45 Impressive Military Haircut Ideas – Neat and Classy Gentleman Cuts

For many years the military haircut was a preserve of military personnel, but this has been changing in recent years. Any man that wants to wear a stylish haircut can now try one of these designs even if they are not serving. Most of these cuts are short and neat meaning they require minimal maintenance which is perfect for most men. And if you do not want to give them the strict military look you can always spice them up with some razor lines. Go through the pictures below for some inspiration on how you can wear this cut.

# 1 Skin Faded Comb Over

This cute hairdo involves leaving a long and thick mane on the crown and skin fading the sides and back. You should give the short sides a skin fade and comb over the top to complete the elegant design.

# 2 Classic Taper Cut

To create this classic cut, you will need the services of a barber that knows how to use the clipper skillfully. It is a military hairdo that involves leaving some neat strands at the top, forming a side part and tapering the sides neatly.

# 3 Side Parted Pompadour

A classic pompadour like this one will make you look and feel refined. It entails lifting and brushing back the smooth strands at the top to form a pompadour. You should then give it a side part and finish with a clean tapering on the sides.

# 4 Flat Top and Bald Fade

You only need to maintain about an inch of hair at the top and chop it flat to create this look. You should then enhance it with a smooth or bald fade on the sides.

# 5 Mid Faded Butch Cut

The uniformity of the butch cut is what makes it an attractive military haircut. This particular one also has a precise line-up at the front hairline and zero fade on the sides and back that makes it look magnificent.

# 6 Short Taper Cut

Although this haircut looks very distinct, it is a simple taper cut, but it is longer than the regular ones. It also has a medium zero fade on the sides and back that gives it an extra-neat appearance.

# 7 Undercut Modern Pomp

The large pompadour design at the top section of this hairdo looks amazing, and it demonstrates just how versatile this clean classic design can get. Apart from the thick and backswept mane at the top you also need to undercut and do some skin fading the sides.

# 8 Sharp and Clean Faded

A military haircut should always be neat and simple like this one. The style maintains less than half an inch of hair on the crown, but the sharp fade on the sides and line-up at the front are what makes this a top notch design.

# 9 Lined-Up Burr Cut

If you would like to wear a buzz-like cut that is slightly longer, the burr cut is what you should try. This adorable one is not only uniform and neat, but it also has a skillful line-up at the front and a skin fade on the sides that makes it look stunning.

# 10 Comb Over Quiff

Knowing how to work with your hair type is the only secret to a clean and elegant headdress. This adorable design maintains a thick patch of hair at the top while the sides are buzzed short. The only other important thing that you need is to apply some gel on the hair and comb it over into a cute quiff.

# 11 Nice and Clean Fade

The beauty of this design is all in the clean fading and the way the strands blend to create a uniform and neat appearance. However, the strands at the top also have a lovely wavy appearance.

# 12 High Temp Fade

The natural and consistent waves on this haircut look fantastic. This design entails chopping the strands short and to an almost equal length and then giving them a high temp fading on the sides.

# 13 Retro Pomp with Bald Fade

It is impossible to go wrong with a retro pompadour like this one as it will always transform your hair into something majestic. This pompadour has a hard razor line on the sides, a taper cut below it and a bald fade on the sides and back.

# 14 Class Ginger Head

You will probably not see any military man with artificial color on his hair, but this should not stop you from having a beautiful shade like this ginger on your cut. Apart from the color the strands also have a nice comb over cut at the top with a line-up and taper fade.

# 15 Scissor Perfection

The tapering at the back of this cut is fantastic, and it shows just how adorable a scissor cut cam make you look. This headdress also has a nice fade, and you should style by brushing back the strands at the top and blending them with the tapered section for a uniform finish.

# 16 Stunning Wavy Side Brush

Although this hairstyle has an excellent skin fade on the sides, its elegance comes from the styling of the long strands at the top. To style them you should form a smooth side-swept wave with a small and back swept patch of hair at the front.

# 17 Front Swept Crop Cut

Every man can wear this haircut as it is very straightforward. To form it you should maintain some short cropped strands at the top and shave the sides and back to a bald level before finishing by front sweeping the strands on top.

# 18 Tight and Spiky Top

There is more to a stylish military haircut than just making it neat and straightforward. In this design, you should also make the tight top spiky for a trendy look and give the sides a bald fade.

# 19 Gel Shape Up

Here is another cut that demonstrates the importance of styling your military hairdo inventively. It has some thick and wavy strands ion the crown that you should shape up with some gel and an old school blade fade on the sides.

# 20 Easy Slick Back

Bald fading the sides and leaving a soft natural hair at the top are all that you need to create this fancy headdress. The only other thing or the last step is to brush back the stands on the crown smoothly.

# 21 Elegant Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are one of the few that will look good on any man that can form them neatly. The one on this hairdo is very straightforward, but it has a beautiful outline and line-up that make it look extra-chic.

# 22 Mohawk-Inspired Military Cut

This look is what you get when you combine a traditional military cut with a mohawk. It entails leaving a thick and backswept hair in the middle of the head, giving it a side part and finishing with a skin taper fade on the sides.

# 23 Side Sweep with Razor Fade

Quality pomade and a skillful razor fade are what will give you this beautiful headdress. The cut is very simple as you only need to leave a few inches of hair at the top and style it with a side part and by sweeping the strands to the sides smoothly.

