60 Intriguing Pompadour Haircut Ideas — Get Inspired!

Nowadays it is common to see different people rocking a pompadour haircut. This classic style is now a favorite of businessmen, celebrities, and even hipsters. Although it has been around for several decades, its popularity is making a slow but steady comeback. This design started off as a ladies hairdo, and most people credit its invention to Madame de Pompadour, a mistress of King Louis XV. However, when Elvis Presley tried it out at the prime of his career, it became an instant hit and thousands of men across the globe could not wait to have it. The short sides and a long top section swept upwards and to the back is what characterizes the traditional pomp. But, over the years, it has gone through a lot of transformation and so there are endless ways that you can style it to suit your tastes and preferences.

# 1 Easy Pomp with Hard Side Part

This design is very simple, and it consists of a traditional short pomp and a hard side part line that adds some elegance to the design. The hairdo also has a fantastic skin taper on the sides that gives it a stylish and modern touch.

# 2 Medium and Wavy

Instead of just making the sides short, this design gives them a sleek medium skin fading and a side part. The long strands on the crown also have a nice up sweep, and you should use pomade to create a neat wavy look.

# 3 Fun Blonde Pomp

Color can also help you create a cute pompadour hairdo, and the silver shade in this hairdo proves this. Apart from this, the strands also have a fantastic cut that entails tapering the sides and leaving some long hair at the top that you should give a slight lift and sweep them back.

# 4 Breathtaking and Modern Pompadour

You can always be sure of a unique appearance with a little creativity. This breathtaking hairdo entails chopping the sides and back to create a faded undercut. You should then use some gel or pomade on the long locks at the top and sweep them back over the undercut.

# 5 Tapered Comb Over

This headdress starts by tapering the sides inventively. The taper needs to be very skillful, and once you have it, you will only need a side part at the top and give the long strands a nice lift and comb over.

# 6 Fancy Top with Fresh Taper Fade

Although this haircut maintains a traditional pompadour design on the crown, the taper fade on the sides and subtle side part give it a modern touch. The color is also excellent, and the strands also have a beautiful shine that makes them look healthy.

# 7 Classy Fade and Comb Over

Modern cuts are about keeping things simple and creative like in this particular headdress. It has a traditional long top and short sides with a beautiful fade. The long locks at the top have a soft side part, and a simple comb over that creates an elegant design.

# 8 Side Parted and Textured

A haircut like this is what every trendy gentleman should have. It is a sassy design that entails creating a hard razor line on the sides and leaving a textured long hair on the crown. To finish the look, you should up sweep the long hair and comb it back slightly.

# 9 Rockabilly Comb Over

This fancy headdress is as attention-grabbing and head-turning as any stylish haircut can get. It involves chopping the sides short and giving them a skin fade while leaving long hair on the crown that you should gel, give a lift at the front and comb it over to create a pompadour.

# 10 Messy and Wavy Slick Back

This design is very easy to create as you only need to taper the side and leave some textured bangs on the crown. You should then sweep back the textured and wavy bangs and run your fingers through them for a slight mess.

# 11 Extra High and Thick

The volume of this mane is just incredible, and it makes styling it easy. For this look, you only have to taper the sides and back while leaving a long, voluminous mane at the top that you should give an extra-high style and sweep it back slightly.

# 12 Traditional Pompadour Haircut with a Twist

If you prefer to wear a medium size traditional pompadour haircut, you should have it with a slight twist. The skillful fade on the sides of this hairdo is an excellent example of this, and it creates a modern looking and stylish headdress.

# 13 Upswept Bangs and Skin Fade

Sometimes you do not have to make the style that you are trying to pull so apparent. This design maintains some short and textured bangs at the top with a skin fade on the sides, and you can hardly tell that it is a pompadour. The styling entails up sweeping the bangs and brushing them sideways slightly.

# 14 Wavy Sweep Back

The blonde shade and the natural black base create a fabulous two-toned look, but they are not the only things that make this a top notch design. This hairdo also has some nice wavy bangs on the upper part that you should style with a sweep back.

# 15 Dark and Structured

Some men prefer to maintain hair throughout the head even when wearing pompadours. If this is also what you prefer this is the style for you, and it involves tapering the sides and creating a structured pompadour at the top that you should sweep back and blend with the rest of the hair.

# 16 Naturally Textured Comb Over

The natural texture of this hair is amazing, and it makes styling easy. A simple side part, some taper fading on the sides and a comb over of the textured locks is all you need to create this look.

# 17 Feathered Clipper Cut

A freehand clipper cut can also create a stylish pompadour, and you only need to find a good barber. In this design, it creates some feathered locks at the top with tapered sides at the back, and you only need to lift and sweep them back to finish the look.

# 18 Sharp and Sexy

This hairdo will require some skill and attention to detail when creating it. It is a traditional design but with some extra height at the top and a taper fade on the sides.

