look. Pair the hat with a similar green or a camo print for a stylish look. You can adjust the cap for a perfect fit.

# 2 The Shavora Casual Blue and Red Mix

The hat has no creasing or pinching giving a stiff rounded dome on the crown. It adopts the look of a bowler hat, although it lacks an upturned brim. The medium sized brim and the Furgora fabric used gives it a lively and brilliant look.

# 3 Pork Pie Kangol Hat

Well, do you want to have fun on the streets and still have people admiring your look? Then this is the hat to wear. The Pork Pie resembles a fedora, but it has a flat top and a circular indent. It has a small upturned brim.

# 4 Shavora Casual Bucket Hat

A red Kangol bucket hat gives a bad boy look when paired with mid-sized shaggy hair. Go for a contrasting color such as red that would break the black and white monotone on an outfit. You may add more accessories like a huge gold bling that depicts the hip-hop culture.

# 5 Black Kangol Bucket Hat

The hat complements the head-to-toe black look that screams “no nonsense” so loud. The wide brimmed bucket hat serves as protective attire for your forehead and eyes while at the same time providing a sense of privacy to someone who does not want to display their identity.

# 6 The Black Beanie

The snug fit of a woolen or cashmere beanie makes it ideal for anyone having a bad hair day. You can opt to wear it as functional attire during winter or as stylish casual attire.

# 7 Tweed Bugatti Cap

This is a stylish caps with earflaps attached at the crown with Velcro. The checked cap is a perfect blend of wool and polyester.

# 8 The Grey Bucket Hat

Maintain your cool with a bucket hat with a solid color. The gray color of the hat allows the furry detail around the neck to pop out so well. The look is popular among the college men although anyone can adopt the look.

# 9 Kangol Checked Tweed Bugatti

A tweed hat combines both elements of a trapper and a flat cap, giving you an all sexy look. It is an all season cap since you can hold the earflaps together on top during summer or when out with your girlfriend. Alternatively, pull them down to keep your ears warm during winter.

# 10 Reversible Solid White Kangol Wear

A black band adds detail to a clean solid white color of the hat. The wide brim protects you from direct sunlight while the Kangol logo earns you some respect.

# 11 Technicolor Mix with a Furgora Hat

Women relate to bright color blocking, but men will always shy away from having a combination of pink, yellow, and red in one outfit. Wear this on one of the summer days, and you will have all the eyes turning in admiration.

# 12 A Complimentary Black Kangol Hat

There is no other way to complete a black and white look than wearing a black Kangol bucket hat with a small white band for contrast. The easy maintenance look will have you looking all glam in all seasons.

# 13 The Kangol Ripstop Bucket Hat

The black hat with a round crown shape that extends into a perfect outlay and tapers off into a wide circular brim is perfect for summer days. Wide down-sloping brim allows you to display your facial features.

# 14 The Cool Street Wear

Maintain your cool on the street with this woolen hat with a contrasting orange color on the Kangol logo. Pair this with bright-colored pants to avoid looking too dull. You may alternatively use a scarf with bright prints to accessorize.

# 15 Kangol Flat Hat

The combination of tweed clothing and a vintage-like color is perfect for a day out in the woods. The cap completes the fashionable look of a black colored trench coat paired with a woolen pullover.

# 16 The Bright Brown Leather Driving Cap

This stylish look is perfect for both outdoor and indoor events. The hat would pop out either with trench coat buttoned or unbuttoned. However, ensure that the shirt complements the look of the hat to maintain the classic look.

# 17 The Black Bucket Kangol Hat

You will never go wrong with a black bucket hat regardless of the color of the outfit you are wearing. The upward facing brim allows your facial features to pop out so well. Therefore, a black bucket hat is necessary for every man’s wardrobe.

# 18 Kangol Green Shavora Casual

Are you wondering what to wear with your green jacket to maintain the street style? Worry not since a Kangol comes in handy with its solid green shavora casual hat to match your baggy jacket.

# 19 Yellow and Light Green Rounded Cap with a Crown Button

A colorful hat is the way to go when you want to add more vibrancy to your boring outfit. The yellow and light green color on a bucket hat will leave all the attention to your head. The button crown effect makes the headwear outstanding in a crowd.

# 20 The Navy Blue Newsboy Hat

Newsboy hat consists of the woolen, cotton, and tweed material with few from leather and linen material. The hat is popular with teenagers and young adults. It resembles a beret when worn back to front with the difference being the extension on the back. It has lightweight material that allows circulation.

# 21 The Red Furgora Casual

This look is not for the faint-hearted. Red hat with sky blue face art will leave you looking creative in an artistic event. It is never too late to have fun get a bright colored Furgora casual and be creative with colors.

# 22 Patched Ivy Cap for Men

Break the formal look with an ivy cap. The patched work on the hat brings out the different linen prints in one piece of attire. Dorn this look and you will have the boys rush to the nearest headwear store.

# 23 The Stylish Fedora

The Fedora is one of the classic hats that you can wear with any outfit whether casual and still look all glam. It has pinched sides and lengthwise crease on the crown. You can choose to leave the brim flat, although an upward or downward bend would add more taste to the style.

# 24 The Kangol Classic

Pair a hat with solid color with a printed shirt to give a variation of color. The heavyweight material used on the hat provides warmth during winter.

# 25 The Kangol Patrol Cap

This is one of the most common street wear since it is unisex and comes in different colors. Most artists and celebrities would wear the cap to help maintain a low profile. The hats also protect the head and the eyes against sunlight. The eyelets on this cap allow proper air circulation to the head. Wearing it back to front allows visibility as well as adding a stylish appeal.

Therefore, it is evident that Kangol has maintained their high quality and fashionable headwear for almost a whole century. They offer different types of Kangol hats and you can make a stop at your nearest headwear shop and purchase one.

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