25 Amazing Gingham Shirt Ideas – The Trendy Wardrobe Staple

Gingham shirts are becoming extremely popular these days. They provide a timeless pattern that has no right or wrong side. These shirts are designed for use in both casual and formal wear. They blend well with many different outfits ranging from casual street wear to the dapper office suit-up. Below, we look at 25 cool styling ideas for gingham shirt.

# 1 Chill-Out Vibes

Settle for a short sleeve shirt that has black and white checks. Finish by giving it the cool match of black pants.

# 2 Green and Orange Combo

Sport a classic shirt that has red and white checks. Give it the vibrant match of orange velvet tie and top in a green jacket sporting a printed pocket square. Settle for beige roll-up pants and finish in military-colored socks and shoes.

# 3 Lads Apparel

Identify with the young generation by sporting a flannel shirt that’s got black and white checks. Wear it with black jean pants to upgrade your casual look. Complete the outfit by going sock-less in running shoes.

# 4 Cool Shot

Upgrade your classic look in a white shirt done to the last button. Ditch the tie and give the sleeves a roll-up to the elbows. Pair the shirt with blue pants and go sock-less in black loafers. Settle for a leather messenger bag sporting blue and black colors for that cool traveler style.

# 5 The Polka-Dot Combo

Add something extra to your classic style with a roll-up shirt that sports black, red and white checks. Give it the perfect combo of a red and white polka dot tie. Let the tie sit snug and top in a dim grey waistcoat.

# 6 Modern Suit-Up

Take your gentleman look to a whole new level with a multi-tone shirt sporting red, white and blue checks. Wear the shirt with a navy knit tie and top in a dim grey slipover sweater. Settle for a melange suit sporting deep lapels and finish in a black and white polka dot pocket square.

# 7 Shades of Blue

Go for a casual office wear sporting a button down shirt that has blue and white checks. Pair the shirt with roll-up raw selvage denim pants. Finish with a pair of socks and black brogues on the feet.

# 8 Designer Wear

Stand out in a designer button down shirt sporting red and white checks. Pair the shirt with a black crew neck sweater sporting some sweet textured patterns. Top everything in a black zippered jacket that has a golden logo.

# 9 Vintage Style

Sport a sexy look that rocked in the 70s. Achieve this with a long-sleeve shirt that has red and white checks. Wear the shirt with blue slim-fit jean pants.

# 10 Purple and Gray Combo

Make heads turn in a button down shirt that has purple and white checks. Give it the perfect combo of a gray waistcoat and gray pants. Finish in a dim grey jacket that’s got a gray pocket square with a purple band.

# 11 Old School Wear

Go the old school way in a button down shirt that has roll-up sleeves with blue and white checks. Wear with brown corduroy shorts. Go for white socks sporting red and black bands and wear with black sneakers that have white accents.

# 12 Vintage Suit-Up

Go retro in a classic shirt that sports black, white and grey checks. Wear the shirt with a beige woolen tie. Settle for a tweed suit sporting a brown color with white speckles. Add a white pocket square that has red, black and beige bands.

# 13 Autumn Wear

Start the autumn season in style with a long sleeve shirt that has blue and indigo checks. Wear with a grey high neck t-shirt. Settle for black roll-up denim pants and finish in black shoes.

# 14 Semi-Formal Outfit

Settle for a suit separate featuring a long sleeve shirt sporting brown, blue and white checks. Pair with a grey tie and match with a grey blazer that has a gold lapel pin. Go for black flat front chinos pants and finish in brown wingtips.

# 15 Casual Wear

Settle for a casual shirt that has red and white checks. Leave the top buttons undone and go for a slight roll on the sleeves. Sport a white t-shirt and go for roll-up blue jean pants. Finish in brown safari boots.

# 16 Street Style

Add some swag to your look with a black and white check shirt left undone at the bottom to display the snow white t-shirt. Go for black denim shorts and finish with white ankle socks and red running shoes.

# 17 Office Wear

Sit cool in a blue, white and grey checkered shirt. Wear with a red tie that sports blue and white patterns. Settle for a blue modern-fit suit sporting a white pocket square.

# 18 White and Brown Combo

Stand out in a long sleeve shirt having brown and white checks. Go for a brown tie with white speckles and sport a white blazer. Pair with brown roll-up pants and finish in white Chelsea boots sporting a brown sole.

# 19 Cool Summer Wear

Stand out in summer with a short sleeve shirt having red and white checks. Wear with a snow white crew neck t-shirt and denim roll-up jean pants. Complete in Bedwin sneakers and baseball cap.

# 20 Layered Summer Styling

Go for blue and sky blue gingham sporting white checks. Pair with a brown printed scarf and add a blue denim shirt on top.

# 21 Business Wear

Look cool in a gingham sporting blue, white and grey checks. Wear with a black tie and black suit sporting a light blue boutonniere lapel pin.

# 22 Checkered and Denim Combination

Go for black and white check shirt paired with black and white check pants. Settle for a blue and white polka dot bow tie. Look tough in a denim jacket and finish with brown suede shoes on the feet.

# 23 Warm Winter Layering

Stand out in winter with black, grey and white check shirt. Pair with a black tweed tie sporting white speckles. Top in a black modern-fit jacket and complete in a grey knit sweater.

# 24 Cool Blend

Settle for blue, grey and white checks in a button down shirt. Wear with a green nylon tie sporting a blue tie bar. Go for a melange shawl-collar cardigan and finish in black pants.

# 25 Dapper Street Style

Go for a dapper street style sporting blue and white check shirt. Slip on a black tie and settle for a blue jacket. Go for blue denim pants and finish in black loafers.

A gingham shirt is a versatile wear that fits any given occasion. It’s one of the must-have items in a man’s wardrobe. This is a shirt that gives you the on-trend look and makes a nice upgrade to your outfit.

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