30 Cool Parisian Style Ideas – Trendy Urban Styling

Do you admire the Parisian style? Most people around the world desire to have that cool Parisian look. The style has some rules to it, something that makes it quite a challenge to pull off. There are a whole lot of cool ideas on the internet regarding the style. Below, we look at 30 inspirational ideas to help you pull off that sexy Parisian style that will make you stand out.

# 1 Semi-Formal Winter Wear

Go semi-formal in the winter season with a charcoal grey classic-fit jacket and yellow sweater. Settle for a snow white button-down shirt and finish in style with black flat front pants. The result is a sexy look that will help you brave the chilling weather in style.

# 2 The Tourist Style

Embrace the Paris weather in a blue jean shirt that’s left unbuttoned at the top. Wear it with navy Calvin Klein shorts and go sock-less in snow-white sneakers. Take your luggage along for the perfect tourist look.

# 3 Retro Wear

Settle for a retro printed jacket that comes in black with blue accents on the armpits. Wear it with a grey deep neck t-shirt. Finish in a fade-style jean pants sporting a blue color. Upgrade your style with a pair of glasses.

# 4 Simple Casual Style

Go simple in a snow white t-shirt that fits tight on the skin. Pair this t-shirt with roll-up black pants. Complete the outfit by going sock-less in black sneakers that sport beige accents.

# 5 Monday Mood

Start your week in style with a dark grey turtleneck sweater. Give it the perfect match for blue jean pants rolled up slightly at the bottom. Finish tough in black leather combat boots.

# 6 Chic Combination

Get the chic combination of purple. Settle for a dim grey sweater that’s topped with a purple zippered coat. Add a vibrant purple printed scarf to shield you from the cold. Go for grey flannel pants finished with purple leather shoes sporting black accents.

# 7 Blue and Maroon Combo

Go for a sexy blue suit-up that provides that sleek modern fit. Wear with a sky-blue waistcoat and a polka-dot maroon pocket square. Finish in a maroon turtle neck sweater.

# 8 Man in Black

Walk the streets in style by sporting a black trench coat that has a woolen lining for maximum protection from the cold. Wear with a black striped t-shirt and add black pants that sport white pinstripes. Ditch the belt for a more casual look.

# 9 Braving the Chill

Withstand the chilling weather in a grey trench coat paired with a light blue hooded sweater. Match the outfit with black jean pants and a pair of sunglasses.

# 10 Yellow Flair

Go for a vibrant yellow sweater that sports a grey color on the upper. Wear the sweater with black jean pants that matches the color of the dark sunglasses on your eyes.

# 11 Suit-up

Go formal with a navy suit that provides that cool modern-fit style. Leave it unbuttoned to display that maroon turtle neck sweater on the inside. Settle for a light green pocket square. Match the cuffed pants with brown leather shoes and take along a brown briefcase to add some professionalism to your looks.

# 12 Trend Setter

Stay protected from the chilling weather by sporting some warm winter outfits. Settle for a grey trench coat and put on a multi-colored scarf around the neck. Pair the trench coat with black jean pants that fits snug. Finish in black leather Chelsea boots for that cool trendy look.

# 13 Classic Match

Go classic and flawless in that dim grey turtle neck sweater that gives you some extra warmth. Wear the sweater with a black leather jacket sporting that cool zippered closure. Put on tough jean pants that sport a dark shade of maroon. Match the jacket with glossy black leather shoes.

# 14 Winter Traveler

Travel the winter season in style. Sport a grey straight-collar sweater and top in a jungle green zippered jacket. Go for tight-fitting blue jean pants and wear jungle green ankle boots. Finish the traveler style with a shoulder bag that sports jungle green accents.

# 15 Wrapped Up

Get wrapped up in a cool winter wear that sports monochrome layers. Settle for a heavy black jacket and dim grey sweat pants. Add some light to the monochromatic outfit by sporting snow-white sneakers. Add a snow white shirt and wear a grey t-shirt over it for that cool casual style.

