50 Cool Ideas For Black Men With Beards – Making It Neat And Trendy

There are lots of ideas for black men with beards? But the big question is – does all of them have what it takes to give you that cool trendy look? Definitely not. And it’s for that reason that I’ve taken time to research the most popular styles that make a perfect match for black men with beards. Below are 50 cool ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd.

# 1 Spade with Pencil Mustache

Go for that sweet spade look that sports a medium height. Give it a nice razor outline on the sides and thin the lineup into that cool spiky look. Go for a pencil mustache that creates that perfect complement.

# 2 Light Tapered Spade

Settle for a spade beard that sports a light taper along the edges of the sides. Trim the mustache into that sweet pencil shape and add some hair gel to create that glossy look in the beard.

# 3 Boxed with Light Trimmed Sides

Start with a light trim on the sides and bring them up into a narrow outline. Give the front that cool boxed cut that blends perfectly with the pencil mustache. Ditch the outline to give the style a more natural look.

# 4 Thick Spade

Go for a thick beard that sports that gelled look. Give it a light trim on the sides and shape into a cool spade. Finish in style with a pencil mustache and bring up the lineup into a zero fade.

# 5 Low Chinstrap

Give the sides a high razor fade to create a narrow and low chinstrap that runs along the jawline. Give it a light trim to create a cool contrast with the front. Sport a pyramid mustache to add to the sexy look of this style.

# 6 Textured Zero Fade Taper

Go for a tapered look that sports a light trim to the sides. Bring it up into a zero fade on the beard lineup. Give the neck area a clean razor cut and sport that cool pencil mustache.

# 7 Preppy Spade

Go for a thick yet preppy spade that sports a light trim to the sides. Maintain the thickness to the beard lineup and match the height with a full brush-style mustache. Finish with a razor outline to the sides.

# 8 Thick with Straight Neckline

Stand out in thick, light trimmed sides that are given the sharp look of a straight neckline. Shape the front into a spade-like style ensuring to make the strands loose for that soft touch. Complete this beard style with a pencil mustache.

# 9 Curly with Light Trimmed Sides

Adding some texture and curls to your beard is a great way of giving you that sexy look that will turn heads. Take it an extra mile with a light trim to the sides and finish with a normal mustache.

# 10 Extended Spade

If length matters a lot, then a spade beard with an extended front might be a perfect match. Give it the perfect match of a pyramid mustache and a cool lineup that sports a zero fade. Go for a light trim at the sides and create some sparkle with silvery highlights at the front.

# 11 Kinky with Zero Fade Lineup

Here’s a perfect way to spicing up your kinky beard. Tease the front by combing into soft longer strands. Give the front a taper on the chin and leave the sides natural. Go for a thin pencil-style mustache and finish with a zero fade that runs high along the lineup.

# 12 Pear-Shaped Boxed Beard

This is a perfect beard style for those with sharp angular faces. Make it thick from the lineup down to the front creating that bushy yet neat chinstrap. Connect it to the boxed front that sports a soul patch and mustache.

# 13 Textured Spade with Dipping Mustache

Stand out in the sweet look of a textured spade that is given the classic twist of expert trimming to the sides. Sport a thick disconnected mustache that dips down to connect to the beard.

# 14 Extended Goatee

Upgrade the looks of your beard with some texture. Leave the sides fuller and give a comb to the front to create that cool goatee. Let the lineup end in a zero fade and let the style rock in a normal mustached disconnected from the beard.

# 15 Neat Full Beard

Go for a full beard that sports that clean and neat trim. Tease the front into that wedge look and sport a razor outline that runs high on the sides. Connect the beard to your pencil mustache and make everything cool with a clean razor shave to the neck area.

# 16 Jawline Chinstrap with Goatee

Let it run along the jawline and make a razor outline for that neat look. Finish with a goatee to blend with the narrow, perfectly trimmed mustache.

# 17 Asymmetrical Cut

Create more drama by giving your thick beard that unbalanced look. But first, apply some gel to create that shiny look. Create a taper on the sides and trim one side shorter for that creative unbalanced look.

# 18 Tapered Long Stubble

Make it soft with some texture and give it that long stubble that sports a tapered cut on the sides. Sport the sexy look of a soul patch and match it with a pyramid mustache. Finish by ending the lineup in a skin fade.

# 19 Combed Arab Style

Share in the Arab world with a combed beard that longer at the front. Let it dip straight down and sit flush with the bushy mustache. Make it stand out with a light trim to the beard lineup.

# 20 Neat Boxed Beard

Add some texture for more effect and shape your full beard into a boxed style. Give it a tight trim and a narrow taper for that cool professional look.

# 21 Creative Spade

Separate yourself from the crowd with some little creativity to your spade beard. Make the sides narrower by giving them a short trim. Let them bulge out into a fuller front that has more visual volume to it.

# 22 Narrow Chinstrap with Goatee

Go short in your goatee and connect it effortlessly to the narrow chinstrap that runs along the jawline. Rock it with a disconnected mustache that’s trimmed to a shorter height.

# 23 Dapper Bossy Style

Trim down your full beard to medium height. Give it that nice rounded look along the edges at the front. Let it connect to the mustache and keep it neat and clean with a razor outline to the sides.

# 24 Short Goatee with Thin Chinstrap

Sometimes volume doesn’t matter a lot. All you have to do is keep it neat and simple. Just make a narrow chinstrap that drops straight from the lineup following the jawline. Connect it to a short goatee and combine with the mustache to create that classic look.

# 25 Faded Spade

Go for a sharp fade to the sides and lineup letting the beard sit thick along the jawline. Tease the front by trimming into that spade shape and connect to the mustache to create one sweet style for a gentleman.

