60 Praying Hands Tattoo Designs – Show Your Devoutness and Religious Belief


All religions have symbols that hold special meaning to their followers. Christianity is no exception. Christian have four tattoos that have never lost their popularity. These are the Angel, Dove, Cross and Praying Hands. All these tattoos are designed to send a strong message to believers – a message of love, hope, strength and spiritual devotion.

The praying hands tattoo is among the most impressive and portrays someone praying devoutly for God’s help and blessing.It’s a very expressive religious tattoo that can be worn for a variety of reasons. The tattoo is a popular choice in the world of remembrance and memorial tattoos. It’s very meaningful, symbolic and can be worn by all genders. This article looks at the historical background of the tattoo, its meanings and the most popular designs available. Read more and find your best match.


Historical Background

This history behind this tattoo symbol begins with Albrecht Daurer – a German artist who was commissioned to paint the piece as a gift for the Mayor of Frankfurt. The painting was created in the 15th century and has been widely reproduced since then.

The story behind the praying hands tattoo tells that the painting was meant to represent Albrecht’s brother’s hands, who was also an artist by profession. The family wasn’t in a capacity to afford two artists, something that called for a coin flip. Albrecht’s brother lost and had to work the mines to support the family. Therefore, Albrecht painted the “praying hands” as a tribute to his brother.

Anyone that bears the symbol today expresses the same sentiments of family and religion. The tattoo is a testament of love and sacrifice and says a lot about how you feel when it comes to putting others above yourself and keeping your word. The tattoo is a beautiful, classic choice that can be customized to match the needs of millions of tattoo lovers across the world.

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Meaning of Praying Hands Tattoo

It’s very moving and uplifting seeing someone praying devoutly to God, either for help or blessing. This tattoo symbol is a powerful body language that encourages devoutness to others. It’s a symbol that appears throughout Christian literature and paintings. The tattoo is an obvious sign of strong devotion. The symbol is often a strong reminder of one’s spiritual life. It shows the need to meditate on spiritual things and to communicate with God asking for his blessings, help or thanking Him for His gifts.

The tattoo is symbolic to the memory of a loved one. In this case, the tattoo can be designed to bear the person’s name or an important date. It’s a strong reminder of their personality and the place that the wearer believes they have gone. Sometimes, bereaved parents would get a smaller version of this tattoo as a symbol of a lost child. The tattoo can be made more sentimental by including the child’s actual hands in the design. Children alike can get the tattoo in case they lose their parents. This assures them of their parent’s everlasting love and protection that guide them through the hardships in life. It’s very comforting and helps them overcome their deep grief.

The symbol can be used as a dedication tattoo, especially to persons serving in the military, army or navy. In this case, the tattoo is portrayed bearing a flag or other national symbols. Sometimes, it can include the name, date of birth or the date of death. This shows honor for the fallen soldier.

It’s clear that the tattoo can be symbolic to many things. But overall, it represents what you want it to. It’s a tattoo symbol that has often been associated with one’s faith and religion. And even though a memorial tattoo, the praying hands are still a reference to prayer and God. Therefore, no matter what the specific reason for getting one is, the general reason still remains – religious belief and comfort.

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Praying Hands Tattoo Designs

It’s quite hard to state the exact number of design variations or types of this tattoo. There are lots of creativity around and people are always coming up with something new. This is to ensure that they get a design that has a unique element in it. Below we explore some of the most popular designs variations.


Most people will often add a few Bible verses to their tattoo. Some will choose to include the Lord’s Prayer above or below the tattoo symbol. It’s symbolic to religious devotion.


This tattoo design is popular with the Catholic Faithful. It portrays two grasping hands that hold a rosary. The tattoo is a sign of Catholicism and is symbolic to religious devotion.

Crown of Thorns

This design shows the praying hands encircled with a crown of thorns. The crown of thorns can be placed in different variations to add some meaning to the praying hands.


This is quite a popular design that shows the praying hands holding a cross. The cross is held partly while the rest extend upwards above the hands.

These are just but a few design variations to choose from. You can browse and search the internet for other variations. However, be sure to get the right tattoo artist who can make your design look its best.

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This tattoo comes in different sizes and can be tattooed in different locations. But most often, it’s considered a large or medium tattoo design. It’s a tattoo that is designed with lots of detailing – something that calls for a relatively large placement area. You can choose to wear the tattoo on the upper back, upper arm, or legs.

However, the tattoo doesn’t always have to be large. You can consult with your tattoo artist to shrink it into a smaller design. In this case, the tattoo can be inked on the chest, nape or sides. In short, the size and location of the tattoo is something that you need to put into consideration before getting inked.

Praying hands tattoo is a cool symbol that best expresses your religious beliefs. It comes in many different types and design variations. However, consider it carefully and be sure that your faith is of great importance to you. Decide whether it’s an appropriate expression of your religious belief to avoid any regrets later on.

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