25 Trendy Bowl Cut Hairstyles – A Class Above the Rest

The bowl cut takes its name from the fact that in the past people would use a bowl to create it and this was to make sure that it is uniform throughout the head. However, the cut has gone through various faces of transformation, and the modern one is all about looking stylish and trendy and not imitating the appearance of a bowl. And so if you are thinking of transforming your headdress it can be an excellent choice for you. Below are 25 fabulous variations of this cut that you should use for inspiration.

# 1 Textured Point Cut

This haircut aims are creating a textured and head-hugging fringe at the top. It also has some short tapered sides that create a disconnected appearance with the top.

# 2 Bowl with Taper Fade

Modern bowl designs like this one will only maintain the round look at the top with short sides. The strands in the upper part of this design also have an excellent texture and a slight mess, and you should finish with a taper fade on the sides.

# 3 Cool V-Back

Apart from giving the strands at the front, the Caesar look you should also give those at the back a beautiful trim to form a V-shape design. You should finish by running your fingers through the strands for a messy appearance and fade the sides.

# 4 Uneven and Layered

Any barber with enough skills can give you this simple look. To form it you only need some textured and uneven strands on the crown that you should style with a layered front sweep and by fading the sides.

# 5 Low Fade Bowl Cut

Some men prefer to keep thing extra short and neat hence making this style perfect for them. It involves forming a Caesar-like cut at the front and giving the sides a zero fade.

# 6 Textured Platinum Bowl Design

The cut and color of this hair give it an adorable and edgy appearance. Platinum blonde is a glamorous shade but the texture of the strands in the upper section and the faded undercut also add some elegance to the design.

# 7 Thick and Layered Vintage Bowl

A traditional bowl headdress like this one can still make you look refined, and you just need to give it a few adjustments for a modern appearance. To do this, you should layer it and give it a nice texture and color.

# 8 Messy Bowl With Heavy Texture

You can always be confident that there is something new to try out when it comes to the bowl cut. This stylish one is all about the thick texture, and you should style it with a messy front sweep and by fading the sides.

# 9 Smart and Textured

Sometimes you need to keep things simple to wear a chic design like this one. In this style, you should maintain some short textured strands on the crown and style them with a forward sweep and slight mess and also fade the sides.

# 10 Precise Blonde Bowl

The level of precision in this design is incredible and if you can replicate it you can be sure of a unique and futuristic look. Apart from this the hair also has a lovely blonde shade that adds some beauty to the appearance.

# 11 Adorable Modern Caesar Cut

Long top and short faded or tapered sides are what characterizes modern hairdos, and you can still achieve all this with a bowl. This design is a perfect example of this and to create it you only have to trim the strands at the top into a bowl-like design and fade the sides.

# 12 Messy Pastel Pink Bowl

For this look, you will first need to give your strands a pink pastel shade. The next step is to fade the sides and chop the top section into a bowl design before finishing by making it messy.

# 13 Undercut and Front Swept

It is hard for most individuals to believe that this is a Caesar cut because it looks different from the traditional ones. It involves leaving some choppy and textured bangs on the crown with an undercut on the sides. To finish the design, you only have to sweep the hair at the top frontwards.

# 14 Radical and Layered

This beautiful haircut has an almost traditional bowl look, but the strands at the back are longer that those at the front. The design also has slight layering and an undercut.

# 15 Cool Blondie Bowl

The blonde top of these strands makes a significant difference for the headdress. However, the cut is also top notch, and it involves chopping the strands into a long and blunt bowl design with an undercut.

# 16 Traditional Bowl Look

Most men will remember this style well because the chances are that they had it at some point. It is a simple headdress that entails chopping the strands into a uniform and textured bowl cut.

# 17 Voluminous Hipster Bowl

This cut is from the 90’s but if you can replicate it you can be sure of a top notch appearance. It requires you to have a voluminous hair that you should spread around the head and trim the ends into a long and layered bowl design.

# 18 Soft and Sweet

You do not have to make your bowl-like design apparent because you can still have the cut without doing this. This design has a slight blunt and round appearance at the front with the rest of the head having a regular taper to create a soft and sweet appearance.

# 19 Trendy Bowl with Choppy Bangs

This fancy haircut has a traditional bowl look but with a modern touch that comes from tapering the sides and layering the choppy bangs at the top.

# 20 Rugged Curls

Unlike most other bowl hairdos this one maintains the bow-like appearance at the back. It has smooth sides and some textured and messy natural curls at the top.

# 21 Short and Neat with Sharp Fade

The sharp skin fade on the sides of this hairdo is amazing, and it pairs with the short and neat Caesar design at the top to form an extra-cute appearance.

# 22 Tapered and Textured Curls

A tapered cut at the back and on the sides can give you a unique design like this one. Apart from the adorable cut the headdress also has some textured curls on the upper that you should style by giving them a slight mess.

# 23 Blunt and Disconnected Fringe

The blunt and disconnected fringe is the highlight of this design, and you will require a lot of skills to create it. This headdress also has some neatly tapered sides that help to enhance the overall appearance.

# 24 Sexy and Textured Short Bangs

To form this glamorous design you will need to taper the sides and leave some short locks on the crown that you should give some texture and a round shape at the front.

# 25 Tight Skin Fade and Disconnected Fringe

The disconnected fringe is one of the common ways of forming stylish bowl hairdos. However, this beautiful hairstyle also has a skin fade on the sides that spices up the textured top.

The bowl cut is a classic design that was very popular in the 90’s, but it is slowly coming back. There are now many variations of this retro cut but if you can replicate one of the 25 above you can be confident of a top notch and elegant appearance.

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