90 Alluring Mermaid Tattoo Designs – Beautiful and Mythical Creature

From the ancient times people have been wearing tattoos for several reasons. Some for their aesthetic beauty, some for their belief and traditions,some for identification . One of such tattoos that have gained much attention over the years is the very beautiful mermaid tattoo which is coined from the beautiful and mythical mermaid creature. There have been countless stories and even facts about these mythical creatures but no one knows exactly whether they actually exist. However, whether they exist or not, these beautiful creatures have now become ai inspiration for many tattoo loving persons.


History of the Symbol

Mermaids have been associated with water bodies and it’s no wonder that it is a very popular choice among sailors especially since the 20th century. That way most mermaid designs incorporate such water-related designs as ships, anchors, nautical stars or starfish. There have been reports that some sailors might have come in contact with these mystic creatures who have described them in different but almost similar ways. They are claimed to have a very beautiful upper woman part that cannot be compared with any real human. The lower body has been described to look like that of a fish with scales and a tail.

The ancient Roman and Greek empires have recorded little information about mermaids as they were said to have a big influence on their coastal empires. The Greeks have a different perception of mermaids stating that they are a synchronization of gods and sea creatures. For the Romans, mermaids are associated to the goddess Venus. They are known to have very seductive voices that are so captivating and luring. Having described this creature, you would begin to imagine how beautiful such a tattoo would look and why a lot of men opt for this kind of tattoo.

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Meaning and Designs

Mermaids are aquatic creatures ,they possess the head of a female human and the tail of a fish, they are also sometimes associated with dangerous events. Having a dual nature of beauty and mystery is one of the features that gives mermaid tattoos its unique attention. There was a time when these tattoos were mainly for people who had something to do with water bodies like fishermen, sailors, and naval officers. However, the trend has changed today as there is no boundary limiting people from wearing the tattoos.

There are various mermaid tattoo designs like the playful kind which depicts the very beautiful nature of mermaids. Also, the body position of the mermaid, as well as the facial expression, can also make them look mysterious. The legends say that they have known abilities to coax men to do things they wouldn’t do ordinarily as well as making men fall in love with them. This tattoo can additionally portray other items such as clothing and jewelry.

Sometimes they hold fish bone which symbolizes power and feminine strength. Some people are afraid of mermaids’ evil will, though there are different types of mermaids and each of them has its history and legends. Skeleton design is not among the common but one you’ve seen it  will stay in your mind forever. And as much as there are evil mermaids, there are also mermaid tattoos that portray the good.


Mermaid tattoo designs can also portray the mermaid as a pinup character which is an old school tattoo design. They are usually striking cute and playful poses and wear classy makeup. Generally, all mermaid tattoos portray different meanings that range from wild, free, fluid, sensual, elusive, alluring, seductive, reflective, enchanting and tempestuous qualities.

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The choice of placing a tattoo is very important, this is because it can carry a very special significance. When a tattoo is placed on the chest it symbolizes love and affection, this is because the image is drawn close to the heart of the person. A tattoo on the neck usually mean the man is risky or daring, a back tattoo could also give an impression that the person is mysterious or shy because it is less visible unlike the other parts unless the person wears a particularly revealing clothing. But usually, it is also a picture size that matters.

Mermaid tattoos come in different sizes from small to large and it is important to place them in the right positions. These positions range from the arm and leg which is suitable for the smaller tattoos, then as the tattoo gets larger, there is a need to choose a suitable place that would benefit it, such as the thigh or back.

Tattoo is an art that will stick in your body for a lifetime and could be temporal sometimes, your decision to get a tattoo should be thoroughly taught about. While it may be considered permanent, it is still possible to actually remove tattoos either fully or partially . Tattoo is not just something you decide to get without having to think about it properly.

There are certain things that need to be taken care of before deciding to get that tattoo. You need to have a clear understanding of what the tattoo means and this means you will have to pay attention to details as even a little color difference can make the difference. Another important thing to consider is where you want the tattoo to be.

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