80 Beautiful Raven Tattoo Designs – Select Yours Today

On your way to get a bird tattoo? If yes, then what’s your design and the significance behind it? In case you’ve got no idea, then I suggest that you go for a bird tattoo design that means something to you. There are endless options to explore in the world of bird tattoo designs, and one of the most unique and interesting theme is the raven tattoo. This tattoo is specially designed to symbolize the different attributes of the raven – a bird that is native to the Northern Hemisphere.

This type of tattoo provides great flexibility since the bird comes in 9 different species to select from. And it’s a versatile tattoo that can be blended with other symbols to provide a much deeper meaning. This article gives access to the design variations, meanings and the placement of the tattoo. This will help you create a much better connection with the tattoo .


Historical Background

The history of the raven tattoo is quite unclear. However, the bird has been a universal symbol for a long time, dating back to the time of the Old Testament. This suggests that the tattoo might have been there for a long time. But then, there’s no solid evidence to back it up. Nevertheless, the symbol has become a creative choice in modern tattoo art and you’ve got the option of customizing it into a design that appeals to you most.

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Meaning of Raven Tattoo

The meanings of this tattoo are often attributed to the traits of the raven. The symbol holds the great significance that varies from culture to culture. Below, we explore some of the popular meanings associated with this type of tattoo. This will help you decide whether it’s your perfect match or not.

The raven symbol has often been associated with both good and evil. To some, the bird is a symbol of death, darkness, negativity, and mystery. This is a bird that has been often seen preying on the dead during wars. It’s no wonder that the symbol triggers the image of “death” in the minds of most people. Some also associate the bird with hopelessness. In some African cultures, the raven is symbolic to a messenger of death or bad news. This is why the sign of a raven hovering a home triggers fear in many African cultures. The fact that the raven always runs its mouth makes it symbolic to someone who can’t keep a secret.

Despite the negative meanings associated with this bird, the raven also represents some good attributes. Some cultures believe that the bird is a carrier of magical powers and other powerful secrets. The raven symbol holds great significance in the Celtic culture. The bird is symbolic to magic, prophecy, and protection. It’s believed to have helped the Celtics see visions of war, something that gave them an edge over their rivals. To the Native Americans, the bird is symbolic to a balance that’s believed to have brought light to the earth. Therefore, wearing the tattoo means that one is carrying light with them. To the Athens, the raven is symbolic to wisdom and intelligence.

Greek mythology associates the ravens with a messenger of good luck. The bird was also symbolic to elegance, especially the white-necked raven. To them, the raven was a sacred bird believed to convey mysterious messages non-verbally. The bible, particularly the Old Testament also has it share regarding the different meanings associated with the raven symbol. The bible, like the Greek mythology, depicts the raven to be a messenger of good news. It’s a bird that delivered food to prophet Elijah during the long years of drought. To some, the raven provides protection against evil.

As you can see, the tattoo holds many different meanings, both good and bad. However, the good far outweighs the bad, making it one of the coolest tattoo symbols worth putting into consideration.

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Design Variations

This tattoo comes in many design variations. Below, we look at some of the most popular designs you might want to consider.

Key Raven Tattoo

This tattoo design has often been symbolic to a message of good luck. The design sports the image of a raven that has a key in its beak. The claws are perfectly perched to create a design that is classy and quite irresistible. You can decide to put a vintage frame to add to the mystery.

Flying raven

This is another cool design that sports multiple ravens. The birds are shown to fly very high in the sky. This is an interesting design that gives you lots of possibilities in case you want to customize the whole look. It can be quite romantic, especially when stars are included in the design.

Angry raven

The angry raven design sports a dark background with a heat of several flowers. This tattoo is often designed to depict some living a life of secrecy. The dark background creates the illusion that something is being plotted. The symbol sports fantastic detailing that will drive your admirers crazy.

Raven with Skull Tattoo

This design shows a raven holding a skull tattoo. In this design, the raven appears very busy and aggressive. It’s a tattoo that is symbolic to evil, danger or death.

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This is a versatile tattoo that fits different parts of the body. It all depends on where you prefer to put the tattoo. Common areas that fit the tattoo include the arms, shoulders, wrist, chest, back, among others. The reason for wearing the tattoo will also be a great determining factor on where you put it. In case you wear it for decorative purposes, then the arms, wrist, and the nape would be the ideal places to put the tattoo. On the other hand, if you want it hidden, then the chest and the back would be the perfect places to wear the tattoo.

Though quite rare, the raven tattoo is a great symbol that looks striking and unique. The tattoo holds different meanings depending on the society that you come from. It’s a versatile tattoo symbol that can be used to portray good or evil. The tattoo provides rich options in different design variations, which means that you might be lucky enough to get something that matches your taste.

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