25 Marvellous Disconnected Undercut Ideas – On Trend Haircuts

A disconnected undercut is one of the most popular hairstyles that suit classy guys. It’s a cool variation of the classic undercut sporting short even sides that create a noticeable contrast with the top. The disconnected undercut has its own variations. Check out the 25 cool ideas on how to style this classic haircut.

# 1 Scruff Pompadour

Go for the sexy look of a scruff pompadour sporting a disheveled top and cropped front. Ensure to first give the hair some heavy texturing prior to getting this cut. Sport a high skin fade on the sides and make it blended at the back.

# 2 Faded Mohawk Pomp

Stand out in a faded Mohawk style pomp sporting a high short buzz on the sides and back. Give the pomp some texture and style into that sexy finger wave style. Go for a nice sweep at the front and finish with some elegance gel.

# 3 Buzzed Blowout Pompadour

Settle for the clean and fresh look of a sleek buzz cut on the back and sides. Give the long hair at the top a blowout to achieve increased visual volume. Make a hard side part and separate the top giving it that wavy look.

# 4 High Signature Pomp

Add some swag to your look with a high Mohawk style pomp stretching from the front to the crown. Let it sit narrow and apply layrite cement to give it more hold. Finish with a low skin fade sporting signature markings on the sides.

# 5 Flipped Undercut Pomp

Sport a high undercut in your dark brown hair. Add texture to the top and style it into a finger wave pomp that’s given a slight flip to the side.

# 6 Curly Copper Mohawk

Get the classic look of a textured undercut. Go for some cool contrast by sporting permed hair at the top. Give the curls a copper highlight to get that sexy Mohawk that’s got a flair on it.

# 7 Swept Wavy Pompadour

Add more edge to your haircut by sporting a high undercut that creates that perfect shape up. Go for some texture at the top and pull it into a wavy pompadour. Give it that classic twist porting a nice sweep to one side.

# 8 Side Flipped Pompadour

Go for a flirty haircut sporting a tapered undercut. Give it a hard side part and go for some texture and blowout at the top. Flip the long top to one side and tease the front to give the roots a slight lift.

# 9 Sleek Tapered Pompadour

Sport a side part in your hair and give the sides high undercut. Sport a tapered look on the parted side. Separate the front and top and apply matte cream. Give it a slick back sporting a smooth swept up front.

# 10 Vintage Finger Wave

Settle for a retro haircut sporting a high skin fade to the back and sides. Add tons of texture to the long top and apply some matte cream. Give it a copper tone and a nice side slick. Sport a vintage finger wave at the bottom half and tease it to double as a side bang.

# 11 Messy Side Flip

Steal the show in a side part haircut sporting an undercut to the sides and back. Texture the top and style it into messy waves. Give it a flip to one side ensuring to sport a lift at the roots.

# 12 Temp Tap Messy Pomp

Go for a sleek undercut giving it a nice tap at the temple. Create a side part and add lots of texture to the top. Go for a side flip and mess up the hair a little bit to create that cool disheveled look.

# 13 Messy Deconstructed Pompadour

Settle for a messy yet sleek haircut. Start off with some texture and sport an undercut to the sides and back. Make a side part and sport a slight trim at the top leaving long hair at the front and along the part line. Tease the front to create flirty face framing pieces.

# 14 Undercut Top Knot

Isolate the top with a comb part and drop it into tapered sides and back. Pull back the long hair at the top and hold into a knot positioned at the crown.

# 15 Skin Fade Textured Slick Back

Keep it neat and clean with a high skin fade. Leave the top long and sport a blowout. Add some texture and settle for a slick back that sports a slight lift at the sides.

# 16 Undercut with Textured Waves

Sport the classic look of an undercut sporting a side part. Add texture to the longer top and style into natural waves. Pull it back starting from the front for that sexy look.

# 17 Braided Top Knot

Settle for buzzed sides and back. Leave long hair from the front to the crown. Style the long hair into cornrows and hold them into a top knot that’s positioned at the crown.

# 18 Messy Wavy Pompadour

Give your undercut the cool and classic combo of a wavy pomp that sports a disheveled yet cool look. Finish by sporting a nice sweep up at the front.

# 19 Straight-Front Messy Pomp

Add some drama to your undercut by sporting a separated front that’s textured and combed to create that straight towering look. Texture the top and style it into a sexy deconstructed pomp.

# 20 Finger Wave Flat-Top Pompadour

Sport the conventional undercut and give your haircut a classic upgrade sporting a finger wave pomp at the top. Let the pomp sit flat at the top to add some classic twist to your haircut.

# 21 Unparted Wavy Pomp

Pompadour haircuts often sport a side part. Make yours unique by ditching the side part. Settle for an undercut and sport a wavy pomp at the top. Give it that disheveled look for a sexy finish.

# 22 Slick Back with Folded Bun

Sport a short buzz undercut in your textured hair. Isolate the top by settling for a comb part that dips towards the back. Texture the long top and give it a slick back. Secure the extra length into a bun positioned at the crown.

# 23 Textured Slick Back

Give your undercut that scruffy texture and go for a slick back at the textured top. Highlight the slick back top to create some contrast in the hair.

# 24 Long Messy Flip

Go flirty on high buzzed sides and back. Sport long hair at the top and give it some texture. Finish by giving it a sexy side flip that’s got a messy look to it.

# 25 Textured Pomp with Curly Quiff

Settle for a military buzz and add some texture to the long top. Let it flow forward and finish with a permed quiff.

These are one of the coolest ideas for those looking forward to sport a disconnected undercut style. You can choose to experiment with one of these ideas or check the internet for other options available.

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