35 Sassy Hairstyles with Bangs – A Touch of Elegance

Hairstyles with bangs have been a preserve for ladies for a long time, but in recent times men have been embracing these fancy hairdos and giving them a masculine touch. There are now endless ways for gentlemen to wear bangs and this is regardless of whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair. These designs also work for most lengths, and you only need to chop your strands inventively to form an adorable and a classy fringe. Below are some top hairdos for men with bangs that you can replicate effortlessly.

# 1 Wavy Crop and Blunt Fringe

Crop cuts make cute hairstyles for men, and this is more so if they are neat and wavy like this one. This crop cut also has a lovely front sweep and a blunt chop at the front that creates an adorable fringe.

# 2 Plain and Simple

Sometimes keeping things simple and plain is the way to go. This design maintains some thick and wavy bangs on the crown with a skin fade on the sides, and you should style them with a simple brush back.

# 3 Grown Out Spiky Trim

The cut and styling on this hairdo are top notch, and they will make any man look stunning. For the cut, you should taper the sides and back while leaving some spiky and upswept bangs on the crown.

# 4 Massive and Wavy Top Bangs

Men with thick hair should try this adorable headdress. It involves leaving some massive wavy and upswept bangs on the upper section and tapering the sides and back to make them uniform and short.

# 5 Relaxed Side Swept Bangs

This haircut is for men with a long and textured natural hair. It is a straightforward design that involves chopping the sides short and giving them a fade. You should maintain the textured locks on the crown and style them with a simple side sweep.

# 6 Tapered Wavy Bangs

A style like this one is very easy to replicate because you only have to taper fade the sides and leave some long curly locks on the crown that you should style with a slight lift.

# 7 Messy and Tapered

This headdress is very inventive, and it has two distinct levels of hair at the top. The top most level has some textured, and messy bangs and a side part below that separates it from the clean side sweep above the faded section.

# 8 Vibrant Side Sweep

Most hairstyles with bangs like this one are very easy to create if you have a healthy natural hair. This design involves tapering the sides and leaving some natural long locks at the top that you should style with a back and side sweep.

# 9 Natural Medium Size Bangs

If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful natural hair like this one you will not need any intricate cuts to create a lovely hairdo. For this design, a simple side sweep of the bangs is enough to give you a refined headdress.

# 10 Wavy and Loose

These wavy bangs will require a subtle trim to provide them with some texture and an undercut. You should then style by sweeping them to the side and over the undercut.

# 11 Shoulder-Grazing Natural Mane

These locks have an amazing natural shade, texture, and volume and they make styling effortless. A simple trim on the ends for some uniformity is all that you need, and you should style them with a lift at the front and a diagonal brush back.

# 12 Sexy Mess

The beautiful mess at the top of this hairdo looks amazing, and you can create it by just running your fingers through the hair. This headdress also has a lovely cut that involves using scissors to chop the sides to a short and uniform length.

# 13 Sassy Side Swept Bangs

Every man that wants to stand out from the rest should wear a look like this one. It involves trimming the sides short and to a uniform level and leaving some long locks at the top that you should style with a slight lift and side sweep.

# 14 Choppy Blonde Fringe

Blonde always seems to spice up and enhance the appearance of any haircut. However, this hairdo also has an adorable cut that involves forming a textured and front swept fringe that you should leave hanging over the face.

# 15 The Funky Front Sweep

To wear this lovely look, you should first chop the sides short and fade them while leaving some textured locks at the top. You then have to sweep the textured locks in the upper part to the front and give them a slight mess.

# 16 Cool Textured and Curly Tresses

These dark toned and dazzling strands have some lovely and textured curls at the top that you should style with a lift and slight mess. The sides are short, and you should brush them to the sides and back smoothly.

# 17 Adorable and Neat Locks

Wearing a neat look is also an option when it comes to hairstyles with bangs and this design demonstrates this clearly. It has some simple side swept locks on the upper section and a nice taper fade on the rest of the head.

