25 Adorable Retro Sneakers Ideas – The Timeless Footwear

A fresh pair of retro sneakers and a simple pair of jeans or shorts are all that you need for a stylish and relaxed weekend wear. Sneakers have been around for many decades, and new types are always coming out, but nothing beats a retro pair. Whether you prefer to wear simple footwear that comes in one color or some fancy ones with various shades, there is always an options to choose from when it comes to retro kicks. Here are some ideas for use as inspiration when choosing your next pair.

# 1 Nike Terra Albis

These Nike sneakers are from two decades ago, but their appearance and design mean that they will still work for modern men. They have a variety of colors that include a white outsole, a blue camouflage style upper and a black tongue with a strip of red.

# 2 Air Icarus

The Air Icarus is a vintage sneaker from Nike and is ideal for both running or as a weekend wear. These sneakers have one of the original designs from Nike, and a thick sole. The company logo and symbol is in a bright orange shade.

# 3 Black Gazelle Kicks with White Stripes

These vintage shoes come in a black suede material and a white sole. They also have white stripes on the sides that enhance the retro appearance.

# 4 Classic Puma Blaze

The design on the uppers and detailed stitching on these Puma sneakers are what gives them an appealing look. But, the sole also has an impressive design and a nice blend of black and white shades.

# 5 Jordan 13’s in Squadron Blue

Jordan 13’s have been around for two decades now, and they are one of the most outstanding and attractive sneakers of all time. These kicks come in a beautiful squadron blue shade that will make a man stand out.

# 6 The Air Current

The design of these Air Currents is unique and very impressive, and Nike uses an inventive combination of orange and black to make them look extra chic.

# 7 Air Max 120 Retro Sneakers

Although this pair does not look anything like the current Air Max, it is one of the first pairs that Nike released. It has a distinctive orange web pattern on the uppers and the characteristic thick Air Max outsole and white laces.

# 8 Adidas Originals

Modern Adidas sneakers still maintain almost a similar shape to this SL72 but with slight modern variations. The colors on this pair have an appealing retro appearance, but the cute stripes on the side and unique sole design also help to make this an attractive sneaker.

# 9 Reebok Ventilator

Reebok was one of the famous shoe brands a few decades ago, and although it no longer enjoys the same popularity, a pair of their Ventilator kicks will still give you stylish footwear. The clean and bright shades and comfortable look are what will impress you most about this shoe.

# 10 Nike Liberty with Cute Prints

The cute Prints on the Nike Liberty are one of its most distinctive features. This pair has some cute prints that come in bright shades and a white sole with the traditional Air Max air pockets.

# 11 Air Jordan Retro High

These orange shoes are from the Air Jordan Retro edition, and they have a high top and a traditional flat outsole.

# 12 The Air Jordan 6

The clean white overall appearance of these shoes is just fantastic, and although maintenance might be hectic, they are worth it. They have a high top design and a unique tongue and outsole design.

# 13 Raf Simons from Adidas

A retro sneaker like this one from Adidas might not look anything like modern ones, but it is a comfortable shoe that you will enjoy wearing. It is also very durable and perfect for walking or running exercises.

# 14 Green on White Adidas Kicks

This pair is also from the Raf Simons edition, but it is not very retro. The green shade on white looks amazing, but the shoe also has a beautiful uppers design and a trendy sole.

# 15 Classic Reeboks

Very few other sneakers can have a look that is as impressive as this one. Some retro sneakers like these are just timeless, and they will stand out for many more years. The sole design, the color choice and the style and stitching of the upper section are all flawless.

# 16 Reebok Classic Leather Gum

Back in the day, most companies would make sneakers with the track in mind, but this one from Reebok was intended for weekend wear. The Leather Gum is from the early 80’s, and it has an all white look, and it is of genuine leather.

# 17 Air Challenge II

The best part about retro sneakers from Nike is that you can still find most of them in their stores or online. This Challenge II with suede upper that is in a night maroon shade and a white sole with air pockets is a great pair that you will enjoy owning.

# 18 Nike Cortez 72

A charming pair of Nike Cortez 72 like this is the kind of shoe that will turn heads everywhere you go. The shape of the shoe, the stitching on the uppers and the all white look with a red Nike logo are all upscale.

# 19 Lupinek Flyknit

Nike is the enterprise leader when it comes to the manufacture of sneakers, and they have dozens of brands in their portfolio. This retro pair is from the Lupinek Flyknit edition, and it has a black and white color combination and with a high top design.

# 20 Mizuno Mondo Club III

This pair from Mizuno is perfect for training, and this is more so if you like running a lot. It is a comfortable sneaker with a detailed upper in blue and white shades and a thick white sole.

# 21 Nike Road Runners

There is nothing fancy in the design or style of these sneakers because they maintain a pure retro look, but they are comfortable as any can get which makes them perfect for the outdoors.

# 22 Vintage Blue and White Puma’s

These blue and white retro Puma sneakers have a simple but fantastic appearance. The detailed and intricate patterns on the upper and the sole design make it look magnificent.

# 23 Air Structure Triax 97

It is hard to believe that these sneakers are from two decades ago because they have everything that a man would expect from a current pair. The fabulous sole design and the detailed white upper with a green Nike symbol are all fantastic.

# 24 The Reebok GL 6100

This Reebok sneaker version is from 1989, and it features a white upper with some patches of red, the release name at the back and a classic rubber outsole.

# 25 Converse 90’s

This nylon material Converse with a zipper at the top instead of laces is from the 90’s. It has a low-top design, and it comes in a beautiful green nylon material but with white rubber at the front and for the sole.

Retro sneakers are not just for collectors because they are also fashionable and will make a man look fantastic. There are also many alternatives to pick from because most retailers still stock them. This gallery offers you some unique ideas on what you should try out.

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