25 Stunning Ways to Wear The Red Hoodie – Colorful and Exquisite

Red hoodies on men are an eye candy for almost all women. Red is a color of love, and no other outfit screams “masculine” so loud like a stylish hoodie. It may be the reason why Kanye West is number one favorite for most women. Red hoodies stand out while worn on their own but pairing it up with a stylish jacket or a T-shirt would be more classy and exquisite. Below are some of the ways to wear a red colored hooded jacket:

# 1 The Red Baggy Hoodie

There is no better way to break the black monotone than dressing in a red baggy hoodie. Don’t spoil the fun of wearing a stylish pair of pants and eye-catching boots with over accessorizing. Just put on a pair of the baggy bright colored hoodie (preferably red).

# 2 Pullover Hoodie for a Fashion Statement

As stated earlier, nice pants and shoes do not require an exaggeration on the hoodie. Additionally, the baggy look on the hood compliments the tight pants.

# 3 Bleached Cinnamon Red Hoodie

Pairing a baggy hoodie with a bright colored denim jacket adds more taste and style to the ripped skinny jeans. The volume on the top gives a flattering look to the close look on the bottom.

# 4 Keeping the Cool with Cool Red Hoodie

Cool red has always been an all time favorite for most people. The hoodie may look great as a standalone outfit although long under layer adds more taste to the style. The outfit is ideal for all kinds of activities and seasons.

# 5 The Branded Pullover Fleece Hoodie

Complete the look with a red hoodie that matches the red color of the shoes. Keep the graffiti and words to the minimum to maintain the black white and black outfit. Avoid having a tight fitting hoodie paired with pants.

# 6 Bright Red paired with a Bright Colored Jacket

The bright red hoodie brings out an entirely new and stylish look on the bright colored outfit. Bright red is the way to go while you are planning to go all gray. You may opt to go without the top jacket, which would still look, exquisite and classy.

# 7 Street Life Compliment with Red Burgundy

There is something about the streets and the bad boy outfit that makes you have an outstanding look. Wear this outfit when you want to go to a place without attracting too much attention.

# 8 Yeezy Oversized Hoodie Type of Look

There is no way to keep things simple than wearing black tight ripped jeans and top it up with a baggy pullover hoodie. You can wear a stylish jacket on top to add a fashion statement to the overall look.

# 9 Quarter Zipped Up Hoodie

This is the perfect way of taking fashion to another level without overdoing it. The slight camo print with a GM branding on the hood breaks the solid dark colors of the trench coat and the black pants.

# 10 Knotted Drawstrings on Stylish Red

You will never go wrong with the black, red, and white combo and a nice pair of boots. Break the monotony of the black color with a tight fitting hoodie and a white shirt that extends below the hoodie’s seam. Making small knots on the drawstrings gives a beaded kind of finish.

# 11 Pablo Feel on the Wine Red Hoodie

An oversized hoodie is the number one red flag on a short person. Therefore wearing a fitting hoodie with the length of the hands that does not extend beyond the thumbs is the perfect way to maintain your style.

# 12 Rocking Red

A bright shade of red paired with a similar color on the jacket is for the bold and outgoing men. It is the perfect summer look, and it will always have eyes turning on your side.

# 13 Classic Look with the Red-Brown Combo

Bright red and brown is the perfect wear for a day out whether in spring and summer. The baggy hoodie would prevent the skinny look when paired with beautiful black ripped jeans and a fitting leather jacket. The hoodie plays a functional role and a stylish role in this everyday wear.

# 14 The Maroon Hoodie with Contrasting Drawstrings

A perfectly fitting maroon hoodie is the go-to attire when you want to look all blur. The white headquarter branding at the front paired with a matching pair of drawstrings gives a variation of color to the solid black and maroon.

# 15 The Street Burgundy

The only way to have a dark colored hoodie that does not have an imprints or graffiti on it is pairing it up with a large sized bright colored T-Shirt and shoes. The side zipper, black drawstrings, and pockets bring out the artistic effect of the overall outfit.

# 16 The Maroon Velour Hoodies

Velour Hoodies are so much popular with women, but men still wear them and look hot. It is the perfect summer or outdoors hoodie.

# 17 Sweet Red with a Vertical Branding

Are you handsome and you know it? Then this is the perfect hoodie for you. The sweet red color with a black colored hood that falls on your back allows your facial features to pop. You can pair that with any color of pants. Go for a solid dark colored color on the branding instead of a bright one.

# 18 Fitting Burgundy Hoodie with Double Drawstrings

A stylish hoodie paired with a pair of shoes of the same color is the way to go for any tall skinny person. The drawstrings at the hood and the seam allow you to adjust the hoodie to the preferable size. Break the solid color with a bright colored zipper on the hoodie.

# 19 Zip Up Hoodie with a Stylish Louvered Style

Zip up hoodie is the best especially when you do not want to mess up with your hair. The lightweight hoodie is custom made for the summertime and outdoor events. The louvered look that runs all the way from the shoulders to slightly above the elbow gives a unique look to the hoodie.

# 20 Faded Red Brown Yeezy Look

This is the look to wear when you are all lazy to dress up. The baggy and sagging hoodie makes you look bigger than your size. Going for a zip-less option is the perfect way to go with this hoodie.

# 21 Cinnamon on Dirty Faded Jeans

Get an oversized and baggy hoodie that extends beyond the fingernails to obtain that rugged look. A baggy hoodie paired with tight pants and a fitted jacket gives you an exquisite look. Add some nice kicks to your outfit, and you are ready to go.

# 22 A Simple Look with a Slightly Baggy Hoodie

Keep your day as casual as possible with a slightly baggy hoodie and a T-shirt that extends below the belt. Keeping the pants loosely fitting is the best way to adopt the exact look.

# 23 Stylish Red-Brown Checkered Look

The vintage kind of look is ideal for both the casual and slightly formal event. The combination of the red-brown hoodie and a checked shirt that has similar prints and khaki pants gives out a whole new look on a person.

# 24 The Red Pop Champion

The champion label and the logo on the oversized hoodie is an all time wear for all seasons. Pair the hoodie with blue jeans to maintain the bright look.

# 25 Dark Red Hoodie

A bright shirt and shoes brighten the dull look on the dark red jacket and hoodie. Accessorize that with a large beaded necklace to add more taste to the color. The outfit will also come out so well even without the top jacket.

It is, therefore, evident that a red hoodie is the go-to attire when looking to add taste and style to your casual wear. Remember that high-temperature wash tend to shrink your hoodies and you do not want to wear under-sized hoodies. Men are more subtle on their styles, and the hoodies fit that style very well.

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