# 19 Nice Little Pomp

The razor fade and side-part on this hairdo are just fantastic, but the wavy and carefully arranged bangs at the top are the center of attraction in this design. To create the look, you will need not only a skillful cut but also a top notch hold product.

# 20 Classic Slick Back

Whether you use gel or pomade, you can still get this look, but this is if you have the right cut. The style will involve giving the sides a taper fade and maintain some long and smooth strands at the top that you should slick-back.

# 21 Voluminous and Textured Pomp

A disconnected undercut on the sides and a full textured hair at the top are a perfect match. And if your strands also have a stunning color like these you can be confident of a top notch headdress.

# 22 Platinum Blonde Pomp

Platinum blonde is a pleasant shade, and it brightens these strands and makes the hairstyle look extra-cute. The hair also has a nice cut with a side part and taper fade.

# 23 Shiny and Slick

This fancy hairstyle is suitable for a man with a thin hair and wants to wear a pompadour. To create it you should fade the hair on the sides and leave a few inches at the top that you should slick-back and spray the strands for a shiny finish.

# 24 Elegant Brush Back

A pompadour haircut should never have to be complicated because fading the sides and leaving a long hair at the top that you finish with a sweep back is beautiful enough. The dark tone of the hair is also fabulous, and it adds to the elegance of the design.

# 25 Textured and Spiky Crop

The texture of these strands is what makes them look adorable. However, they also have a beautiful cut that involves tapering them on the sides and back while leaving some upswept locks on the crown.

# 26 Vintage Medium Pomp

You cannot achieve a classic pompadour like this one without the right hair product. It uses a medium hold pomade to create a beautiful vintage design. This chic hairdo has a short wavy and upswept hair at the top, a side part and a taper fade on the sides.

# 27 Skin Fade on Sides and Classic Pomp at the Top

This hairstyle is flawless, and it will make a man look very elegant. To create it you should leave a long hair on the crown and do some skin fading the sides. The last step is to use pomade to make the long hair wavy and sweep it back.

# 28 Head-Turning Comb Over Bangs

Modern hairstyles are not just about making the sides short, and leaving the top long but they focus more on creating and appealing look with a nice fade on the sides like in this style. The long textured bangs on the top are also very stylish, and you should style them with a comb over.

# 29 Textured Undercut

The undercut on this pompadour haircut is fantastic, and this is thanks to the inventive fade. However, the textured bangs at the top that you should style by sweeping to the side and over the undercut are the highlight of the hairdo.

# 30 Clean Taper Disconnected Pomp

To create this funky hairstyle, you should maintain an extra-long hair at the top and give the sides a taper fade. The only other thing that you need is a side part and to slick-back the long strands on the crown.

# 31 Magical Textures and Fade

The textures on the voluminous hair at the top of this headdress are just splendid. Apart from the texture the hair also has a unique style that entails making the locks wavy and up sweeping them before finishing with a razor fade on the sides.

# 32 Modern Side Swept Pomp

This beautiful and modern hairstyle entails forming a hard side part and giving the strands on the sides a taper fade while leaving longer ones on the crown. You should apply a generous amount of gel on the smooth strands and style them with an inventive side sweep.

# 33 Simple Brushed Back Pompadour

This design is a typical long top and short sides, but it looks unique because the cut and styling are very inventive. The haircut entails having taper fade at the back and sides and leaving some smooth and thin strands on the crown. You should then finish the look by lifting the strands at the front and brushing them back smoothly.

# 34 Short and Spiky

This pompadour looks fabulous and it is also unique. To create it you should chop your strands short and use some gel or pomade to create some spikes and give the sides a zero fade to complete the look.

# 35 Up and Front Swept Bangs

Although this headdress has a typical long top with fading on the sides, the styling makes it look unique. To copy it you only need to sweep the locks at the front up and then brush the rest frontwards to form a unique pompadour.

# 36 Layered and Textured

The movement and texture on this hairdo are just splendid, and they make this hair look very stylish and modern. To create the look, you should taper the locks from the top but make the ones on the crown longer than the rest before finishing with a layered sweep back.

# 37 Sharp Skin Fade

What you do on the short sides is as important as the style at the top when it comes to creating a modern pompadour haircut. This design has a sharp skin fade that complements the side part and comb-over at the top to create a funky and trendy design.

# 38 Trendy Redhead Pomp

Hair color is also an important element of chic hairdos, and it is one of the things that make this design trendy. The cut is also fabulous, and it entails chopping the sides short and leaving some short textured bangs in the crown that you should style with an upsweep.

# 39 Flawless Classic Pompadour

Pompadours have been around for many years, and this style is what you would see in the 50’s and 60’s when the style was at the peak of its popularity. However, the side part on the side and the zero fade give it a modern touch.

# 40 Sleek Side Sweep

This hairdo is very easy to create because you only need to give your traditional pomp a slight side sweep. Apart from this the style also has a hard side part and a nice fade on the sides and back.

