30 Hot Ryan Reynolds Haircuts – The Secret To His Style

What’s there not to love about Ryan Reynolds? Not only is he a funny and brilliant actor, but he’s got enviable style as well. He makes amazing hairstyles look easy, but really the trick is that Ryan knows what looks good on him and in many ways he sticks to that. While he can wear very short styles he knows that a little more length is best for him; so we often see him with the short sides and longer hair on top. Take a look at 30 of our favorite Ryan Reynolds haircuts:

# 1 Laid Back Weekend Hair

In this handsome shot, Ryan shows off his naturally thick and texturized hair in a medium short choppy cut hairstyle. The look is slightly messy, with the hair teased all around and brushed up in front.

# 2 Smooth Casual Look

This short hairstyle suits Ryan well; it frames his face and accentuates his flowing hairline. The hair is slightly longer over the crown than the sides and it also has a messy touch, even though it has been smoothed down.

# 3 Modern Undercut

The slightly scruffy beard is the perfect complement for a neat hairstyle like the one he sports here. There’s a high undercut along both sides with longer locks on top and a disconnected parting. Just above his forehead a section of hair is brushed up to add a modern touch.

# 4 Tempting Temple Fade

The fade is one of the hottest looks for men right now and Ryan wears it brilliantly! In this shot, we see him with a smooth temple fade and a neat comb-over on top.

# 5 V is for Volume

Volume can make or break a hairstyle; get it wrong and you’ll be left with flat, uninteresting hair and no one wants that! Try a medium short style like this, with the top hair slightly longer to allow for natural looking waves and peaks.

# 6 Easy Wearing Hairstyle

In this picture Ryan is wearing his locks long on top, gradually becoming shorter along the sides. For an easy to manage style you can’t go wrong with this one – just brush up a section in the front and you’re good to go!

# 7 Up and Easy

Here we see Ryan wearing a hairstyle that is exceptionally versatile and suitable for almost every face shape. The hair is snipped short with a little more length on top and for this look that hair is brushed roughly together and a little forward.

# 8 Comb Back

If you don’t want to cut your hair too short you could try this Ryan Reynolds haircut instead. Here his locks are slightly longer than usual, but he still has the neat sides. For a casual but handsome look, he’s wearing his hair gently combed back.

# 9 Golden Boy

Here Ryan’s hair has been given a choppy cut, leaving length on top, with medium short hair along the sides. The brushed up locks in front help highlight his golden highlights and look great paired with his stubble beard.

# 10 Dark and Mysterious

We love this look – dark chocolate color with subtle highlights over the front. His hair has been ruffled to look messy apart from the neat brush up over his forehead. Hot!

# 11 Ruffled

A shot of a younger Ryan shows him wearing his hair a little longer, dipping onto this collar at the back and onto his ears. Over the years he’s cut his hair shorter, but retained this ruffled look which is great because it suits him so well.

# 12 The Perfect Coif

If you want to try this look ask your stylist for a cut that leaves more length in front with a long fade on the sides. You’ll want to either blow dry your hair or use a hot iron to achieve that perfect coif over the forehead.

# 13 Messy Brush Back

Doesn’t he make this hairstyle look so easy? If you’re a laid back guy you can’t go wrong with a Ryan Reynolds haircut like this; a short and sweet cut styled messy and swept back and up!

# 14 Retro Ryan

Big hair was the thing in the 80’s, yes even for guys. In this shot we see Ryan with an 80’s inspired throwback style; his hair is medium length and has loads of body thanks to his natural texture and curliness.

# 15 Totally Texturised

This look is suitable for any professional man and suits men of most ages as well. A texturized cut helps the style from looking flat and allows for subtle styling, as we see here. The sides are short and graded; very neat.

# 16 Slicked Back Hair

Looking for an easy-wearing look for your next vacation? Take your cues from Ryan and opt for this snazzy style. The lower hair on top can easily be brushed back for a more formal look or just worn with a deep, loose brush over like this.

# 17 Trendy Texture

For this picture, Ryan is wearing a short hairstyle with a trendy disconnected parting on the side. The hair on top is texturized and brushed roughly to the side.

# 18 Tousle and Go

This haircut is feathery, a light style perfect for those with thinner hair as well. To style all you need to do is roughly finger comb the sides, tousle your tops locks and you’re ready!

# 19 Low Taper Fade

In this picture, Ryan is wearing a trendy low taper fade. His hair is medium short around the top, gradually blending into short cropped back and sides.

# 20 Clean Cut

Those of you looking for a clean cut look for the office need look no further. In this shot Ryan shows off another versatile look perfect for the young professional; cleanly clipped sides and back with medium short hair on top, styled into a neat raised comb over. Simple and effective!

# 21 Rugged Good Looks

Ryan wears the rugged look so well and it looks great on him right? Here we see him with a sexy long stubble beard and tousled top locks with short crisp sides.

# 22 Low Maintenance Look

Brush back hairstyles are easy to wear and short enough to make maintenance really easy. In this picture Ryan is wearing his hair brushed up in front but for a smarter look, you could comb it to the side as well.

# 23 Throwback Style

In this picture from a few years back we see a younger Ryan wearing longer hair, again showing off his natural curly texture. His hair was a light golden brown here, lighter than he wears it now but just as sexy.

# 24 Curl King

Ryan knows his hair and what looks work best for him. His hair has a natural curl so that means that soft, medium length cuts like this are perfect for him, combined with shades of golden brown.

# 25 Handsome Comb Over

Ryan’s beard gives his face excellent balance in this picture and we love the easy going comb-over on top with the shorter tapered sides. A youthful look for you if you’re worried about how to wear hair that has a little gray it in.

# 26 Add Height

Having your hair longer over the center of your head allows height in your hairstyle which in turn helps accentuate your features. It doesn’t need to be over the top, just a soft flick of hair like Ryan is wearing here.

# 27 Texturised Layers

This look is hot for two reasons. Firstly, Ryan’s hair color – we love the darker oak colored locks splashed with light ash blonde highlights; it’s so vibrant! Secondly, this cut; a texturized layered style, roughly finger combed to the side.

# 28 Ryan’s Razor Fade

Ryan can pull off all kinds of looks. In this picture, he’s wearing a short hairstyle with high razor fade sides and neatly clipped the hair on top. This look is perfect for someone looking for a hot low maintenance look.

# 29 So Sauvé

Craving a more sophisticated you? Start at the top; with your hair! Allowing a little more length in the center allows you to create smart brushed up looks like this, while you keep it short and neat on the sides.

# 30 Trendy Short Crop

In this look Ryan is wearing a texturized haircut, roughly finger combed forward from the crown. The hair is shorter on the sides and then gradually blends longer on top.

As well as the short back and sides Ryan also likes slightly more rugged, even messy hairstyles which seem to suit his personality well. What we can learn from him is that while you should have fun with your hairstyles and experiment, don’t be afraid to reuse a hairstyle that you know looks good on you. This will help you look great and feel confident. Haven’t found your signature style yet? Then why not try one of your favorite Ryan Reynolds haircuts? Enjoy!

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