25 Hot Ryan Gosling Haircuts – Looks That You Could Try Today

Today we are looking at the various hairstyles of one of Hollywood’s favorite men: talented actor Ryan Gosling. Ryan is lucky enough to be able to wear a number of styles but, mostly we see him with medium short hairstyles. He loves to add a little movement and body to his looks and often wears a high side parting. In his youth, he enjoyed longer hairstyles but he’s been spotted in super short looks as well. Let’s look at 25 of his best haircuts:

# 1 Soft and Sporty

Here Ryan is wearing a sporty style, graded shorter on the sides and at the back with a little more length toward the front. Most of his locks are brushed back except for a small section in front that falls forward.

# 2 Star Fade

This is a great look for Ryan, the clean fade along the sides really helps to accentuate his cheekbones. Here the middle section of hair is longer and thicker and it’s been sleeked back for a formal style.

# 3 Flashback Style

When he was younger Ryan rocked plenty of scruffy looks like this one. In this picture his hair was grown out, just dipping onto his collar and styled with a disconnected parting.

# 4 Master of Faces

Ryan’s played all sorts of different characters so we know he can pull off a range of looks. We love how deep he looks in this shot, with a short clipped hairstyle, long stubble beard, and intellectual glasses.

# 5 Just Add Lift

Ryan’s hair seems to have a naturally thin texture which is probably why he often opts for hairstyles that provide volume. In this look, his hair is longer in front and snipped shorter around the crown to add lift.

# 6 Comb and Go

This neatly clipped hairstyle is super versatile, perfect for the student or businessman who wants a low maintenance look. Just comb and go- what could be easier?

# 7 Smooth Operator

Here we see Ryan looking smooth in an on trend look; a high parting with longer hair down the center and sides that are snipped short. We love how the style is slightly messy; it goes well with the stubble beard.

# 8 Laid-Back Look

Ryan looks effortlessly stylish with his locks trimmed to a medium short length – he’s wearing his hair straight and soft, gently parted and brushed back. This is a versatile look for both casual and smart looks.

# 9 Tough Guy

In this shot of Ryan as the character Luke Glanton in The Place Beyond the Pines he wears his hair in a lighter shade of blonde and has a choppy, texturized hairstyle. The style reflects the characters edgy personality.

# 10 Squared Away

Ryan is wearing a neatly trimmed short hairstyle here with the neckline neatly squared off at the back. The hair gradually grades shorter from the front to back.

# 11 Ruffled Ryan

Ryan is able to wear messy styles and elegant styles equally well. This is an example of a ruffled short look that has just a little length over the front which he wears roughly brushed to the side.

# 12 Easy Layers

Layers are a fantastic way to add shape and if you are struggling with thinner hair then this is a look you should try. The length on top draws the eye up while the layers provide plenty of body.

# 13 Prep School Style

Ryan looks as neat as a pin in this one trend dapper hairstyle. His locks have been smartly graded shorter on the sides and he’s wearing it with a defined off center parting.

# 14 Sexy Rugged Look

How handsome is Ryan here? He’s allowed his trademark blonde hair to grow out resulting in a sexy rugged look. He’s wearing these long locks together with a sexy full beard.

# 15 Low Maintenance Wonder

Take a cue from Ryan Gosling and get yourself a hairstyle that looks amazing and is easy to manage. This simple short style has length over the top which you can comb over or wear with a few spikes like he has done here.

# 16 Naughty Edge

Here Ryan is wearing his hair in a short style, with the hair graded shorter on the sides and at the back. The little length on top is ruffled, adding a naughty edge to his look.

# 17 Brush Back

Ryan favors looks that are a little more 90’s – like this brushed back hairstyle. His locks are a medium length, straightened with a center part and neatly sleeked back.

# 18 Ruffled On Trend Style

In this picture Ryan is wearing an on trend hairstyle with length in front and a medium short cut on the back and sides. The stylist added a high disconnected part and ruffled the locks in front to create volume.

# 19 Neat Fade

Here we Ryan wearing a subtle temple fade hairstyle – this helps his hair look thicker and adds volume on top. He’s slicked his hair back for a polished look.

# 20 Sheer Military

Ryan tends to wear his hair at a medium short length so it’s unusual to see him with a super short military-inspired cut like this – but it looks amazing on him nevertheless!

# 21 The Gentleman

In this picture, he is wearing his hair with a short back and sides together with lengthier hair in the center. He’s wearing a rounded side part with a little rise over the forehead.

# 22 Retro Grunge

Here a much younger Ryan shows off a look that was popular during the grunge movement. It’s a very natural style with his hair grown out and brushed down, with no defined partings.

# 23 Shine On

Dapper inspired hairstyles such as the one he wears here look incredible especially if you can achieve that shine as well. As your stylist about which products you can use – healthy looking hair is always easy to style!

# 24 Star Quality

Having trouble choosing a hairstyle? This Ryan Gosling haircut may seem generic but it’s easy to manage and will suit most men. The sides are neatly snipped short while there’s just a hint of playfulness in front.

# 25 Movement and Shine

In this shot, he is wearing a texturized hairstyle, with plenty of shine and movement. He added a high off-center parting and he’s wearing it with a sexy stubble beard.

Ryan has a very important style lesson for us and that is – wear what suits you. Yes, there is nothing wrong with experimenting (that’s how you find new looks) but if you find something that suits your lifestyle and personality there’s nothing wrong with sticking to it. Ryan has some amazing looks that are really easy to recreate so if you’re looking for fresh ideas why not try one of his hairstyles?

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