25 Great Very Short Haircuts – Easy to Achieve and Maintain

Very short haircuts are the in thing these days in the world of hairstyling. Men prefer to have a shorter and neater look that would save them the time when getting ready for work. In the hour of rush, there is nothing better than not having to waste substantial time on dressing the hair. Here are few of the top modern dapper cuts for men that prefer very short haircuts.

# 1 Exquisite V Look

All the side and back hair are cut to the basic length by a clipper with the skin being visible. The head top is made into a V with blade work and leaving the chunk of hair in the center.

# 2 Dapper in Town

The entire head is trimmed to the same length by using blade 3 of a clipper. Short, nice and perfectly dapper. The left side shows amazing blade work with a unique shape made.

# 3 Smart & Faded

Smart work of the clipper’s blade 2 is done on the sides and back. A faded slope looks really cool while the head top is being trimmed to a reasonable length and elegantly put on the right side.

# 4 Top Notch Haircut

Great for extremely curly hair, the trimmer has trimmed the entire head to a certain same length while the side has amazing work of two different blades. The slope is slightly thicker than the lower part.

# 5 Hassle Free Look

There is nothing better than having a haircut that is hassle free and does not take your time. This incredible cut has a hair cut to the size of a distal phalanx while the sides have skin evident after the use of a clipper.

# 6 As Clean As You Like

The blade has perfectly made the borders of the head while the top is cut to the shortest possible length without the skin being shown. The sides and back have a faded hair look with skin being visible.

# 7 Unique Trimmer Haircut

The center hair is left long and is smoothly combed back while the sides and back are trimmed to the tiniest possible with help of blade 1 of a clipper. The V look and borders are excellent work with a blade.

# 8 Emphatic Charismatic Hairstyle

This emphatic haircut has all the ingredient to make you look charismatic. The sides are trimmed to even below basic length with skin being evident while the top of the head hair length is at least 5 cm and that too in spikes fashion.

# 9 Stylish & Modern

The entire center of the head, from the front till the back are kept in the same length with amazing scissor work to give that stylish look. The faded sides along with parts of the back of the head make it modern.

# 10 Fresh Magnificent Look

Nothing looks better than a fresh neat haircut. The trimmer has magnificently cut the sides and the back to the same length while the top is left with short spikes that are towering from the back to the front.

# 11 Superb Blade Work

The entire haircut is superb and flawless. The head along with the sides are cut to the same length using the sharpest of scissors but the cherry on the top is given by wavy blade work on the side.

# 12 Neat One Length Look

In this haircut, the entire hair is cut to one short length. This gives it a tidy and neat look which is necessary for any hairstyle. Slight skin is also visible which makes this one length look even smarter.

# 13 Sleek Hairdo

The entire hair is brought down to the basics of basic length. The tidiness of the haircut is what makes this hairdo sleek. The impressive trimmer work has left a tiny shade of hair only.

# 14 Classy and Sophisticated

This haircut has the entire hair cut into two separate lengths. Though both are very short, the top of the head along with the slopes is cut to hardly 2cm length while the rest is less than 1cm. Gives it a classy plus sophisticated look.

# 15 Gel that Look

The hair is cut in an impressive way. The major chunk is put on the side and gelled perfectly while the separating line of the chunk and slope is made steeper with help of a blade. The sides and back cut short with a trimmer.

# 16 Bushy Hairdo

The sides of the head are trimmed using blade 2 of the clipper while the top of the head is left with a chunk of hair in a bushy style. The hair is kept in one position with help of remarkable blade work.

# 17 One Layered Dapper Look

The great thing about this haircut is the one layer. The entire head is cut short to one basic layer which gives it a very neat and dapper look. Only the extremely lower part is shorter than the rest.

# 18 Trendy Hairdo

This hairdo is very trendy and well worked at the same time. The top of the head and the slopes are kept at the same short length while the trimmer has worked beautifully at the sides and back.

# 19 Sexy & Modern

The entire back and sides of the head are cut in a modern style with hardly any hair left and the skin being visible. The top has a small slope but all the chunk of hair are combed on the right side to give a sexy look.

# 20 Amazing Partitioned Haircut

The sides and back of the head are brought down to skin level with help of a clipper and the top of the head is short extremely short. The center is partitioned into waves which give a more smooth look.

# 21 Incredible Blade Haircut

The lower back of the head is kept bald while more hair is found as we go along to the top. Having said that, still, the top and the slope region are very short and down to basic skin level. The borders are made sharper with a blade so is the middle haircut line.

# 22 Graceful Hairstyle

In this graceful hairstyle, the back and sides are shorter as compared to the top of the head. All work is done with different clipper blades. Right, the bottom of the back is a unique arrow shape made.

# 23 Old Movies Look

The entire hair is cut to one level. From the top to the sides to the back, everything is down to one length. The blade has made the borders look very neat and sharp.

# 24 Classic Hairdo

The top and the sides are cut to the shortest possible length by using blade 2. The bottom of the sides and back are done by blade 1 of a clipper, giving it a classic look.

# 25 Shades

The hair is cut in two impressive shades. The sides down to the back are cut shorter the top. The double shade haircut is very impressive and also looks sleek at the same time.

So, the next time you are going to the barber, try one these very short haircuts. You never know they might suit you better than your last hairstyle. The list is long and comprehensive and those men adore having short hair.

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