80 Awesome Lion Tattoo Designs – The Symbol of Glory and Power

Lion tattoo designs are among the coolest animal tattoos used by men for many years. Just like other animal images drawn on the body, the lion tattoos also have specific meaning and attributes. In fact, the lion tattoo is the mainstream among animal tattoos drawn on man’s body to represent different meanings. You choose to have the whole lion image drawn on your body or only just the head, but you need to understand the meaning of that image and the inspiration you get from it. There is no doubt that the lion is the king of the jungle and everyone would like to have its image on his or her body.

You need to start by evaluating the meaning of different designs and see what is suitable for you. Let us start by asking ourselves what comes to our mind when a lion is mentioned. Some of the key things that you start thinking about include confidence, power, ferociousness, royalty and of course the king of beasts. This means that having a lion image drawn on your body symbolizes courage, strength, masculinity, victory, glory and attentiveness among others. It does not matter whether you have the characteristics of a lion or not, having a lion image drawn on your body not only makes you look fancy but it also boosts your esteem as a man.


A Brief History of Lion Tattoo Designs

Humans have respected lions for many years and its images have acquired a high reputation among humankind from all parts of the world. The human respect for lions dates back to the years before civilization of humankind when many societies were hunters and gatherers. The lion was among the fiercest animals of the jungle that was an equal threat to humans. In fact, people feared the lion just like the rest of the animals in the jungle. Many societies viewed a lion as a majestic creature sent by the gods to rule the earth. As a result, some societies used the image of a lion for religious purposes and as a way of honoring sacred animals.

For instance, the Egyptians are among the ancients groups that drew a lot of inspiration of the lions. The Greeks had a great honor for lions, and that is why they named one of their constellation, Leo, as a way of showing their respect for lions. Lion images were used among the ancients Greeks to explain the concept of the moral fiber of society. In Ethiopia, the image of a winged lion was used to represent wealth, knowledge and the father of wisdom. In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the image of a lion’s roar was used to symbolize God’s word to humans. I am sure you also know about the Jacob, who is popularly known as the “the Conquering Lion of Judah.” For many years, different authors have written different stories and plays that have depicted the lion as a superior creature, and sometimes superior to humans.

In many ancient societies, the image of a lion was used as a symbol of strength, power, and nobility. Today the lion image is significant among the African kings and the majorities of them use it to signify their wealth and status in the society. The Rastafarians believe that the lion’s image represents the messiah and they use it as a religious symbol. Among the Christian tradition, a lion is seen as a force of both good and the evil while among the Muslims, the lion symbolizes Honor and Valor. In Hinduism, the lion is seen as the incarnation of an all-powerful god, known as Vishnu. The word Singh among the Hindus is associated with military and one of the most loved male names in India. Generally, the lion represents the best of humanity and its images have great significance to humans. This is why lion images are used today men to represent a noble and powerful persona.

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The Meaning of Lion Tattoo Designs in Today’s World

Lion tattoo designs have different meanings based on the design and the society where it originates. For instance, a certain lion image in the U.S. may have a different meaning from the same lion image in Europe, Asia or Africa. However, one thing for sure is that the meanings associated with lion tattoos in the modern world get their roots from the meanings of lion images in the past.


Generally, the lion tattoo is a symbol of power, courage and strength that represent the upper class and members of the society. In some communities, having a lion image on your body symbolizes passion, loyalty, and confidence. Although different tattooists have assigned different meanings to their designs, the meanings revolve within what we know as characteristics of lions.

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Lion tattoos come in different styles that vary from one society to another and one religion to the other. The following are the common lion tattoos for men representing different meanings.

The Tribal Lion Tattoos

The image of a lion has a deep cultural meaning in different parts of the world. The tribal lion image is the most popular and one of the most respected lion tattoos globally. The Tribal image represents noble qualities of the person having it. This image has some spiritual connection with a particular culture and serves as a symbol of that culture to the rest of the world.

The Lion Flower Tattoos 

The actual meaning of each flower is different from one society to another, they represent gracefulness, elegance love, and beauty. The image of the lion here represents passion, masculinity, and power. Therefore, the lion flower tattoo creates a central meaning that balances both extremes of a man. It represents someone who is able to balance his desire as a man and his passionate nature. In other words, this tattoo represents someone who is a strong man, but still cares about the weaker groups in the society.

Realistic Lion Tattoo

This is a 3d design tattoo image that has the element of realism. Here the tattooist combines different colors to come up with an image that looks like the real lifelike lion. The image can also include some background scenes to make it look like the actual lion, if you are patient and if you want it that way. However, you need to find a good artist capable of producing 3d realistic lion images if you want good results.

Rasta Lion Tattoos 

This tattoo is often used by men who believe in the religion of Rastafarianism to represent the “the conquering lion of Judah. In many cases, the lion image is drawn holding a scepter decorated with the colors of Ethiopia. The image of a lion symbolizes the connection between the person bearing it and the spiritual teachings of the Rasta movement. It also serves as a way of displaying your acceptance, tolerance, and love for humanity.

Geometric Lion Tattoo Design 

If you do not know, geometry is no longer used in mathematics only. We now have geometric tattoos and a lion image is the most common tattoo for men. Here the image is drawn using a certain geometric shape or a combination of different shapes. This design has become very popular among the tattoo lovers who want something unique. A Geo-lion image is extremely beautiful, but you need to get a good artist who understands geometric tattooing to get good results. Remember that this design does not have size restrictions or where the images should be placed. You can have it in any part of the body and even choose geometric shapes to be used.

The Roaring Lion Tattoos

The image of a roaring lion represents power and authority. In other words, the person bearing this image is not someone to be taken lightly in the society. When you have this image on your body, it sends the message that you were born a leader and nothing can really scare you. In other words, you are telling people around you that you can lead them out of danger or they should not underestimate you because you are a beast waiting to strike if provoked.

The Lion Paw Tattoos

The lion’s paw tattoo is used as a symbol of achievement and progress just like the cat’s paw. The image is also a sign of bravery and ability to protect the weak and innocent members of the society. Among the Freemasons, having the image of a lion paw represents enlightenment and transformation. Those who have this tattoo are believed to display their abilities to spiritually move out of ignorance and darkness into the sphere knowledge light. The image of a lion paws portrays the individual desire for spiritual fulfillment by seeking wisdom and guidance.

The Japanese Lion Tattoos 

Although lions are not popular in many of the Asian countries except in India, they play a very role in many cultures in the area. For instance, the lion represents justice, honor and Valor in China and Japan cultures. The traveling Buddhist monks and Hindus introduced the culture of using lion’s image to represent certain characteristics of the society in Japan and China. The lion tattoo designs have great honor in these countries, especially among the Samurai society.

Generally, the above are most popular lion tattoo designs drawn on men from different parts of the world. The tattoos come in different designs that represent varying meanings and symbols in different societies and religious backgrounds. These images not only make men look outstanding, but they also represent one’s beliefs and religious connections. Modern tattooists are getting more creative day after day and we now have new lion images drawn as a tattoo. However, it is good to make sure you understand the roots and meaning of a certain image before you have it placed on your body.

It is also important to make sure your tattooist understands the meaning different designs so that he/she can advise you when choosing the right image. Remember that you also have a responsibility to conduct a thorough research about different lion tattoos and their meanings to be able to choose the most suitable for you. Never rush when choosing the right image because it will be with you the rest of your life and tells a lot about your personality.




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