30 Marvelous Black Boy Haircuts – For Stunning Little Gentlemen

Black boy haircuts have advanced significantly over the last few years. More new haircuts are becoming popular while other old classic haircut styles are also finding their way back into the fashion. This has done nothing but made it increasingly difficult for one to choose a particular hairstyle since most of them are trendy with stunning appearances. The following are some of the most incredible black boy haircuts that are popular at the moment.

#1 Flat Top with A Hard Parting

This haircut features an accurately done hairline cut at the front with a short hard parting going inside the flat-top afro. From the front hairline cut is an acute angle that goes down towards the temples. Hair slowly fades as you move down on the sides and at the back.

#2 Curly Top

In this black boy haircut the top full hair moves all the way to the back. The hair has been applied with some product making it look a bit soft and curly. The hairstyle features smooth curvy cut angles at the back. The haircut from the temples fades slowly going down to the bald front of the ears.

#3 Faded Sides with Trendy Razor Cuts

Razor cuts are quite popular at the moment. In this haircut, the stylist has utilized artistic skills to make razor cuts of different shapes on the faded side. On top is a curly hair with a smooth and neat front hairline cut.

#4 Classic Afro

This haircut features a classic afro spread on top of the head and partially on the sides. To perfectly establish this afro is a sharp hairline cut throughout the head. This hairline cut from the front has sharp angles that direct it down past the temples towards the sides.

#5 Thick Dreads

This particular hairstyle features some of the ancient classic thick dreads. The dreads have then been parted in three big portions. This hairstyle is particularly common among your black kids with long hair.

#6 Awesome Haircut

In this amazing haircut the top hair has been allowed to go all the way down to the back. The middle of this hair has then been dyed with a brown product giving it a staggering look. At the front is a sharp hairline cut putting an incredible foundation for the top full hair. Hair on the sides fade as you move down.

#7 Dyed Top

This hairstyle features a voluminous top hair that disappears as you go down the sides and at the back. The uppermost bit of the top hair has then been dyed with another product while maintaining the natural black color at the bottom. This has resulted in a very stylish haircut that has further been boosted by the smooth hairline cuts.

#8 Simple and Smooth Hairstyle

In this simple hairstyle, hair throughout the head has been maintained at the same level. The soft hair is spread around the head while showing the clean skull below. The haircut is further decorated by the smooth hairline cut on the front and at the sides of the temples.

#9 Simple and Presentable Haircut

This is one of the simplest yet most presentable black boy haircuts style. This features a top hair that is cut to a very low level and becomes bald as you move down the sides and at the back. At the front, the hairline is seen through a smooth cut which then curves going down the temples before disappearing altogether.

#10 Thick Mohawk

In this hairstyle you have a thick set of hair moving from the front all the way to the back forming a popular Mohawk style. On the sides the hair level is maintained very low. The hairline cut is smooth and neatly done at the front before becoming barely visible as it goes round the head.

#11 Shaggy Top

This haircut features a voluminous and shaggy top hair. A smooth hairline cut at the front helps in establishing the voluminous top hair. Above the temples is a hard parting that separates this shaggy top from the low-level hair at the top and in front of the ears.

#12 Excellent Angles

This haircut has angles that have been excellently cut to flow with the rest of the short hair. The front hairline for example, is sharply done and then neatly curved before dropping towards the temples. Down the temples this hairline moves in a “c” shape curve completing the wonderful haircut.

#13 Voluminous Curly Hair

Voluminous hair is allowed to spread from the top throughout the head except at the front of the ears. This hair is a bit curly making it look stylish. A soft hairline cut and curves help in making the style even more fashionable.

#14 Classic Curly Hairstyle

This hairstyle is among the classic style from movie and pop stars of the #20th century. The hair in this hairstyle has been applied with a product making it appear soft and curly. The hair is then spread all round the head and a little at the front thus hiding the hairline. This black boy haircut style is most applicable among boys with big hair.

