40 Attention-Grabbing Ideas on Nike Air Force One Shoes-The Classy Gentleman Sneakers

The Nike Air Force One shoes have always been a staple in the wardrobes of men that love trainers or sneakers. In fact, this is among the oldest brands from Nike as it has been around for more than three decades. Although there are several design variations and color combinations, this shoes still maintains the same overall look 30 years later. The availability of many options can make it hard for you to choose the best pair for you but the rule is always to go for something that works with your tastes. But here are some designs and color combinations that will work for most men.

# 1 Lows with Lakers Colors

This shoe is ideal for a man that loves the LA Lakers as it comes in their colors. It is a low-top trainer that is in a dominant white shade but with a strip of orange on the outsole, collar, and the Nike logo.

# 2 Unique High Tops in Jungle Green

These trainers come in a unique shade of green and a brown sole. But, they also have an innovative high top design that entails giving them some cute and functional straps on the upper section.

# 3 Vibrant White Kicks

White is the most popular shade for the Air Force One, and men love it because of its clean look. This pair is high top without too much detail, and it is perfect for pairing with the colorful outfit.

# 4 The Lunar Force 1

The color combination for this high top Lunar Force one is not just unique, but the placement is also fantastic. It is about keeping the back section in a brown leather material and having the front part in a black fabric while maintaining the traditional Air Force outsole.

# 5 All Black Elegance

Nike Air Force One shoes are just fabulous, and it does not matter what color you go for as they will always look fantastic. This pair is in an all black shade and the guy pairs it with black pants to create an outstanding casual wear.

# 6 Sassy Camouflage Air Force

Camouflage low-top Air Force sneakers like these will look good on any man as they have a striking color pattern. Their color also makes it possible to wear them with anything.

# 7 High and White with Denim

You cannot have enough of the white Air Force One as it is just adorable and this is more so if it is a high top like this one with a velcro strap. It also pairs with the denim to give the guy a clean and charming weekend look.

  • Nike Air Force One 27
  • Nike Air Force One 28
  • Nike Air Force One 29
  • Nike Air Force One 30
  • Nike Air Force One 31

# 8 High Supreme Air Force

The contrast between the all black upper and the white and brown outsole give this shoe a striking color pattern. But, the overall design of the sneaker is also fantastic which makes it the ideal weekend wear.

# 9 The Special Field

This Special Field version also looks great and without any excess patterns or colors. It keeps the uppers in a beautiful black shade, and the sole is in a light brown tone.

# 10 Cute and Simple Low-Tops

There is nothing about these low-tops that stands out, but they still look fantastic. They have an overall white shade but the Nike logo is in a red hue, and this helps to brighten things up.

# 11 Sweet Brown Kicks

The color is the factor that sets these kicks apart from the rest. Brown is always a unique choice for your shoes, and this pair maintains it throughout including on the outsole.

# 12 Chic Chocolate High Tops

Here is another demonstration of the immense difference that color can make when it comes to the Nike Air Force one shoes. These high top sneakers come in a lovely chocolate shade and with a strap over laces design.

# 13 Golden Brown and Black Combo

If you are one of the many fellows that like their footwear to stand out, this is the shoe for you. It is high top but with an impressive color design that involves keeping a golden brown shade at the back and black on the front section.

# 14 Zippered Lunar Force 1

This version of the Luna Force is unique, and this is not just because it is low but also due to the beautiful and unique zipper design on the side.

  • Nike Air Force One 32
  • Nike Air Force One 33
  • Nike Air Force One 34
  • Nike Air Force One 35
  • Nike Air Force One 36

# 15 Cool Wheat Brown Air Force Kicks

Just choosing an excellent color is enough to make your sneakers look refined and classy. This brown pair has a uniform shade throughout, and it proves just how important color is when it comes to the Air Force kicks.

# 16 Extra High Special Fields

This version is for men that like wearing boot style sneakers because the top is extra high and with a unique design. The shoe also keeps an all black shade except for the lower part of the outsole that is in a light brown hue.

# 17 Stylish Tan Air Force

Tan is a beautiful shade that also works for the Air Force. This high top pair comes in a clean tan shade that matches the color of the hood to give the guy a stylish outfit.

# 18 Trendy Camo Kicks

The camouflage print on these sneakers gives them their attractive appearance. They have a low-top and although there is nothing distinct about them besides from the color they still look fantastic.

# 19 Classy Red Sneakers

The Nike Air Force One shoes can come in any color that you can think of, but these red ones are by far one of the most beautiful pairs. They keep a consistent shade throughout, but there is a black line that runs between the uppers and the outsole that creates a lovely pattern.

# 20 Triple White Special Field

Although the all white shade is very attractive the inventive closure system that consists of traditional laces and two straps with a buckle and Velcro are what give this sneaker its unique appearance.

# 21 Upscale and Clean

Every man should have a white Air Force in his wardrobe as it is just wonderful. The upscale and clean look that a pair like this one will give you does not compare to anything. And if you match it with with a charcoal coat and faded gray pants you will look as elegant as any outfit can get.

  • Nike Air Force One 37
  • Nike Air Force One 38
  • Nike Air Force One 39
  • Nike Air Force One 40
  • Nike Air Force One 41

# 22 Traditional White Air Force

These kicks have a high top and the traditional look of the Air Force which never seems to go out of trend. They come in a pure white shade and are perfect for breaking the monotony of the all black outfit.

# 23 The Wheat Shade Kicks with Light Brown Sole

This wheat tone is very familiar with trainer lovers, and this is because it is not as common as others. Here it gives the high top sneakers a pleasing appearance, and it is a perfect match for the light brown outsole.

# 24 Multicolored Linen Air Force

Linen Air Force One is a release from 2001, but it is still popular close to two decades later. This pair comes with a dominant brown shade, but it has a pink Swoosh logo and white sole that give it a beautiful multicolored appearance.

# 25 The Black and White Trainer

These sneakers come with an extra thick white sole and black upper. Black and white is always an excellent combination, and the wearer enhances the look by keeping one shoelace white and the other black.

Nike Air Force One Shoes have been fashionable for the last three decades, and they will continue to stand out for many more years. Their versatility and availability in different shades and design are what make them unique. If you want something comfortable for the weekend, you should buy one or more pairs of this stylish shoe.

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40 Attention-Grabbing Ideas on Nike Air Force One Shoes-The Classy Gentleman Sneakers

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