60 Hearwarming Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas – The New Celebrity Trend

The wedding is a memorable day in one’s life and couples are looking for newer and innovative ways of making their wedding ring unique. A wedding ring represents a never-ending love that exists between the married couples. It’s symbolic of solidity, commitment, and remembrance of one’s responsibility. But the ring is prone to theft, lose or wear over time. So what’s the best way of making it more permanent, or even more so a part of your body? The only solution is to get a wedding ring tattoo – a timeless ring that has the ability to last a lifetime.

This is a tattoo that’s been sported on many celebrity figures ranging from Angelina Jolie, Maria Carey to Paris Hilton. It’s a “partners marking” that shows ultimate commitment. There’s been a growing interest in having a wedding ring tattooed, either for decorative purposes or commitment. But before getting inked, it would be a good idea to first know something about the historical background of this tattoo, the design variations and the different meanings they hold.


Historical Background

It’s quite unclear where the wedding ring tattoo originated from. However, Egyptians have been exchanging rings since 4,800 years ago. Therefore, there’s a possibility that the tattoo came into existence some decades back. The Egyptian culture is among the several cultures that believe in eternal life. They see it necessary that one is bound to their spouse for eternity, even after death.

Most cultures in the modern society use wedding rings as a representation of marriage and eternal love. And despite the divorces witnessed in many marriages, the trend still continues. It’s the eternity of love that made couples more creative to the extend of starting to tattoo the wedding ring on their fingers. It’s considered a better alternative to buying expensive wedding rings.

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Meaning of Wedding Ring Tattoos

Like most tattooed symbols, tattooed wedding rings hold different meanings. Below, we look at some of the meanings associated with this tattoo symbol. This will help you decide whether it’s worth the time and effort.

The ring is an important part of any wedding ceremony. And any wedding done without it is considered incomplete. Egyptian and Roman culture are more particular about the wedding ring. To them, the ring is symbolic of eternal love.

The permanent nature of a tattooed wedding ring is symbolic to stability. Some people take it as a symbol of love and promise. This is due to the fact that the ring gives a feeling of commitment and responsibility. A tattooed ring means that you’ll have to carry the symbol for a lifetime unless you decide to erase it using the modern laser technology. This makes it a permanent mark of truth and belief in a relationship.

Some choose these tattooed rings to show revolt against the traditional wedding ring. To other people, a tattooed wedding ring is not worn by choice. It may be due to an allergic reaction to metals. But overall, the tattoo is a permanent mark that couples will never forget. You can choose to mark your loved one with this tattoo instead of the conventional wedding ring. It’s a trendy choice that has the following advantages:

• The tattoo is thief-proof. To a thief, it’s something invaluable, but to a couple, it’s something that     means the world to them
• It’s a permanent mark of love that can’t be taken off
• That tattoo is very unique in its own way
• It gives you freedom of choice since you can ask your tattoo artist to make your own design

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How to Protect Tattooed Wedding Ring from Fading

Getting a tattooed wedding ring is a great step. Therefore it’s important to keep it well protected, especially from fading. This will help maintain its quality and portray that symbolic love for the rest of your marriage and beyond. There are a few precautionary measures that you need to take within the first two weeks of getting inked.
• Avoid contact with water at all cost
• Avoid touching any chemicals
• Try to keep the tattoo out of the sun

And remember that the quality of your tattoo largely depends on its healing. Therefore, choose a good artist and keenly follow the suggestions and rules given. Doing so will help you get that quality and a striking ring of permanence.

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Choosing a Tattooed Wedding Ring

Tattooed wedding rings are more than just a commitment. Therefore you need to be very careful during the selection process.this is because the tattoo can’t be erased or altered in any way once inked into the skin. There are lots of designs to explore the world of tattooed wedding rings.

You can decide to go for the literal option that features the tattoo with some words. These may include your first name, nickname, initials, date or any secret code. You can also choose to incorporate an image of great sentimental value. And keep in mind that the tattoo won’t go off even if your relationship dissolves. Therefore, be prepared to undergo emotional and mental pain in case such happens.

But the good news is that there is a way that you can get rid of such tattoos. Though expensive, it would actually reduce the pain that you’ll have undergone if the tattoo was still there. The tattoo can be removed through the standard laser procedure – a quite expensive procedure that might set you back $1,500 – $3,000. And it’s quite lengthy as it takes up to two years to safely remove the tattoo.

According to studies carried out by tattoo artist Lisa Fasula, the increase in tattooed wedding rings almost equal the increase in tattooed wedding ring erasing as many relationships are being ended.

A wedding ring tattoo is a creative and unique way of showing that eternal love towards your partner. It’s a cool ring of permanence that has many advantages over the conventional wedding ring. They’re inexpensive and can be used for years or even a lifetime under good care.

In case you find the idea of a tattooed wedding ring irresistible, then it’s time that you give it a try. But as with any other tattoo symbol, make a careful selection and go for a good artist who’s known to produce quality work. This will help prevent any regrets in the future.

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