# 16 Black and White Combo

Settle for the cool contrast of a black and white outfit. Go for a slim-fit shirt that comes in snow white and leave the top button undone for extra swag. Wear the shirt with slim-fit black jean pants sporting a blue band on the sides. Go sock-less in black loafers and sport a black and white handbag for the perfect match.

# 17 White Transformation

Go snow white in a long-sleeve shirt and cuffed pants. Ditch the socks and settle for black shoes that create that cool contrast. Go for a dim grey backpack sporting black accents. Add a classic timepiece on the wrist and finish with a pair of sunglasses. The result is one cool outfit that’s got a nice sparkle to it.

# 18 Summer Outfit

Start the summer season in style by sporting a blue button up shirt. Roll up the sleeves and leave the top button undone for that flirty look. Wear the shirt with snow white pants and go sock-less in black loafers. Finish with sunglasses and a classic watch to the wrist.

# 19 Urban Cowboy

Settle for a cowboy outfit with tough denim long-sleeve shirt that’s rolled up on the sleeves for that casual look. Pair it with a brown waistcoat and add a vibrant red scarf for extra flair. Go for beige roll-up pants and go sock-less in brown wingtip shoes sporting blue accents. Add bracelets and a timepiece to complete your cowboy outfit.

# 20 Semi-Formal Suit Up

Satisfy your quest for adventure in a green modern-fit suit. Give it that semi-formal look by sporting rolled up sleeves. Wear the suit with a white t-shirt that creates that cool icy sparkle. Match the t-shirt with snow-white sneakers. Add a pair of glasses for that serious gentleman look. Finish with a timepiece and bracelets

# 21 Cool Shades of Grey

Settle for cool shades of grey sporting a charcoal trench coat. Wear it with a grey buttoned sweater and a snow-white shirt. Sport jeans pants and finish in snow white sneakers.

# 22 Street Style

Stand out in a black jacket that sports a white woolen lining to keep you warm. Match it with a navy shirt and grey roll-up jean pants. Complete the outfit in sock-less glossy black shoes.

# 23 Ripped Fashion

Add some extra swag to your casual outfit with ripped blue jean pants. Pair it with a sky blue jean shirt and sport tough combat ankle boot that comes in that sweet and delicate pink color. Add a pair of glasses and you’ll be good to go.

# 24 Casual Winter Wear

Dress to kill in a black trench coat that sports raised collars. Wear the trench coat with a sky blue shirt and settle for black roll-up pants. Go for brown leather shoes worn with navy socks. Take your bag and be ready to embark on your journey.

# 25 Timeless Business Outfit

Go for that professional businessman outfit. Make it sexy and formal with a grey modern-fit suit. Settle for a snow white shirt worn with a black tie. Go for black leather shoes and a Vanquish Briefcase made of premium quality full grain leather.

# 26 Black Suit-Up

Go dark and formal in a black modern-fit suit. Keep it looking sharp by wearing with a black shirt and black tie. The result is a cool monochromatic suit up that looks trendy.

# 27 Gentleman Style

Sport a casual gentleman outfit featuring a blue plaid shirt and a blue hooded jacket that has a light green lining. Go for grey roll-up pants secured with a brown leather belt. Add some socks and slip in brown wingtip shoes with blue accents to them.

# 28 Chic Business Style

Stand out in a sky blue shirt and wear it with a bow tie. Settle for a blue classic jacket and sport white roll-up pants. Go for brown wingtip shoes and finish in a maroon briefcase for that chic businessman look.

# 29 In Shape

Sport a cool tourist style featuring a pink t-shirt and ripped Diesel jean shorts. Go sock-less in blue polka-dot sneakers and top everything in a beige hat.

# 30 Killer Outfit

Look sexy and fresh in floral printed shirt and shorts. Undo the top button and create some cool contrast with black Gucci loafers on the feet.

Parisian style is a great way to pull off that cool urban outfit that looks chic and trendy. In case you’re looking for some cool ideas regarding cool urban wear, feel free to experiment with one of these inspirational ideas. You’ll surely live to like them!

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