50 Kraken Tattoo Designs For Men – Everything You Want To Know About It

Kraken tattoo has become very popular these days and many tattoo lovers are opting for this mythological sea creature as their tattoo choice. Kraken is a mythological sea monster who resembles an octopus and a squid with huge tentacles. Though this creature is not seen recently but its evidence can be found in old records of seafarers who have witnessed this creature during their days in the ocean.

It is considered as a symbol of destruction and power and is considered to be much bigger than a normal octopus. Many people are choosing to get inked with designs of this creature but there are many hidden meanings and symbols associated with this monster. Let us take a look at all the theories and meanings behind this mysterious sea creature and most popular tattoo designs of this creature.


History of the Tattoo

It is believed that seafarers and sea pirates used to believe in the power of tattoos in olden times. They believed that having a symbol of Kraken etched on their body will protect them from all difficulties at the sea. People who have witnessed this creature in the olden days see it as a symbol of protection and power because of its size and dangerousness. The records of mythological monster can also be found in Norse mythology. The Kraken has many mythological stories surrounding it. The stories are mostly believed in the coastal areas of Greenland where it is believed to be seen in olden days.

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Meaning and Symbols of Kraken Tattoos

There are many variations of this tattoo and all designs mean different things. The most common meaning of this tattoo is power. It is believed that Kraken was so powerful that it could sink big ships easily. It is also seen as a symbol of inner strength and adaptability. In some cultures, Kraken symbolizes intelligence also. Since the creature resembles octopus, it also means that the person having this tattoo is a multi-tasker and can handle many things simultaneously.


Kraken is also chosen by many people for a tattoo because of another hidden meaning. Like the octopus, Kraken is believed to be able to regenerate any form of the body from its limbs. This is a very powerful quality to display as a tattoo. It symbolizes growth and the ability to move past failed opportunities and build a new life again. It can also mean that the person has a traumatic past and has a desire to move forward it life.

The Kraken is also seen as a symbol of infinity in some cultures as it can resemble the figure of “8” with its limbs. If this number represents any other important meaning in your life, then also you can opt for this tattoo.

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Types of Kraken Tattoos

There are many designs of this tattoo which you can choose depending on your preference and interests. Some of these designs look good only when they are big so choose the one which suits the body part you want to get inked.

The devil Kraken design is the most popular as it looks powerful and mighty. This design is mostly done with black ink to make it look more devilish. There are many colored variations in this design also but it looks good in single color only. Bikers and body builders mostly opt for this design.

Tribal Kraken designs are also chosen by many people as it looks artistic and colorful. In this design, the Kraken represents life and regrowth. These designs are chosen by artists and creative people who love colors and tribal patterns.

Water Kraken designs represent the creature in its natural habitat and it means that the person is at peace with his life. Seafarers and sea loving people love this design. It also means a strong personality with an inner strength. Many affluent people get this design as a symbol of power and inner peace.

Monster Kraken Design is another very popular variation of this tattoo. It symbolizes destruction and strength. The Kraken is believed to be a very powerful and destroying creature so people opt for this design if they identify with that meaning.

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Best Places for This Tattoo

This design looks best if it is big and bold. People mostly prefer to get this tattoo on the upper arms or the back. Full back Kraken designs are also very popular and look macho if done correctly with the right color. You can also get this tattoo done on the chest to display your beliefs and ideologies. Many tattoo lovers also like to get their upper thigh inked with this tattoo to look cool and goth. It is important to decide whether you want to display this tattoo to people or want it for your own beliefs. Many times, this design is combined with ocean waves and ships to reveal the true potential of a Kraken who is known to destroy mighty ships with ease.


If you want to go the extra mile and go for something rare and unique, this design also looks good on the lower stomach area with tentacles wrapped around the body. Small sized tattoos of this design do not look powerful or macho so it is better to go for big designs that represent the true nature of this mystical sea monster. If you still want to go for a small design, the wrist or ankle areas are good places to get this tattoo. Some people also get this design done on their lower legs with tentacles extending up to the knees.

Now that you know all about the Kraken and its tattoos, identify a design and meaning which best suits your personality and get yourself inked with this majestic creature. It will bring power and strength to your life and symbolize your will to destroy all the hardships that you face. There is no other symbol which looks as powerful and majestic as this creature and all those people who are planning to get big bold tattoos should definitely go for this design. It is as powerful as it is mysterious and will look good if you have a good muscular body.


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