40 Cool Button Down Shirts Ideas – The Trendy Casual Upgrades

Button down shirts are those that sport a small button that function to keep the collar fastened to the shirt. They are specially designed for casual wear or the business-casual environment. Inspired by polo players, the shirts provide a perfect match for many different combinations. In this article, we look at 40 cool ideas on how to style button down shirts.

# 1 Cool Denim Combination

Settle for a cool combination that sports a denim shirt and ripped denim jean pants. Ditch the belt and go for a charcoal grey trench coat sporting a black and white pocket square with that vibrant red lining.

# 2 Sexy Match

Go for a beige shirt and match it with beige Chelsea boots on the feet. Settle for the tough look of black jean pants and add a brown trench coat to shield you from the cold weather.

# 3 Everyday Outfit

Stand out in a sexy everyday outfit sporting a dim grey shirt and a snow white t-shirt on the inside. Match the shirt with black pants and top the outfit in a camouflage green canvas jacket sporting a soft lining on the collar.

# 4 Cuffed Short-Sleeve

Go for a blue short-sleeve plaid shirt sporting cuffed sleeves and slits to the sides. Wear with a white t-shirt on the inside and settle for navy sweatpants. Ditch the socks and put snow-white sneakers on the feet.

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# 5 Staff Styling

Be the center of attention in the workplace by sporting a plaid shirt that’s left unbuttoned at the top to display that cool snow white t-shirt. Go for beige pants matched with beige suede shoes. Finish in a grey sweater.

# 6 Street Style

Go colorful in a checkered short-sleeve shirt sporting rolled up sleeves. Leave the top button undone and settle for blue pants secured with a dark brown belt. Match the color of the belt with that of the shoes and ditch the socks.

# 7 The Color Melt

Look great in a plaid shirt that sports that bleached effect starting from the middle to the bottom. Roll up the sleeves and finish with blue ripped jean pants to create a cool rock-style outfit.

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# 8 Fall Wear

Embrace the fall with in style with a green shirt matched with sky blue jean pants. Add a black trench coat on top and finish with brown leather shoes.

# 9 Aztec Navy

Sport the vintage look of Aztec Navy shirt. Match the shirt with ripped blue jean pants that sport a faded look at the front. Pair the outfit with a cool pair of sunglasses.

# 10 Roll-Up and Plaid Combo

Settle for a beautiful plaid shirt sporting shades of red and black. Give it the casual match of ripped blue jean pants rolled up at the bottom. Complete the outfit in black sneakers remembering to ditch the socks.

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# 11 Authentic Wear

Brave the cold in a denim shirt and black canvas pants. Match the pants with leather shoes sporting that dark shade of blue. Get extra warmth by sporting a plaid tweed coat that comes in shades of grey and brown.

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# 12 Tough Wear

Go for a tough outfit sporting a long-sleeve denim shirt with that cool ripped design. Match the shirt with beige cuffed pants and tough Chelsea suede boots on the feet. Finish in a brown jacket and flip up the collars for more swag.

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# 13 Paisley Weekend Style

Settle for a black and blue paisley shirt. Give it the perfect combination of dark green rolled up jean pants that sit tight on the skin. Match the pants with dark green socks that slip into blue and dark green wingtips. Finish in a dark green winter coat sporting a white woolen lining on the collar.

# 14 Cool Retro Print

Go for a retro printed shirt that makes a perfect wear for a wooden day. Let its grey and green shades make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

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# 15 Autumn Wear

Settle for a floral printed denim shirt that comes in sky blue. Leave the buttons undone to expose the snow white t-shirt. Finish in tight-fitting rolled up denim pants that sport a dark green shade. Ditch the socks and add glossy leather shoes on the feet.

# 16 Vintage Style

Stand out in a paisley shirt that sports retro imprints of black and white. Take pride in its short-sleeve design and deep lapels that expose your bare chest. Settle for cuffed beige pants and go sock-less in black leather shoes sporting beige striped soles. Add a black hat on the head and you’re good to go.

# 17 Urban Style

Go for an upgraded casual outfit sporting a black denim shirt that’s worn with a white t-shirt sporting black stripes. Match with beige sweatpants and add black socks worn with snow white sneakers. Top the outfit in a maroon grey woolen hat.

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# 18 Great Summer Wear

Settle for a sky blue short-sleeve shirt that sports shallow lapels and beautiful floral imprints. Wear the shirt with blue roll-up jean pants designed to provide a tight fit. Go sock-less in glossy black wingtips sporting brown and beige striped soles.

# 19 Timeless Blue Batik

Go the Indonesian style with a blue batik shirt that sports cool leafy prints. Settle for a short sleeve design to provide a perfect display of your tattooed arms.

# 20 Beige and Blue Combo

Stand out in a short-sleeve shirt sporting sky blue and beige stripes. Pair the shirt with beige pants to upgrade your style.

# 21 Gentleman Style

Go for a designer printed long-sleeve shirt left unbuttoned at the top. Give it the perfect combo of black jean pants to create that stylish gentleman look.

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# 22 Seaman Wear

Rock in style with a sky blue long-sleeve shirt. Go for black Gaba pants that sport that wide fit. Finish in a beige fisherman’s coat.

# 23 Floral Paisley

Look great in a floral paisley shirt that sports light brown and dark shades. Stand out in the light brown band sported on the collars, pocket and folds.

# 24 Brains Shirt

Settle for a black short-sleeve shirt sporting that cuffed design and beautiful brain imprints that come in white. The shirt looks good when paired with black pants.

# 25 Friday Vibes

Go for the ultimate Friday vibes – a short-sleeve shirt sporting beautiful coffee imprints. Button it up completely and finish with blue jean pants.

Button down shirts let you go casual in style. You can pair it with other informal outfits to upgrade your look. Try to experiment with the above ideas and sport that top-class casual look that will make you stand out.

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40 Cool Button Down Shirts Ideas – The Trendy Casual Upgrades

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