30 Lovable Sponge Curls Hairstyles – Inspirational Delightful Coils

The sponge curls are one of those stylish hairdos that every African American man should try at some point. They are some natural coils that barbers create with it. But, a few years ago they would form them using their bare hands. You can also have them on almost any length, and there are many ways of styling them for a fashionable masculine look. Most men prefer to keep them at the top of the head and taper or fade the sides, but you can still have them throughout the head. Here are some ideas for wearing this beautiful headdress.

# 1 Neat Mohawk Twists

This style maintains some small coils almost throughout the head except for a couple of inches on the sides which you should shave short and give them a zero fade.

# 2 Skin Faded V-Back

Medium size curls with a slight volume like these are for a man that wants a smooth cut. They have an impressive design that entails forming a V shape at the back and skin fading them.

# 3 High and Lined Up

These coils are only on the upper part, and they have a perfect height that you should complement with a skin fade on the sides and a line-up at the front.

# 4 Messy and Kinky with Precise Shape-Up

You do not require a curl sponge to create some messy coils like these because you can just use your hands. Once you have them, the only other thing is to fade the sides and give the design an intricate shape-up at the front and on the face.

# 5 Zero Faded Afro Curls

If you are tired of the traditional or typical looking afro, you can spice it up with some cute curls and finish your design with a zero fade on the sides and back.

# 6 Short and impeccable

Here is a style that proves that you can have sponge curls in almost any hair length. The design maintains a short curly hair on the crown that you should spice up with a smooth skin fade on the sides.

# 7 Kinky and Glossy Twists

The shine on these kinky strands shows how healthy they are and they do not require much styling as you only need to keep the curls in a uniform length throughout the head.

# 8 Sleek Fade and Shape-Up

Some gel and thick natural curls are all you need for this look. The styling is about giving the curls some height and fading the sides before finishing with a skillful line-up at on the face and front hairline.

# 9 Zero Fade Hawk

The thick natural curls in this hairdo are enough to make any man look refined even without any styling. But, the zero skin fade on the sides that creates a mohawk design still spices them up and takes the style a notch higher.

# 10 Two Toned Coils

This beautiful hairstyle is about keeping some short curls on the crown and coloring a small section red for a two-toned look. The design also has a smooth fade on the sides and an intricate line-up.

# 11 Burst Faded Spirals

In this design, the natural looking curls have a slight tapering that reduces the size of the hair towards the back and a burst fade on the sides that gives them a fashionable look.

# 12 Thick Natural Sponges

Some guys have a thick and curly natural hair like this one, and so they do not need to use a sponge to twist their strands. To form a look like this one, the men only need to shave a few inches on the sides and back and fade them.

# 13 Curly V-Cut

Forming curls is the easy part, but you still need to style them for an elegant look. The styling for these involves giving them a v-cut, a zero fade, and line-up.

# 14 Clean and Shaped Up

One can almost count the number of curls in this design thanks to their perfect shape and size. Apart from the curls this haircut also has a unique fade and skillful shape-up.

# 15 V Style Mohawk

To create a V style mohawk line this one with your sponge curls, you will only have to shave the spirals into the V shape at the back and give the sides a skin fade and spice up the look with two short lines.

# 16 Easy but Elegant

You will also not require the dread sponge for this look as you only have to go for a couple of days without combing your thick natural mane. But, the zero skin fade on the sides and line-up will require professional barber services.

# 17 Cute and Simple Sponges

Sponge curls are the go-to style when you want something that will make your boy stand out. Some simple ones like these with a skin fade and shape-up are cute enough for all ages.

# 18 Sponge Dreads

These small coils can transition to some beautiful dreadlocks if you let your hair grow out. They are very adorable, but you should enhance the look with a blurry fade on the sides and a line-up.

# 19 Colorful Coils

Apart from the fade, you can also improve the appearance of your spirals with some bright colors like in this design and two hard razor lines on the side.

# 20 Mid Faded Twists

The coils in this design are as easy to make as it can get. But, the style also has a skillful mid fade on the sides that you can only get with the help of a professional barber.

# 21 Effortless Messy Look

These coils have an impressive rumpled look, and they also look very effortless. The only difficult element of the style is the fading and line-up.

# 22 Sweet and Short with a Skin Fade

Short sponge curls are perfect for formal looks, and this is more so if they are shiny and healthy like these. And if you match them with a nice skin fade on the sides you will look glamorous.

# 23 High Sculpted Curls

You thick natural coils do not need any complicated styling because an upsweep for an extra height and sculpting them into a perfect shape is just enough.

# 24 Side Parted Sponge Twists

The hard razor line on the sides of this haircut makes a huge difference. It not only adds to the beauty but it creates a disconnection between the twist and zero faded section.

# 25 Razor Lined Hawk

Here is one more mohawk design that you can form with sponge twists. It is a beautiful hairstyle that leaves the spirals at the center of the head. The style has zero skin fade on the sides that you should spice up with a hard razor line.

# 26 Colored Coils with Smooth Fade

These curls do not require a dread sponge to form as they are not very elaborate. But, they have a beautiful brown shade, a side part, and a smooth fade on the sides that makes them look fantastic.

# 27 Highlighted and Skin Faded Hawk

A brilliant color like this one is perfect for highlighting and enhancing the appearance of your curls. This hairdo also has a smooth skin fade on the sides that creates the hawk design and a beautiful shape-up.

# 28 Side Part and Faded Design

This beautiful haircut is about maintaining some neat coils on the upper part, forming a side part and finishing with a sharp fade on the sides.

# 29 Classy High Curls

Dread sponges can give your hair an amazing transformation, and this design proves it. The strands are long and thick, and the sponge gives them some uniform curls that you should style by keeping them high and with a line-up.

# 30 Upswept and Faded Natural Spirals

These spirals are natural, and so you will not need to use the sponge. Their impressive styling comes from giving them an upsweep and chopping the sides short before skin fading them.

Sponge curls are one of the most outstanding hairdos for African Americans, but any other guy with a thick textured hair can also form them with a little extra effort. They also work for different lengths. Trying one of the 30 breathtaking designs above will help you get an uncommon headdress that you will remember for many years.

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