35 Charming Men’s Messy Hairstyles – Casual Styles Worth Trying

The options for men’s messy hairstyles are myriad. And even though we love getting fancy, there is something irresistible about messy hairstyles. They provide that chaotic yet cool look that has become the trend for most men across the world. And in case you’re looking for a chance to experiment with this hairstyle, then the 35 examples below might just go well with you.

# 1 Spiky Textured Front

Get that partial spiky look that is slightly flipped back. Give it lots of texture to create some contrast to your natural hair texture. Finish with faded sides to create that sexy, fresh finish.

# 2 Spiky Tapered Haircut

Go for a spiky look that is heavily textured at the top. Give it a slight side flip leaving the crown straight and spiky. Give the sides a blow out taper that gives you the chance to connect the hair to the beard.

# 3 Disheveled Hipster

Add a funky look to your hipster haircut. Cut the curled top to create that coarse, wavy look. Highlight the top in blonde to add some fun in the dark brown hair. Finish with faded sides to create that perfect shape-up haircut.

# 4 Signature Mohawk

Give your Mohawk haircut the messy look of a kinky top. Give the sides a short buzz cut that ends in a low skin fade. Add some creative look to the haircut with a curved signature line that doubles as a side part.

# 5 Messy, Curly Front

Add grooming tonic to your hair making it more on the curly, front section. Dry the sides and the back and clip into a neat, sleek look. Finish with reuzelgreen pomade to achieve that fresh look. Build the curly front into a desired height for that pretty cool look.

# 6 Artistic Dreadlocks Mohawk

Go for a creative, wacky look that will make your Mohawk the ultimate stunner. Give the top the messy look of disheveled, short dreadlocks that sport blonde highlights at the tips. Add some artistic lines to the faded sides and back, and you’ll be good to go.

# 7 Textured High Quiff Pompadour

Add tons of texture to your pomp and give it that messy look. Style the front into a high quiff and give it the sporty look of blonde highlight. Give the sides a blurry fade that sports a signature line that cuts through the center.

# 8 Thick Top

Give your natural hair a nice undercut that leaves the top thick and stretched about an inch from the forehead. And there you have it – a natural, sweet haircut that will make heads turn.

# 9 Parted Side Flip

Get that sexy, chic appeal with a long, side parted top. Give the sides a tapered trim and flip the top to one side for that classic overlap.

# 10 Disconnected Waves and Curls

Give the sides a tight clipper work to create that classic, tapered undercut. Give the long top the dramatic look of disconnected waves and curls. Flip it to one side and connect to the blended back.

# 11 Messy Short Textured Hair

Cut your hair short to a manageable height. Give the top tons of texture to create a spiky, disheveled look. The result is a simple yet unique haircut suitable for everyday wear.

# 12 Classic Front Quiff

Take the dramatic look of your shadowy roots to the next level. Cut the hair into that messy, disheveled look and add some blonde highlights to make it stand out. Give the front the dramatic look of a forward quiff and walk proudly out the door to embrace the day in style.

# 13 Heavy Quiff Top

Leave your textured, dark brown hair heavy at the top. Give it a messy look and add some drama with a stylish front quiff. Give the base of the sides a perfect trim for that neat, fresh finish.

# 14 Bangy Cropped Hair

Let the messy, heavily textured top extend past the forehead to give the elegance of flirty bangs. Give the hair a tapered cut at the temple to create that classic finish.

# 15 Messy Textured Haircut

Leave more height at the top and add some texture to create a wavy look that is slightly flipped forward. Highlight the front tips in blonde to create some flair in the dark shade. Finish with textured undercut for that classic twist.

# 16 Messy Chop

Take the messy look of your haircut to another level. Make the top thick and wavy. Chop it at the tips and tease the front into a flirty side bang. Give the sides an undercut that is tapered at the temple.

# 17 Classic Hipster

Go for a heavy blend look. Leave the wavy top to grow out at the front for that cool messy look. Finish with a low undercut that is blended at the back.

# 18 Loose Wavy Top

Give the top heavy texturing to create loose waves. Pull off a cool hipster by giving the sides a short, buzzed undercut. The result is a messy haircut that looks classic and fresh.

