45 Trendy Hipster Haircuts – Mix of Vintage and Modernity

Hipster haircuts focus on three main things: flashiness, uniqueness and personalized style. Hipster hairstyles are the epitome of style for the modern man. Most of the haircuts are modernized versions of vintage hairstyles given a stylish twist either using taper fades, full beards, and edgy trims. It is rare to find a hipster hairstyle that does not live up to its eye-catching nature. These 45 examples show just how edgy and bold you can get in the hipster world.

# 1 Street Pompadour

This style from the 50s is without a doubt one of the modified hairstyle in the hipster world. Keeping the top long, thick and wild gives it the bang that every hipster hairdo needs to look unique. Cropped sides and a stubbly chin curtain and moustache cap off the stylish look and give it effortless appeal.

# 2 Neat and Rugged

Hipster haircuts are all about experimenting with new looks. This one right here focuses on combining two different textures from two different styles. The neatly styled hair with a slight temple fade has been matched with a full garibaldi beard and the two are connected by thick sideburns to create a marvelous combination of dapper and manly.

# 3 Slick and Patchy

Creating a hip hairstyle often entails mixing two very different styles to come up with your own. While the distinctly sophisticated slicked back hairdo bears the allure of the classy man, the patchy full beard helps to give the look a rugged dominance of the alpha male.

# 4 Modern Amish

The main focus of this look is to keep things relatively natural and untouched. As such, there is no visible trim on the thick sideburns or the full beard save for some subtle grooming to keep it nicely shaped. The hair is worn medium-length and well groomed to give the look some sophistication.

# 5 Carefree Hipster Haircut

Although most men prefer shorter, cropped hairdos, letting your locks grow longer once in a while can be just as appealing. In this example, pairing long hair with a thick, grizzly beard helps to enforce the masculinity of the look and also balances the shape of the face.

# 6 Gatsby and Garibaldi

Although lacking the distinct parting that is the trademark of the Gatsby, this hairstyle is every bit as classy with its slicked back texture and slight fading at the temples. Paired with a thick garibaldi beard and a handlebar moustache with a stylish twist at the ends, this is a look that exudes class and masculinity.

# 7 Medium Pompadour

The pompadour remains the best option for men with square jawlines and high cheekbones. This classy version features a moderately lengthy top with tasteful streaks of blonde running through it, giving it a stylish personality. The sides have been cropped short and the look is finished by a superb chin curtain and a thick moustache.

# 8 The Draped Forelock

Most of us are familiar with this outlandish hipster look. The asymmetrical fringe is one look that will never go out of fashion. A side part adds some classiness to the wavy, layered locks and a slight goatee and moustache cap it off in style.

# 9 Man Bun and Full Beard

If you wish to rock your lengthy locks in style, there is no better way to do it than with a full-on man bun. Although the beard is optional, rocking a thick full beard helps a lot in making the look more masculine and also balances the shape of the head nicely.

# 10 Simple Side Sweep

Shortening the sides and swooping over the top to one side is a go-to for many with medium-length locks. Although not too flashy, it is still one of the most appealing hipster haircuts for men. This look has been paired with a patchy full bear with a rugged texture to give it a unique finish.

# 11 Smooth and Rough

Different textures from the hair and the beard actually play out to the advantage of the look by creating some superb contrasts. The top has been slicked back and slightly to one side while the temples feature a slight fade which helps them blend with the thick sideburns. A thick, well-groomed full beard and a handlebar moustache are the highlights of this look.

# 12 Alpha Male

Rocking a thick full beard is no easy feat, so if you are lucky enough to have a good, even growth, don’t be afraid to show it off. The rugged full beard has been left relatively untouched with minimal grooming to contrast with the elegantly styled Gatsby hair with a sleek side part.

# 13 Classic Man

Pompadours add a little bit of height and shape to the head when styled right. This perfect side profile of the look lets us in on the slanting shape of the top which emphasizes on the raised top at the front and also shows the distinctly flattened sides that help to shape the look. A light stubble darkly frames the jawline to make it more distinct.

# 14 Clean and Spiky

Even the simplest hipster hairstyles can still turn a few heads, mostly because of crisp contrasts created by well-used tapers and lengthy tops. Here, we see a classic tapering buzz fade that puts emphasis on the short, spiky locks at the top. This youthful look matches well with a clean shaven face.