# 26 Classic Chin Taper

Most beard styles usually sport a taper on the sides. Make yours different by letting it sit at the front area of the chin. Match it to the height of the mustache for that cool look. Trim the rest of the beard to medium height and ensure to make a nice razor outline for that clean finish.

# 27 Stocky Goatee with Chinstrap

A goatee doesn’t always have to be that sharp and edgy. You can give yours that sexy stocky look that covers the entire chin. Connect it to the mustache and add the classic look of a narrow chinstrap.

# 28 Tapered Up

Give you medium beard that creative look with a tapered cut that sits high on the sides. Make a light trim on the chin to give it that slanted look that connects effortlessly to the soul patch. Finish with a trimmed mustache that matches the height of the soul patch and the light taper along the hairline.

# 29 Sexy Soul Patch with Disconnected Mustache

Go for a light trim to the sides of your medium stubble. Let the beard follow the natural outline and finish with some texture sported on the mustache and soul patch.

# 30 Sharp On-Point

Go for those nice oval edges at the front and let them transition to a tapered light trim on the sides. Let the beard grow to the lips and connect to the mustache for that tight classic look. Make a straight neckline and finish with a razor outline to the sides.

# 31 Natural with Light Trim

Settle for a natural beard style that sports a cool duck-tail look at the chin. Make it extra sharp with a pencil mustache and tame it a little bit with some light trimming at the lower part of the lineup. Let the lineup end in a clean skin fade.

# 32 High Tapered Spade

A spade beard looks sexy. However, you can upgrade it further with some high taper to the sides. Add a pencil mustache with some grey highlights to the chin for that sexy finish.

# 33 Highlighted Spade

Add to the precision of your spade by sporting that perfect outline and a flawless connection to the mustache. Add some flair to the dark shade with some intense grey highlights. Let the mustache retain that dark shade for a more sexy contrast.

# 34 Tight Lipped

Let the mustache and the beard sit tight around the lips. Give the thick beard a perfect trim at the chin to create those cool rounded edges. Finish with a light trim that sits on the sides.

# 35 Classic Shave

Go for that stocky spade that adds some volume to the chin. Connect to the mustache and give it that tight trim. Drop it to shorter trimmed sides and let it end in a skin fade on the beard lineup.

# 36 Sharp Spade

Go for a high precision cut to pull off that sharp spade that sports a smooth slant at the chin. Let the bottom sit flat and finish with a tapered cut on the sides.

# 37 Youthful Goatee

Here’s a great idea for youths who are starting to grow beards. Make it simple yet cool with a light goatee at the chin. Add to the sexy look of this style with a soul patch and a pencil mustache.

# 38 Coarse Medium Stubble

Go for a perfectly outlined stubble that sports that medium height. Don’t add any texture to give it that coarse look. Complete in style with a perfect connection to the mustache.

# 39 Gentleman Style

Create a perfect match for your curly textured hair – a short textured beard that sports shorter sides. Let the sides graduate to the slightly longer front and connect effortlessly to the mustache. Finish with a nice outline to the sides.

# 40 Neat with Volume

Make it a little more voluptuous but with a tight trim that creates that dense and stocky look. Go for a light trim to the sides to make them slightly shorter and create those rounded edges along the jawline and the chin. Finish by trimming the mustache into a thin short strip.

# 41 Sharp Boxed Style

Go for a natural texture and tame the sides to sit low. Let them connect to the bottom and pull off that sweet boxed style at the front. Make the chin slightly longer to create the illusion of a goatee.

# 42 Boxed with Soul Patch

Give people something to talk about by sporting a sexy boxed front that features a cool soul patch. Trim the mustache and the sides to make them shorter. Give the chin that preppy look and finish with a clean razor shave on the neck area.

# 43 Creative Boxed Style

Let the chin sit longer and trim it in such a way that it drops sharply. Thin the mustache to a narrow strip and bring it to connect to the beard. Let the sides of the front bulge out a bit and drop them to the lightly trimmed sides.

# 44 Triangular Sides

Create something of a geometric precision – triangular sides that area given that light trim to make them shorter. Pull off a boxed style at the front and ditch the soul patch. Leave the bottom slightly longer for that cool contrast.

# 45 Sharp Spade with Shorter Sides

Go for a sharp spade that accentuates your narrow angular face. Give it that tight trim and shave it short on the sides and lineup. Settle for a pencil mustache that connects everything in a classic way.

# 46 Classic Vibes

Make it longer at the chin and give it that sharp drop on the vertical. Trim the sides and the mustache shorter. Go for a grey highlight along the jawline and the chin for that classic finish.

# 47 Street Style

Go for thicker sideburns that narrow at the chin. Give the bottom a clean shave to the skin and finish with a cool pencil mustache that’s isolated from the beard.

# 48 Arabic Spade

Let it grow natural and at will. However, give it something extra with a light trim to the sides. Sport a skin fade on the lineup and extend the chin to connect to the soul patch.

# 49 Neat Textured Medium Stubble

Do away with that scruffy look by adding some texture to your medium stubble. Extend the texturing to the mustache and keep everything looking sharp with a razor outline to the sides.

# 50 Classic Blend

Stay away from that monotonous beard style by going for one that sports that cool blended look. Create a cool contrast in height with a longer front and shorter sides. Keep it tight and sweet with a mustache.

Black men with beards have a generous share of cool ideas to give them that cool and trendy look. And in case you’re a black man wearing that manly growth, then it’s high time that you give one of these cool inspirational ideas a try!

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