90 Creative Hunting Tattoo Designs – Memorializing Your Passion for Hunting

Hunting is perhaps one of the oldest activities on the face of the planet. This is a worldwide activity that has a diverse history. In ancient civilization, hunting was done for food. Thousands of weapons were devised to make the hunts more successful. Hunting is still practiced in the modern society. But unlike in the ancient civilization where hunting was mainly practiced for food, the activity is done for many different reasons. Besides food, some take it as a form of sport. So popular is the sport that hunting clubs have been formed to add more fun and meaning to the hunt. But regardless of the purpose for the hunt, it actually feels good when it’s done in style. And there’s no better way to do it that with a hunting tattoo inked on your skin.

This is a tattoo that will help you memorialize your passion for the sport, even when your hunting days are over. Millions of hunting enthusiasts get inked in this tattoo, and the number is increasing exponentially. This is a versatile, unisex tattoo that can be worn by all regardless of the culture differences. And in case you want to get inked in this tattoo, then this article is worth reading. It gives you a historical background of the tattoo, its many different meanings and design variations. Read more and then decide whether this cool tattoo is a perfect match for you.


Historical Background

The first humans mainly survived on the skills of hunting and scavenging. And for that reason, it’s believed that hunting tattoos were made way back in the pre-civilization era. Back then, hunting was often a thing for men. Women were tasked with the preparation of food and care of the home. This is something that was common in almost all cultures across the world. Apart from food and survival, hunting was part of criteria used to determine the bravest warriors. Such warriors were tasked with hunting ferocious game. Different weapons were used ranging from slings to spears. These weapons were crafted in stone and wood.

As the second era of civilization began, the position of men in hunting changed as women started taking part in it. The Babylonians, Egyptians, and Romans had hunters and craftsmen. The Romans made it more of a sport, capturing live animals for gladiatorial competitions. Since then, humans have slowly perfected this activity and the hunting weapons used. The many different types of animals hunted and the weapons used have been the main inspiration for the design of this tattoo. And considering the fact that there are thousands of animals and weapons used, the design of this tattoo comes in great numbers that can only be limited to your imagination.

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Meaning of Hunting Tattoos

Every symbol needs to have a meaning. And being a symbol, a tattoo also ought to have its meaning. This makes the hunting type of tattoo no exception. As stated earlier, hunting was done for a variety of reasons. It was an activity practiced by different cultures around the world. This made it a diverse activity who’s symbol holds many different meanings that can vary from culture to culture and person to person. Below, we look at some of the popular meanings of this tattoo that will keep you inspired in getting one for yourself.

The hunting type of tattoo was symbolic to power and bravery. In this case, a hunter gets tattooed after getting rid of a ferocious animal considered hostile to the community. Most often, they would wear the tattoo symbol of the animal killed. Other cultures consider hunters to be powerful people. They wear this tattoo to show their power and influence. For instance, in the modern society, a fighter can get inked in this tattoo to show just how good he is at hunting down his opponents. Dominance was another significant meaning of this tattoo. This may be a predator that hunts to catch its target or a person that hunts animals. But in all cases, it should depict the feeling of dominance. This is a tattoo that earns the wearer lots of respect from fellow hunters and the community at large.

As you can see, tattooed hunting symbols had different meanings, the major ones being power and dominance. The meanings are still reflected even in the modern society. However, you have the option of customizing yours to provide a different meaning – one that might suit your personality and style.

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Design Variations

Tattooed hunting designs are constantly evolving every passing year. Designers and tattoo artist are pushing their creativity to the limits to ensure overall satisfaction of their clients. This has resulted in some rich designs that are simply striking and beautiful. The modern society is already shaping up to be one of the best eras for tattooed hunting symbols. With so many great designs out there, it would be good to share with you the designs that have been popular so far.

Skull and Arrow: This is among the coolest designs in tattooed hunting symbols. The design is common to the Native Americans. The symbol comprises of a antelope’s skull with two crossing arrows. The skull sports two branched horns resembling antlers. This tattoo can be done in different shading techniques. You can settle for the conventional black and gray or full-color tattoo. The elegant design of this tattoo means it needs to be placed on a visible area. And one of the coolest areas to place it is on the sleeve of the hand.

Duck Hunter: This tattoo symbol is often used to define one’s specialty in the field of hunting. The design makes an ideal choice among duck hunters. Unlike other type of hunters, duck hunters have been known to have a strong bond between them. And the tattoo plays an important role in enhancing the bond between them. The tattoo sports a big image of a duck, mostly inked in black. Small ducklings are incorporated in the design and located beneath the big duck. A phrase is added at the bottom to provide a much deeper meaning. It’s an elegant tattoo symbol that looks pretty cool, especially when placed on the chest. This tattoo is symbolic to togetherness between hunters.

Memorial Tattoos: This tattoo symbol holds a very special meaning to the wearer. It’s a special tattoo symbol that sports a hunted animal, such as deer, antelope, among others. A phrase is added to the tattoo to create a deeper meaning and spice up the whole look. The phrase can be put in the place of your choice. You can decide to put it on top of the image, beneath it or inside. There are many phrases you can use to make your tattoo stand out and pass the message across. But it should be a memorial phrase that needs to provide a remembrance to a fallen hunter. It’s among the coolest in tattooed hunting symbols.

Bow Tattoo: Bow hunting is a popular form of hunting activity. So it’s no wonder that a tattoo symbol has been devised to recognize this popular hunting technique. The tattoo sports the image of a bow hunter. The hunter is shown to be dressed in a cap and kneeling down on one knee. The image depicts the hunter to be in the process of aiming at a target using a bow and arrow. And considering the fact that bow hunting was commonly practiced in ancient cultures, this image depicts a traditional bow hunter. This tattoo is inked in black or dull color and placed on the leg. It’s quite a huge tattoo symbol that needs a creative and experienced tattoo artist to make it fit in the small leg area.

These are the most trendy designs in tattooed hunting symbols. But they’re not all since the web has hundreds of other cool design variations that will literally blow your mind. Therefore, in case you’re not contended with the above designs, then feel free to browse the web and get more ideas.

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A tattoo can be pretty cool, but the place it’s worn can turn it into something that looks quite unappealing. Therefore, before sitting down to get inked, you should first decide the best area that will fit your tattoo. And it’s best if you discuss it with your tattoo artist. But the good news is that hunting tattoos provide a more flexible design. This tattoo can be placed on different parts of the body. For smaller designs, place the tattoo on the hand, upper sleeve, forearm or wrist. In case you want a large design, such as the duck hunter tattoo, then the back and the chest will be the perfect places to wear the tattoos. And remember to make your tattoo more visible in case you want to showcase it. More visible areas include the nape, wrist, and legs.

The hunting tattoo is among the oldest forms of body alterations practiced way back in the pre-civilization era. It’s a form of tattoo that was designed to portray different meanings – the major ones being bravery, power, and dominance. The tattoo comes in many different designs that have contributed much to the modern tattoo industry. It’s embraced by many and can be customized to match your style and preferences. The tattoo is among the most flexible, providing a perfect wear on just about any part of the body. Look for the design that appeals to you and go give it a try!

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