# 18 Spiky and Layered Fringe

This hairdo will require some extra effort to create because you have to get the texture of the spikes right. Apart from this you also have to taper the sides and finish the look by sweeping the spikes at the top forward to create a fringe over the forehead.

# 19 Layered and Textured Front Sweep Fringe

The classy taper fade on the sides of this hairdo is excellent, but the textured, and layered bangs at the top are the main attraction of the style. With such lovely hair, a forward sweep is all you need to form a classy fringe.

# 20 Messy Blunt Crop

A cropped cut will always make a man look sexy and classy. To create one like this you should chop the sides short and leave a long hair at the top that you should design into a messy crop with a blunt cut at the front.

# 21 Undercut with Smooth Side Swept Locks

The sides of this hairdo fade into a nice undercut, but the wavy and smooth locks on the upper section that you should style with a slick side sweep are what make this a beautiful headdress.

# 22 Skillful Tapered Bangs

The skillful tapering at the back and on the sides of this hairdo is fantastic, and it helps create an adorable appearance. However, the style also has some lovely and textured wavy bangs on the crown.

# 23 Extra-Long Curls

This fabulous hairdo is all about giving the sides a smooth fade and leaving some extra-long curls at the top that you should style into an exaggerated fringe hanging over the eyes.

# 24 Sweet Curly Fringe

Men with curly locks that prefer to wear chic hairstyles with bangs should go for this look. It entails shaving the side to form a faux hawk design with the curly locks in the middle. To finish the style you only have to give the curls a slight front sweep.

# 25 Super Taper and Comb Over Bangs

The perfect taper at the back of this haircut will require a lot of skills to replicate. Apart from the tapering the design also has some long locks at the top that you should design with a lift and comb over.

# 26 Cheeky Caesar Crop

Hairstyles with bangs also require a little inventiveness if you want to look unique. This particular one maintains a short Caesar crop cut at the top with a skin fade on the side and you only need to make the front blunt for a chic headdress.

# 27 Effortless Mess and Texture

The excellence of this hairdo comes from the natural textured hair because the cut is very simple. To create this look, you only have to taper the sides and leave the long and textured natural bangs at the top that you should make messy to finish your hairstyle.

# 28 Fresh Layered Trim

A skin taper fade on the sides and a delicate trim at the top are all you need to create this fabulous hairdo. However, the strands have a natural wave and texture that makes styling easy because you only have to front sweep and layer it to form a flawless fringe.

# 29 Chic Redhead Bangs

The elegant and uniform trim on the sides and back of this hairdo will ensure that all the attention remains at the top. Although the red tone makes the hair beautiful, the extra-long bangs hanging over the face are the highlight of this headdress.

# 30 Angled and Structured

An angle on the sides of your haircut like in this particular one will give you an adorable geometry and also give it a perfect structure. This design also has a sharp fade on the sides and a messy look on the bangs at the top.

# 31 Blunt and Buzzed Fringe

The blunt look on this fringe is fantastic, and it makes it look impeccable. Apart from the edgeless look and texture at the top it also has a lovely buzz fade on the sides.

# 32 Sassy Taper Curls

Some hairstyles with bangs like this one can only be possible if you have a large curly hair. The design entails taper fading the curls on the sides and styling them with a lift and slight front sweep.

# 33 Modern Crop with a Twist

Current crop cuts are glamorous, and they will make any man look and feel sexy. However, this one has a slight twist that comes from giving the fringe a small angle on the forehead and having a beautiful skin fade on the sides.

# 34 Side parted and Textured Comb Over

Hard side part lines are perfect for giving hair a smooth flow. Apart from the part line that also creates a disconnection with the taper fade section the design also has some thick and textured bangs that you should style with a comb over.

# 35 Fin-Like Waves

This headdress involves channeling your textured bangs with a forward sweep to create some fin-like waves and then giving the sides a beautiful skin fade to complete the adorable design.

The 35 gorgeous hairstyles with bangs above should offer you some inspiration on the stylish and cute hairdo that you can wear. And the best thing about these styles is that most of them will work with any hair type and so you only have to choose the design that you like most.

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