#15 Sharp Hairline Cut With A Parting

The hairstyle features a smoothly done hairline cut which diverts going inside the fuller top hair with a short parting on one side. The cut on top of the temples then curves at an angle to complete the front hairline. The top hair in this style is more than on the sides. This top hair has also been dyed with a pale brown product.

#16 Dyed Top

The hair at the top in this hairstyle is very long and slightly shaggy. This hair has also been dyed. The front hairline is sharp, and as it goes towards the side, it creates quite a long parting going inside the head. A curved cut from the temples and hair on the sides fade going down.

#17 Long Soft and Curly Hair

A softening and curling hair product is applied in this haircut. The product helps in softening the hair from the top going down to the back. On the sides is a soft haircut dropping the hair level low and fades before reaching the front of the ears. The smooth hairline cuts match perfectly with the curly hair.

#18 Incredible Sharp Edges

This black boy haircut features some very sharp edges and cuts around the head. The sharp front hairline cut for instance establishes a neat foundations for the top quite full hair. As you move from the upper part towards the sides, the hair level gradually drops before forming little stubble and disappearing.

#19 Shaggy Top with Side Razor Cuts

The hairline cutting throughout the head in this style have been smoothly done. The shaggy hair at the top moves all the way to the back. The haircut from the temples curves down towards the sideburns fading slowly. On the sides behind the ears is several trendy razor cut lines

#20 Voluminous Dyed Top

This hair has a sharp front hairline cut laying the foundation for the full top hair. To make this hair even more fashionable is several dye products that have been applied. The front hairline curves at almost 90 degrees as it moves down to the temples. Hair on the sides fades going toward the bald front of the ears.

#21 Artistic Side Razor Drawings

This haircut is characterized by sharp cuts throughout and a hairy curly top dropping to the back. The sharp front hairline cut blends accurately with the curly hair. On the sides is a stylish razor cut drawing completing the perfect haircut.

#22 Sharp Cuts

In this particular hairstyle, you have a sharp front hairline cut curving acutely before dropping towards the temples. The hair on the sides and at the back fades gradually into small stables. At the back of the ears moving towards the back of the head is a stylish “z” razor cut drawing.

#23 Artistic Masterpiece

The hairstyle has a curly top perfectly laid out by the sharp front hairline cut and extremely creative razor drawings at one side. Below the drawing and on the other side hair fades and the hairline cut disappears with it.

#24 Curved Top

In this hairstyle, the top is made of voluminous hair that slowly reduces in size before forming a curved top with a cone-like shape. The sharp front hairline cut helps in diverting attention to this top hair. From the hairline the haircut drops sharply down the temples as hair fades on the sides.

#25 Smooth Haircut with Cornrows

This hairstyle has a combination of both shortly cut hair and cornrows making it very fashionable. A few soft and slim cornrows are found on top of the head. The rest of the head has then been smoothly cut into short hair. The smooth front hairline cut is a perfect match with the rest of the styling.

#26 Simple but Fashionable

In this simple haircut you have short hair at the top and completely cut hair at the sides. As a result, you only have a front hairline cut and none in the rest of the head. It’s a very simple but fashionable hairstyle.

#27 Dyed Mohawk

The hairstyle features a thick Mohawk from the front of the head to the back. This hair has then been dyed brown and a small bit is left black at the bottom. Neatly done hairline cuts complete this stylish black boy haircut.

#28 Sharp cuts with a parting

The smooth hair in this style is sharply cut and then a short parting is done in one of the sides. The hair is maintained at a short level across both sides. The cuts from the temples disappear before reaching the front of the ears.

#29 Slim and short dreads

The hairstyle is made up of many thin and short dreads. These dreads are well done and separated thus creating little lines running throughout the head showing the skull below.

#30 Curly hair

Hair in this style has been softened with a curling product resulting in beautifully looking hair. The hair just on top and in front of the ears has been reduced to a lower level compared to the rest of the head. A smooth hairline cut throughout the head makes this haircut even more attractive.

There is a wide variety of choices when it comes to black boy haircuts. For any type and length of hair, you can’t miss one that suits you perfectly. Try any of the above styles today and watch how stunning the results will be.

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