# 19 Pomp Undercut

Add a pomp to your natural curly hair. Give it the vibrant look of patchy, pastel hair. Finish with undercut sides that spice up the whole look.

# 20 Textured Fade

Give your haircut the elegance of a textured look. Make the top voluptuous and drop it to a low tapered fade. This gives a pretty cool finish that will hardly go unnoticed.

# 21 High Taper

Keep that trendy look by giving your hair a high taper at the back. Leave the top thick and messy to create some contrast to the faded sides and nape. Go for a low skin fade at the temple to disconnect the fade beard in style.

# 22 Messy Vibes

Add some classic twist to your short haircut. Give the top a chopped messy look that sports a nice taper at the front, sides and nape. Let the tapered cut end in a low fade at the temple and nape.

# 23 Low Fade with Messy Curly Top

Make it messy at the top by sporting loose, disheveled curls. Add some classic twist by giving the sides a low tapered fade that is blended at the back.

# 24 Blow Out Taper

Cut the crown shorter to create some contrast to the long top. Give your hair a blow out to create more visual volume. Give the sides a high taper that sits low at the back. Let the taper end in a skin fade at the nape and temple. The result is a classic blow out Mohawk that will definitely rock.

# 25 Curly Hair Inspirations

Go for a super curly top that is loose and teased at the front to create that cool messy look. Give the sides and back a classic undercut for a sexy, trendy finish.


# 26 Super Curly Hair

Take the curly look of your hair to the limit. Give the top tons of texture and style it into long, loose curls. Tease the front to create the flirty look of classic bangs. Give the sides the fresh look of low tapered fade that is blended at the back.

# 27 Bursted Kinky Mohawk

Add some creativity to your Mohawk haircut. Give it that extended kinky look and add some blonde highlights for a dramatic contrast. Finish with faded sides and a well-defined hairline. And there you have it – a pretty cool look that won’t go unnoticed.

# 28 Crispy Highlight

Go to the extreme and give your hair that curly, crispy look at the top. Create some cool contrast by highlighting the front in blonde. Give the hair a sharp drop skin fade on the sides and the back.

# 29 Smooth Taper

There is a myriad of options to experiment with in the world of tapered haircuts. Go for something classic that creates smoother sides and back. Let it end in a low skin fade. Give the top a disheveled, textured look. Add a high quiff at the front to create some more fun.

# 30 Creative Artwork

Go for a voluptuous top that sports tons of curls. Give it the vibrant look of orange and red highlights. Tease the front and let it extend past the forehead for that dramatic look. Make a high skin fade at the sides and back. Carve some artistic signature lines at the sides to add to this funky haircut.

# 31 Messy Shape-Up

Cut along the natural hairline to get a classic shape up. Give your short hair a messy, textured top. Let it drop to a low fade at the sides and back. The result is a classic, edgy haircut that looks just fabulous.

# 32 Curly Tapered Mohawk

Give your short Mohawk the softness of textured curls. Make it messy at the top to create a look that is as unique as it is sexy. Finish with a high tapered skin fade to obtain that trendy, life-changing look.

# 33 Classic Low Taper Fade

Make your curly, dry hair fuller at the top and slightly shorter at the crown. Give the temple and the nape a low tapered fade that gives the haircut an edgy look. Let the skin fade disconnect the beard line for that fresh, clean finish.

# 34 Contoured Curls

Go a little bit more creative in achieving that trendy, sleek haircut. Give the top a forward flip and style it into wonderfully contoured curls. Finish with a tight fade at the sides and back. And you get a style that is cool and simply elegant.

# 35 Sheared Top

Give your hair the sparkling look of a platinum blonde highlight that extends from the top to the crown. Give the top that dramatic sheared look that adds more flavor to the haircut. Seal up the whole look with a sharp fade that covers the sides and the back.

These men’s messy hairstyles are a great way of adding a youthful touch to your personality. They provide the perfect disheveled styles that look elegant and sophisticated. Make them part of your lifestyle and rank high in style factor.

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