# 41 Extreme and Neat Tapering

It is possible to have a pompadour headdress and still maintain a decent length throughout the head like in this style. To achieve this, you need to taper the strands at the back and sides to connect them with the facial whiskers and then give the ones at the top a lift and a sweep back.

# 42 Feathered Slick Back and Undercut

The bangs on this hairstyle are feather light, and they create a very innovative pompadour style. This hairdo involves chopping the sides and back short to create a faded undercut and then sweeping the feather locks over the undercut.

# 43 Small Quiff with Hard Part Skin Fade

Although this design only maintains a couple of inches of hair it still looks very refined. The short hair on the crown creates a sleek quiff that you should complement with a hard side part and skin fading.

# 44 Low Key Pomp

If you do not want a style that will make a huge statement, you should go for a simple pompadour like this one. To create this look, you should leave a long hair at the top and style it with a lift, make it wavy and finish with a high fade on the sides.

# 45 Perfectly Shaped and Modernized

A pompadour haircut like this one will require some skill to get it right. It entails giving the long strands at the top a nice height and sweeping them back smoothly. You should then finish the design with a nice fade on the sides.

# 46 Choppy and Messy

This stylish hairdo consists of some uneven locks on the crown and a taper fade on the sides. You should upsweep the locks at the front and sweep the rests to the front in messy and subtle layers.

# 47 Movable and Textured Bangs

Textures make hair look very trendy, and it is one of the things that make this a refined hairdo. These strands also have a fantastic movement and a stylish taper cut that maintains some length throughout the head, and you only need to sweep them back in a slight mess to finish the look.

# 48 Mohawk Pomp with Sharp Fade

Mohawks are one of those styles that will always be in trend. The one in this design has a smooth pompadour design and a sharp zero fade on the sides that make it look very classy.

# 49 Super Cute Faux Hawk

A pompadour can also create a stylish faux hawk like this one, and you only need to give it an extra volume at the top and texture. You should then create a soft side part and hard razor one below it to create a sexy design.

# 50 Double Side Part and High Pomp

This glamorous hairdo entails leaving a long and thick mane at the top that you should style with a lift and a fade on the sides. Double razor lines on the sides are the only other thing that you need to complete the design.

# 51 Thick and Uniform Vintage Pompadour

This picture is from John Travolta’s younger years when the pompadour haircut was in trend. He keeps a uniform length throughout the head, but he gives his thick mane a slight lift at the front to create the pomp-like design.

# 52 Exaggerated Curly Pomp

Johnny Depp has always been a trendsetter, and this design is from the musical Cry-Baby. Here he has a sleek pompadour but with some exaggerated curls at the front hanging over his forehead.

# 53 Classic with Taper and Side Part

Justin Timberlake can wear any hairstyle that he wants and still look stunning. In this gorgeous style, he has a classic pompadour with a soft side part and a simple taper on the side that adds some beauty to the side-swept top.

# 54 Wavy Slick Back

The pompadour is not always about having short sides and a long top, and this style proves this beyond doubt. Here Brad Pitt has a smooth wavy hair throughout and he styles it with a sweep back and by giving the front a slight lift.

# 55 Easy Pompadour Undercut

Men with a symmetrical face shape like Adam Levine can wear any hairstyle that they want. Here he has a pompadour at the top and a tapered undercut on the sides, and the only thing that he needs for a refined look is to sweep back the locks on the crown.

# 56 Messy and Spiky Locks

This hairdo maintains some long spiky locks on the top and tapered sides. It is another perfect design for men with symmetrical face shapes and it makes Robert Pattison look glamorous, and he only needs to run his fingers through the hair to give it a slight mess.

# 57 Textured Pomp, Side Part, and Taper

It is hard to keep track of David Beckham’s hairstyles because he is always coming up with something new. In this design, he has a classic pompadour with an extra height at the top, a side part and a fabulous taper fade on the sides.

# 58 Sweet Choppy Bangs

Zac Efron would look gorgeous even if he were to shave his head bald. In this style, he keeps some textured bangs choppy bangs throughout the head. For styling, he gives the locks at the front a slight lift and side sweep while also brushing the strands on the sides and back sideways to make them look shorter than the top.

# 59 Tapered Pomp

Simplicity is the key to creating an elegant hairdo like this one. Here Chris Pine only has to taper the sides of his hair while leaving longer locks on the crown that he finishes by lifting and sweeping them to the sides and back in a wavy pattern.

# 60 Rockabilly Pompadour

This famous pompadour haircut is what most modern ones take inspiration from and it was popularized by Elvis Presley. In this style, he has a thick mane with a nice height at the front and some smooth waves that make it look very classy.

A pompadour haircut is timeless, and it is the kind of style that will always make a man look classy and elegant. This gallery provides you with 60 different ways of wearing it. Look through for some ideas and inspiration on how you can wear one.

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