# 15 Light Stubble

Sometimes it is not your hair that grabs the attention. This revamped vintage haircut for men features an almost basic appeal with its simple trims and slightly longer locks towards the front. Light stubble speckling the cheeks and the jawline gives it more spark as it outlines the jaw and also shapes the face attractively.

# 16 Skin Fade and Bun

While a regular man bun might be okay for most, some prefer a flashier version of the hipster haircut. Here, a bald fade helps to create a stylishly distinguishing gap between the styled locks on the top and the trimmed stubble which frames the face superbly.

# 17 Tapered Pompadour

While the front has been styled in the voluminous pompadour fashion with plenty of height and a spiky texture, a tapering razor fade adds street style to the classy hipster hairdo. It also helps to set a nice distinction from the spiky hair and the thick full beard.

# 18 Suave

Rocking a less ambitious hairdo is still a classy way to keep things interesting. Medium length hair features a neat trim that is not too flashy and goes well with its slightly wavy texture. A light, patchy full beard caps off the suave look.

# 19 Tight Man Bun

The hipster lifestyle is one based on all things natural and sometimes, that involves letting the hair and beard grow out to their maximum length. To clean up stray locks, the long hair has been fashioned into a tight man bun. A thick, voluminous beard finishes off the outlandish look with the flashiness that is expected from hipster hairdos.

# 20 Old School

Right off the mark, the simplicity of this look is its main appeal. The medium pompadour is worn neat and slightly asymmetrical with shortened sides to highlight the volume at the top. The cheeks and jaw line have been darkened by full stubble, which highlights the cheekbones.

# 21 Sharp Hipster Haircut

Crisp lines and smooth fades create a look that is a perfect crossover between classic and modern in this hipster haircut. The sleekly styled top consists of slightly wavy medium length locks set apart from the razor faded sides by a crisp parting line down the sides. Rough patchy stubble finishes off the look smoothly.

# 22 Casual Gentleman

Pompadour once again shows its classy side in its tastefully thick and wavy fashion. Lustrous highlights towards the front add a much needed modern touch to the classic hairdo which is well shaped by sides that have been cropped short. Light stubble dots the angular face and gives it a nice dark frame.

# 23 Long and Short

While long hair goes well with a thick full beard, a bit of good grooming is always a much appreciated touch when it comes to facial hair. The chin-length wavy locks feature stylish blonde highlights that give it some audacious character. A slightly patchy full beard caps off the look with its finely groomed texture and crisp outlines.

# 24 Bun and Trim

In this example, a loose man bun has been used to hold the long locks while leaving plenty of texture and more than a few stray strands of hair. The relatively unstyled hair is contrasted by a sleekly groomed full beard with a crisp trim that shapes it wonderfully.

# 25 Pompadour and Fade

Another variation of the pompadour hairdo involves the use of modern fades to create flatter sides and a smoother transition between the hair and the beard. Here, we see the thick dark locks featuring the classic backwards slick and razor faded sides which join the sideburns. A short full beard adds some balance to the look.

# 26 Curls and Fade

One way you can spice up a normal fade is to add some curls at the top for a more jazzy finish. The short, bouncy ringlets create a nice contrast alongside the crisply faded sides and back. You can opt for a clean shaven face or light stubble to rock this look.

# 27 Youthful Pompadour

A pompadour sans the facial hair results in a youthful look and works incredibly well with square jawlines and angular faces. The locks have been given some wild tousling for more natural texture while the sides have been kept short to shape the look superbly.

# 28 David Beckham Style

In this look, David Beckham oozes class and sophistication thanks to a simple yet stylish pompadour haircut. The long top has been slicked back and framed with shortened sides in what is a trademark look for the high profile personality. A slightly stubbly beard graces the look with the manly appeal it needs.

# 29 Slick and Fade

Hipster life is all about mixing up different looks to create one unique and stylish one. Slick and stylish, the classy look has been given some crisp outlines using a temple fade at the sides and towards the nape of the neck. Patchy stubble darkens the chin and infuses the look with a bit of rugged masculinity.

# 30 Cool Fade

Any nerdy or geeky look can be transformed into a fashionable hipster look using the right fades. The thick dark locks have been left relatively long and spiky at the top and tapered down to a sleek razor fade at the sides. A clean shaven face amps up the youthfulness of most hipster haircuts.

