25 Cool Armani Suit Ideas – Trendy Celebrity Styling for 2018

Armani has grown to become a global brand in the world of suits. Armani suits are a perfect choice for those looking for a fashion piece that’s seductive and sexy. Armani suit is one designer wear that has enthralled many, especially in the celebrity world. Below are 25 inspirational ideas that will make you stand out in this suit.

# 1 Vintage Mix and Match Suit Up

Sport that retro mix and match wear sporting a paisley blazer and a grey turtleneck sweater. Finish by settling for plaid pants that sport grey and green checks.

# 2 Made-to-Measure Tuxedo

Go for the contemporary look of a black tuxedo and keep it formal by sporting a black bow tie. Add a white pocket square and match with a white shirt for that sexy sparkle.

# 3 Midnight Blue Tuxedo

Embrace the red carpet events or night-outs in a modern-fit black tuxedo that sports a white pocket square. Add a white long-sleeve shirt and finish the outfit in a navy blue pin dot bow tie.

# 4 Spring/Summer Suit Up

Sport a modern-fit dark grey suit that looks great on those that like to travel a lot. Settle for light pink pocket square. Ditch the tie and finish in a grey patterned shirt.

# 5 Formal Suit Ensemble

Settle for a cool formal combination featuring a black suede jacket that’s got leather accents. Sport a white shirt that’s got a dark grey band and the bottom and wear with a black bow tie. Complete the outfit in dark grey pants.

# 6 Formal Black Tuxedo Suit Up

Scott Eastwood goes formal in a black tuxedo that’s paired with a white shirt. He adds more to the formality by sporting a black tie.

# 7 Premiere Wear

Dapper Benedict Cumberbatch stands out in a navy velvet made-to-measure tuxedo. He sports the same material for the waistcoat and add a charcoal shirt and grey tie. He finishes it clean and sharp with dark grey flat-front pants.

# 8 Relaxed Tailoring

Sport a tailored relaxed winter wear featuring a brown textured jacket that’s paired with a matching waistcoat. Finish by sporting relaxed grey pants and brown suede shoes.

# 9 Unique Futuristic Edge

Settle for that futuristic reflective trim sporting a slim-fit dark gray suit that’s got white speckles on it and velvety accents. Wear with a dim grey tie and light charcoal grey shirt.

# 10 Printed Fall/Winter Style

Go for a classic wear that sports a black windowpane suit. Match with a scaly printed grey t-shirt and finish cool in slip-ons.

# 11 Black Reflective Suit Up

Stand out in a black fall suit that’s got white reflective speckles to it. Keep it dark by pairing with a black shirt and ditch the tie.

# 12 Printed Summer Casuals

Settle for a blue and black printed jacket paired with white and black printed shirt. Sport that casual mix and match look by settling for blue pants. Upgrade this casual outfit by completing in a blue printed hat that features a brown band.

# 13 Cool and Rugged

Make it cool and rugged in a sharkskin textured jacket that’s paired with a matching waistcoat. Wear with relaxed pants and complete in a black hat that adds some vintage look to your style.

# 14 Grey Blending

Go for a grey variation in your casual suit. Settle for a grey glen check jacket and wear with an off-white shirt. Ditch the tie to give it that extra casual look and sport beige-grey pleated pants.

# 15 Navy Blue Tuxedo with Velvet Lapels

Neymar Jr goes for a special navy blue tuxedo that sports velvet lapels. He adds a velvet waistcoat on the inside and creates the sparkle of a white shirt. The footballer keeps it cool with a black printed bow tie and black hat.

# 16 Custom Styling

Andy Samberg decides to settle for a customized wear that makes him stand out in the Emmy awards. He sports a textured black jacket paired with black flat front pants. He upgrades the look in a white shirt that’s worn with a polka dot bow tie.

# 17 Black Winter Layering

Get some warmth and style in a classic winter layering. Sport a black velvet suit that doesn’t sport a breast pocket. Wear the suit with a black knit turtleneck sweater.

# 18 Spring Casuals

Stand out in a grey sharkskin jacket. Go casual by wearing with a grey cardigan and light gray sweater. Finish in light gray pants and matching light gray sneakers.

# 19 Sharp Suit Up

Sport the 2015 cruise collection featuring a sharp dim gray suit. Pair this modern-fit suit with a plaid shirt that’s got blue and white checks. Ditch the lapel pin and complete in a black tie.

# 20 Black Suit Up and Gingham Combo

Harrison Ford goes for a perfect trim sporting a black suit. He decides to ditch the tie and finish with a white gingham shirt that has grey checks on it.

# 21 Tie-Less Black Tuxedo

Adam Levine adds some style to his performance. He achieves this by sporting a black tuxedo that’s got velvet lapels. He wears it with a white tie-less shirt and finishes in glossy black leather shoes.

# 22 Corduroy Suit Up

Ditch away the light suit up styling and instead go for a heavier option. Settle for a corduroy suit that’s paired with a waistcoat of the same material and texture. Wear the suit with a pencil shirt and black tie.

# 23 Evening Capsule

Sport the new evening capsule – a black tuxedo that’s got some smooth texturing to it. Settle for velvet lapels and sport a black pocket square. Add a white shirt to create some light in your outfit and finish with a black velvet bow tie.

# 24 Grand Modern Suit Up

Tom Cruise adds something extra to his charming looks by sporting a navy blue modern-fit suit. He pairs the suit with a white shirt and keeps it modern by finishing with a grey tie.

# 25 Grey Summer Suit Up

Embrace the summer season in a grey twill suit sporting that modern fit. Give it the perfect match for a navy green shirt and add a tie sporting beige and black parallel diagonal stripes.

Armani suits are a great way of making it high in the world of fashion. These are suits that give you that iconic look – a look that will surely drive your admirers crazy. Give one of these cool ideas a try and add more edge to your style.

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