10 Tips on How to Cope With Bald Spot – Always Remain Attractive

Nothing quite irks men as hair loss. If you’ve noticed a bald spot developing, therefore, you need to take proactive measures to not only cope with it but also to get rid of it permanently. If ignored or untreated, the bald spot will drastically reduce the chances that your hair will grow back.

Various factors contribute to bald spots (commonly referred to as alopecia). From stress and aging down to hormonal changes and poor dietary habits, the list is practically endless. In most cases, however, you can treat and prevent alopecia. The first step, of course, should be to see a professional so that the condition can be properly diagnosed.

Consider the following tips for coping with bald spots:



Apart from the many medications that are available on the market, you should consider going for a hair implant to conceal your bald spot. This surgical option involves skin grafting and the addition of hair plugs to cover up the area affected by alopecia.

Through this procedure, the doctors will take small skin portions from the back of your hair (particularly those that still have hair growing) and implant them on the bald spot.

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Another option open to you is sprinkling. By so doing, you will be able to give volume to the hair fibers by adding electro-statically charged albeit microscopic fibers to your hair to simulate the appearance of a full head.

This solution has been around for years on account of its effectiveness. It is appealing on account of the fact that it provides an instant solution to the gaping bald spots on your head.

What is more, you can use such products as Cuvva, TecTrich, and Nanogen especially if the patch at the top of your head is relatively small. This way, your scalp won’t come into as much scrutiny as it did when your hair was all thinned out.

Basically, you simply need to sprinkle the product of your choice much in the same was as you would salt on your dinner. Like salt, of course, you should not overdo it. The fibers in the product will automatically fill out the gaps.

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The other option you can try is a good hair spray. Spraying works in the same way as sprinkling. However, when you use products like Mane Hair Thickening Spray or GLH Formula No. 9, you are more likely to get a better result. These products are primarily composed of tiny fibers in the same color as your hair, allowing to you effectively cover up your bald spot.

As with sprinkling, you should use your spray sparingly. If you spray too much, your hair will end up looking like a full-blown wig.

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Strengthen and Thicken

The market isn’t short of hair thickening products for men like you looking for the best, most affordable solution to bald spots. Most of these products contain special polymers designed to thicken hair shafts and give it a plumper look. Other products, such as Pronexa Shampoo, will give your hair greater resistance to daily wear and tear.

Although these products won’t provide a permanent solution to your thinning hair, they are certainly beneficial. They will, therefore, ensure that you get the most out of your hair as you look for a solution that will make the hair grow back permanently. Further, they are effective in the sense that they will protect your scalp and keep it growing your hair in the healthiest of ways.

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Not only are tats trendy, they are also great for covering up those patches of bald spots on your head. More effective for the bald than the patchy, tattoos work perfectly. A good option, in this case, is Scalp Micro Pigmentation. This technique works through the tattooing of tons of tiny pigment dots on the head. The color, of course, will match your existing hair color for a uniform effect.

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If you seek advice from barbers, stylists, and hairdressers, they will all inform you that the best way to cover bald spots is by simply getting a crop. The consensus is that if you have already started going bald at the top, then it would make no sense if you tried to grow the hair on the bald spot. The best solution, therefore, would be to embrace the natural loss of your hair by getting a shorter look.

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Blow Dry

Blow drying your hair will go a long way to cover up any bald spots you might have. When your hair is set, the cuticles tend to open while the shafts bind together. This can be reversed with a blow-dryer, thereby making your hair look fuller and thicker all over.

Go for a medium setting to prevent further damage to your hair. This setting will also give you the chance to manipulate your particular preferred style straight into position.

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Comb Over

Although they are time-consuming and fiddly, a comb over will work magic to your bald spot. Should the wind catch your hair, however, the comb over will serve as the trap door that will open up a chamber of hair loss horror.

That said, this is the cheapest way to cope with your bald spot as you look for a more permanent solution. Although you will certainly be able to disguise the patch with tons of hairspray and quiff, don’t brush your hair sideways or forward.

Of course, it is highly recommended that you avoid doing the Donald, the new POTUS whose hair seems to have been folded back on itself more vigorously than Mary Berry’s famous pastry.

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See a Professional

The best solution, of course, would be to talk to a hair care professional or a dermatologist. They have the training, education, expertise, and experience to correctly diagnose your issue and give you the right solution to the bald spots.

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Proper Hair Care

Over and above everything else, the best way to cope with bald spots, thinning hair, and alopecia is by taking good care of your hair. Shampoo and condition it on the regular, and moisturize as required. Buy the right hair care products to prevent further damage to your hair, all the while earning those locks reminiscent of Samson.

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