25 Pristine Pompadour Fade Styles That Will Give You An Edge

What is a pompadour fade hairstyle? A pompadour hairstyle is where the hair down the center is worn longer than the hair on the sides and this section of hair is usually brushed up to create a rise or a roll. In the modern pompadour the sides are shaved, instead of brushed back (which was the original way to wear this style). In some examples, the undercut comes up under the crown or it can be angled. This hairstyle often has a modern fade element where the hair gradually grades shorter down to a skin layer. Let’s look at 25 hot examples to give you a better idea:

# 1 Modern Pompadour with Edge Up

This hairstyle combines an on trend pompadour skin fade with a stylish shape up in front. Super short sides like these together with volume on top are perfect for slimming round faces.

# 2 Low Skin Fade

For this edgy hairstyle the stylist has snipped the hair into a sleek fade on the sides and at the back, almost reaching the crown. He’s wearing his hair brushed back with a neat round rise in front.

# 3 Quiff with Angular Parting

Here the stylist performed a gradual fade at the back, but along the side opted for a high part to separate the longer hair from the razor cut sides. Rock that quiff!

# 4 Rockabilly Rise

This model is sporting a skin fade on the sides underneath a high hard parting. A shape up has been performed in front to give his style a polished look and he’s wearing his locks with a 50’s style rise.

# 5 Sleek Pompadour Fade

This modern haircut features an expert razor fade on the sides, an angular shape up in front and a well-defined parting. The model is wearing his hair with a long section in front, all neatly sleeked back.

# 6 Rugged Pompadour

This gentleman has a unique pompadour fade style – while the sides feature a low skin fade the style is not severe in any way. It’s softened by the rugged styling and the locks are brushed up but not back.

# 7 Versatile Pompadour

Here we see a neat look that will suit most men. There’s a clear razor mid fade on the sides and longer hair on top. The hair is lengthiest over the forehead and he’s wearing it swept back.

# 8 Height of Fashion

Pompadour hairstyles are an excellent way to add height to your look. This model is wearing a high taper fade on the sides with a hard parting and instead of sweeping the hair back; he’s swept it up and to the side.

# 9 Disconnected Pomp

This picture shows a model with a medium skin fade on the sides and at the back just below the crown. There’s a disconnected parting with the hair styled up and to the side.

# 10 Modern Twist

This look is reminiscent of the classic pompadour style except that it’s been given a modern twist with the razor cut sides. They’ve kept the long hair on top long.

# 11 Extreme Styling

This version of the pompadour sees an understated parting, high skin fade, and a neat shape up in front, with the longer hair swept up and back.

# 12 High Rise

Here the barber trimmed the model’s sides into a fade, but left a little longer in the middle, down the back. This creates an interesting Mohawk style effect which looks dramatic combined with the high rise in front.

# 13 Clever Contrast

One of the things that make this hairstyle so hot is contrast – we love the contrast created by the super short sides and the long hair in front. Just remember that styles like this do require a certain amount of upkeep.

# 14 Slick Fade

For this hairstyle, the stylist chose to go with short, simple sides while leaving the hair down the middle long. He’s wearing his locks swept neatly back for a clean cut look.

# 15 Rockabilly Shape

Shape up’s are very cool – and an easy way to neaten up a messy hairline. Combine a line up with taper fade sides and a rockabilly rise for a look that won’t soon be forgotten.

# 16 Mid Length Sides

Don’t feel you need to do a bald fade for a modern pompadour look – medium length sides like this also look great! We love the expert length transition done here and the sexy volume in front.

# 17 Mod Pomp

For this look, the stylist has snipped the model’s hair into a wedge shape at the back adding a faux hawk feel to this pompadour fade hairstyle. The sides fade to a skin layer and they’ve added a quiff in front.

# 18 Blonde Layers

The layers of hair down the center add height to this models look while the sides neatly fade into a mid skin fade. Pompadour styles look amazing combined with a beard.

# 19 Temple and Nape Fade

Now here’s a hairstyle with a difference! The stylist has performed a fade at the temples and the nape of the neck. From the crown down the hair is trimmed short while the top section is brushed up and over.

# 20 Pomp and Skin Fade

Here a high short parting gently separates the long hair from the skin fade on the sides. You could wear this style to the side or sleeked back for a more formal look.

# 21 Simple Style

This is an example of a simple hairstyle that has impact – the sides are neatly snipped short, carefully graded from above with no defined parting. The top locks are long and wavy and have been given a splash of lavender color.

# 22 Fresh Undercut

You’ll certainly feel fresh when your hair is looking this good! The stylist has separated the closely shorn sides from the longer hair down the center with a disconnected parting and tidied up the hairline with an edge up in front.

# 23 Brushed Forward

This model is wearing his medium short hair brushed forward from the crown. His undercut comes in just under the crown and the stylist added an accent hard line down the side.

# 24 Perfect Fade

If you want a modern look that’s not too over the top – check out this look. There’s still volume on top, but the perfect transition into the bald fade makes this an understated look.

# 25 Smart Edge

This hairstyle consists of a smart edge up in front (matched nicely with the beard shape up below), a medium skin fade on the sides with the hair swept back down the center.

Can you believe that the pomp hairstyle was originally worn exclusively by women? It was Elvis Presley, who pioneered the look for men, hence the rockabilly feel. Today it’s still popular with celebs and stars like David Beckham, Justin Bieber, and Zac Efron they all have all been seen sporting the pomp fade look. It looks incredible, but it does require regular trimming to keep it looking neat as well as daily styling.

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