25 Amazing Ideas on Jordan XIII – The Upscale and Trendy Kicks

The Air Jordan XIII first came into the limelight in 1997, and although there have been five other re-releases, it still maintains almost the same look two decades later. It is most men’s favorite Jordan sneaker, and this is not only due to its impressive appearance but also the perfect fit and comfortable feel on the feet. And just like most other Jordan’s, it comes in numerous colors and design variations, and this gives you the opportunity to make a choice from different types. But, if you want to get the best out of this stylish shoe here are some excellent ideas that you can try out.

# 1 Black and White Kick

This shoe comes in a traditional Jordan design, and it combines black and white to create a sneaker that you can wear with any outfit. But, a pair of black jeans like in this style is just perfect to go with the kicks.

# 2 Black Cat XIII with Joggers

The color of these shoes, their stitching and the design of the outsole are all very impressive. It pairs with the gray joggers to give the man a chic weekend wear.

# 3 Cute 05 Flints

These sneakers are from the 2005 re-release of the Jordan 13 sneakers. They have a beautiful color combination that comprises of blue, white and gray. The design of the sole is also top notch, and this gentleman wears them with some colorful Jordan socks to brighten his overall appearance.

# 4 Flints with Black Joggers

Here is another take on the 05 Flints but here they pair with black joggers to create a clean and relaxed weekend attire that will make any man happy.

# 5 Red and White 13’s

Although this pair has the original look of the Jordan XIII sneakers, the lacing looks different. They also have an excellent white, and red color combination and the guy only need to pair them with red joggers for an adorable look.

# 6 Retro 13 Altitude

The outsole on the 13 Altitude is one of its most distinctive features. But, this one also has an appealing color, and you can pair it with joggers or jeans.

# 7 Brilliant Red on Black Sneakers

Since the design of all Jordan sneakers is fantastic, the only choice you have to make is for the color. These shoes have an amazing red on a black shade that makes them look great, and the guy wears them with shorts.

# 8 Air Jordan 2012 Retro’s

You will not find any flaw on these 2012 sneakers because everything about them is just fabulous, The color and stitching are excellent, and the high top style with a lovely lace design makes it ideal for most men.

# 9 The Baron 13

There are numerous versions of these shoes, and so there is always something new to try out. This version is what the manufacturer market as the “barons” and it comes in black and white color combination with a unique design on the upper section.

# 10 Cool Retro’s

The color and the design of the uppers are the two things that guys will love most about these shoes. But the patterns on the white section also give the shoe a unique appearance.

# 11 Fresh and Clean Kicks

It is hard to get enough of the Jordan sneakers as there is always something interesting to try out. For these shoes, the light blue and black color combination and the impressive design of the upper section make all the difference.

# 12 Sweet French Blue 13’s

If you are a man that prefers to have his sneakers in some distinctive colors these French blue 13’s is what you should wear. And if you pair them with some lovely joggers you will look magnificent.

# 13 The Everyday Sneakers

This pair of Jordan XIII is one of the original versions, and it features a blue shade on the black upper with a white and black sole. It has a straightforward and attractive design that means that it can pair with anything and this makes it ideal for an everyday look.

# 14 All Black Upper with White Sole

Some men prefer to go with sneakers that have one color and if you are one of them this shoe will impress you. The upper section is all black, but the outsole has a small white portion.

# 15 2010 Flint 13’s

The French blue, gray and white shades on this 2010 version are just an excellent combination. These sneakers do not also have too much detail, and so they are ideal for men that prefer to wear something with a simple but attractive appearance.

# 16 Gray Joggers with Elegant 13’s

Here is a pair of some beautiful white and red Jordan’s that will put a smile on the face of a fashion-forward man. Everything about the sneakers is just fantastic, and they pair well with the tight gray joggers.

# 17 Brown on White Sneakers

The brown shade at the back and lower part of these sneakers give it a unique color. It is a bright and clean pair that the gentleman pairs with matching joggers for an impressive outfit.

# 18 Blue on White Retro’s

This pair of sneakers is also from the original version of the Jordan XIII that came into the market two decades ago. It has blue on white uppers with a gray section below this, and the guy wears the shoe with camouflage joggers.

# 19 Clean White Sneakers with a Jogger Suit

White is always the color to go for when you want some clean looking sneakers. These particular ones are all white but with a small patch of brown on the sides. It is a beautiful shoe that is perfect for wearing with a jogger suit.

# 20 Drake with Flints 13’s

Jordan XIII are always the sneakers to turn to whether you are playing basketball next to Bestazy hoops or just want something fashionable for the weekend and even celebrities like Drake know this. Here he has some Flint 13’s that feature a dominant white shade with blue and black sections

# 21 Trendy Kicks with Bright Sole

There are many elements that men look for in a pair of Jordan sneakers, but the bright outsole on these is one of their most impressive features. They also have a beautiful upper that consists of patterned white section and a patch of black below it.

# 22 Gray and White Retro’s

Any man that is yet to buy the retro edition of the Jordan is missing out on one of the most attractive sneakers of all time. Going for a classy one like this that comes in white and gray shades with traditional design and pattern on the uppers will ensure that your footwear always stands out.

# 23 Charming Sneakers with a Touch of Bright Colors

Wearing sneakers that have patches of bright shades like these is very trendy. They are lovely black Jordan’s with a detailed upper, but the touch of blue and yellow on the sole is what gives them their clean and bright appearance.

# 24 Red Soled Kicks

The color and design of the outsole matter a lot when it comes to Jordan sneakers. But, a red one on black shoes like these will always ensure that you get a fabulous pair of kicks.

# 25 Adorable Black Shoes with Patterned Sole

The design and pattern of the sole make a huge difference, and they are what most guys will love about these sneakers. But, the overall black shade and the look on the upper section is also perfect. A pair of black joggers is the only other thing that you need to complement them.

The Jordan XIII is a must-have pair of shoe for any man that values his appearance or wants something stylish for wearing over the weekend. These fantastic shoes also come in different styles and colors, and the 25 photos above will help you pick the best pair.

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