# 31 Topknot and Full Beard

Pairing a topknot with a nice full beard can help bring some balance to the look. The relatively thick hair at the top takes on a cool hipster appeal thanks to the sleekly styled top knot that has been tousled a bit towards the back. Shortened sides are easier to join with the sideburns, which go on to form a thick, full garibaldi framed by a long, combed over moustache.

# 32 Vintage Cut

Subtle trimming and a distinct bald fade turn what would be an ordinary look into a stylish hipster haircut. The fade rides low at just above an inch above the ear. A cool side part has been used to separate the top from the shorter side. A full beard with some minimal trimming and slight grooming caps off the look.

# 33 Wild Style

If your taste in fashion can be described as audacious, skip the barber shop and let your natural growth take its course. Everything in this look including the long wavy locks and the thick beard with a massive volume shows off the natural side of the hipster life.

# 34 Swoop and Fade

Undercuts are a great way to ramp up the style. The medium length hair at the top has been given a choppy finish and a few blonde touches before being swooped over to one side of the head. Hidden beneath it is a sleek parting cut and razor faded sides that are joined to the facial hair by thick sideburns which go all the way around the face in a stylish chin curtain.

# 35 Trendy Slick Back

This is a modified version of the slick back hairdo that substitutes clean shaven sides and youthful fades with slightly cropped hair that blends easily with the sideburns. Slick backs are usually classy affairs and with the addition of the patchy full beard, the look is extra tasteful and bears the racy hipster appeal.

# 36 Parted Pompadour with Full Beard

Parted hairstyles are reserved for the distinguished man with the superb taste in fashion. Modify the pompadour by slicking the hair slightly towards one side and giving it a unique side part to distinguish it from the shorter sides. A full beard makes the look more interesting as it emphasizes the square jaw line and the high cheek bones.

# 37 Curly Taper Fade

While taper fades are more street than hipster, the right trim can get you a unique combination of the two. The top part features thick curly locks with a great height while the sides have been shaped using a nice taper fade that transitions the hair into a bald skin fade. Thanks to the taper fade, the disconnected beard looks even more rugged and appealing and it also compliments the curly texture of the hair.

# 38 Laid Back

This laid back look features a stylish pompadour hairdo styled neatly with flecks of gold running accenting it and giving it a bolder character. Patchy beard runs thicker and darker under the jaw line and chin and gives the composed look a bit of roughness.

# 39 Clean Shaven

Not all hipster hairstyles have to be wild to look good. This is one of the more conservative looks that still bears the same unique print of the hipster life. The top has been cut short and given a choppy finish, tousled finish. The sides feature a shorter trim and a neatly shaped finish. A strong, square jawline is perfect for rocking the clean shaven look.

# 40 Messy Curls

If you find the pompadour hairstyle too mainstream, go for curls instead. Long, thick and wavy, wearing them messy is good for texture and also gives the top a bit more volume. The sides have been shortened only slightly to shape the look. The light stubble helps to outline the jawline to give the face a more distinct shape. The look is capped off by a short, boyish moustache.

# 41 Curly Man Bun

If you sport longer hair, a curly man bun could be a suitable look for you. The curly texture of this hipster hairdo is low key enough to pass off as manly with a lot of stray curls and strands of hair keeping the look natural. A patchy full beard adds some rugged emphasis to the androgynous bun.

# 42 Braided Bun

A stylish use of long hair can be seen in this example where instead of just a bun, the hair has been braided to create a more intricate and stylish version of the man bun. Ideally, you should rock looks like this with a bit of facial hair to make it manlier.

# 43 Hipster Classic

Is there such a thing as a classy Mohawk? Yes, there is. Stylishly tapered sides are joined with the thick beard by well groomed sideburns that match the sleek styling of the thick locks on top. The beard is thick and manly, which is a good thing if you are looking to add some ruggedness to your polished hipster haircut.

# 44 Beard Style

Sometimes the main focus of hipster haircuts is the beard itself. The hair has been kept short and relatively moderate to keep the emphasis on the thick, voluminous beard and the handlebar moustache with the classically upturned ends.

# 45 Rugged Man Bun

This untamed version of the man bun requires long, unstyled hair and an equally wild full beard to pull it off. The look is full of wild texture and stray strands of hair, which give it a very natural look, not to mention a rugged alpha male appeal.

Hipster life is all about creating your own style. A great way of coming up with your own stylish cut is browsing through vintage hairstyles from the 50s and 60s then modernizing them with stylish fades, highlights or unique cuts. There is no limit as to how much you can improvise when it comes to hipster fashion.

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