# 24 High and Spiky

You will not even need to use gel or pomade to form the spikes in this design if you have a textured hair. To wear this look, you should keep the strands on the top long and upswept and give the sides a fresh and uniform fade.

# 25 Undercut Pomp

The close trimmed undercut on the sides of this hairdo is glamorous, but the style would not be complete without the sleek pompadour design at the top. Apart from this, the strands also have a dazzling golden blonde shade that also adds to their elegance.

# 26 Feathered and Back Swept Bangs

Texture and volume are what makes the bangs at the top of this hairdo stunning. Apart from these fancy locks, the headdress also has a buzzed undercut on the sides, and you should style it by sweeping back the locks at the top over the undercut.

# 27 Cute Brush Back

A military haircut like this one does not require a lot of effort to create, but it is still very stylish. It involves giving the sides a uniform fade and leaving some smooth strands at the top that you should style with a soft slick to the side on the back.

# 28 Fashionable and Neat Slick Back

If you prefer to wear a smart and stylish military design but with a modern touch, this is the style for you. It is a straightforward design that entails skin fading the sides and leaving some soft strands on the upper section that you should design with  slick combed back.

# 29 Sexy and Spiky

Getting the right cut is the first step in creating a refined look but you still have to style it inventively. For this design, you should do this by using gel or pomade to form some short and neat spikes at the top.

# 30 Blurry Fade and Pomp

Everything from the blurry fade on the sides to the elegant pompadour on this hairdo is charming. The design also has a hard razor line that forms a lovely disconnection between the fade and pompadour.

# 31 Soft and Simple

This military haircut involves leaving some sweet and neat strands at the top that you only need to brush with a slight lift. The sides are short and with an impeccable skin fade that also enhances the overall appearance.

# 32 Chic Military Spikes

You do not have to leave a long, dull hair at the top to form a military hairdo because spicing it up with some nice spikes and buzz fading the sides like in this cut can still give you a polished and decent appearance.

# 33 Retro Front Sweep

This 90’s cut will still make you look adorable, and it is also not a complicated design to replicate. To wear this look, you should maintain some textured and wavy locks at the top and skin taper the sides. You should then complete the look by sweeping the locks at the top to the front and over the forehead.

# 34 Razor Line Comb Over

The hard razor line on the side of this headdress is not just decorative because it is what makes this design possible. Without the line, the fancy comb-over at the top would not be possible. However, the hairdo also has a nice skin fade that adds some beauty to the cut.

# 35 Flawless Military Quiff

It is hard to describe this cut because it is just fabulous. However, you can replicate it effortlessly by leaving some long strands at the top, forming a side part and combing them over into a little and flawless quiff. You should also give the rest of the head a zero fade to finish the design.

# 36 Funky Front Sweep

Once you have your short strands at the top, you still need to style them, and for this design, you have to brush them forward and give the sides and back a clean bald fade.

# 37 High and Brushed Back

This haircut will only work for men with a thick mane because you cannot achieve the style at the top with a thin one. The design entails lifting the strands at the top and brushing back the rest to create a large pomp-like design. You also need to give the side a smooth buzz fade to enhance your headdress.

# 38 Skin Taper Cut

To create this adorable design you should trim the strands at the top short and style them into a side swept and neat wave. The sides should be shorter than the top, and you should give them a skin taper fade to blend with the strands on the upper section.

# 39 Clean and Classic Sweep Back

Tapering is the best way to makes the side and back short while still ensuring that they blend with the top. In this design, the strands have a skin taper on the sides and back and a thick mane in the upper part that you should style with a slight lift at the front and by brushing it back.

# 40 Adorable Side Slick

This design might not look anything like the traditional military haircut, but it still creates an attractive style. To replicate it you should chop the side to a short and uniform length and leave some soft and smooth strands at the top that you should design with a side-slick.

# 41 Chic Butch Cut

Butch cut is a neat design that is ideal for men that prefer to maintain a uniform length throughout the head. It is an all-around clipper cut that will make any man look classy, and if you give it a line-up like in this one, you will have an elegant design that requires minimal maintenance.

# 42 Sassy Taper Side Sweep

Not every man is comfortable with a regular long top and short sides design, and if you are one of them, this is the ideal cut for you. It is a classic taper cut that maintains a proper length throughout with the top being slightly longer. The design also has a side razor line, and you should style the strands in the upper part by sweeping them sideways.

# 43 Slicked and Faded Headdress

Leaving a long top and fading the sides is not enough to create a stylish military haircut as you still need to style it well. In this fancy hairdo, you should apply some gel or pomade to the long strands and style them with a side-slick to produce a refined appearance.

# 44 Sweet Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is one of those designs that require no maintenance at all, and it makes a man look impeccable. And if you give it a line-up and clean skin fade like in this design you can be confident of a head-turning appearance.

# 45 Gorgeous Spiked Hawk

A bald fading on the side and some short spiky middle strands are what define this design. The spiky strands also have a slight lift, and you will need to use a quality hold product to form them.

The military haircut is timeless, and it will never go out of trend. Whether you prefer extra short or medium size hairdo, this cut will work for you, and it is an excellent choice for men that want to wear a neat formal headdress.

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