85 Contradictory Snake Tattoo Designs – The Ancient Symbol Full of Significance

Snake tattoo is one such tattoo design that you will find very difficult to ignore although it does not fall in one of the major tattoo designs. This particular tattoo has got some special meanings for almost every single design (which is obviously the snake in such cases) and is quite identical to some other tattoo designs which are actually based on living creatures.

It is possible to put together these snack tattoos in a lot of different ways and these have both negative as well as positive meanings. It is known to all of us that snakes are associated with lots of symbols that were prevalent in many old traditions. There are many different stories behind these tattoos which have both negative as well as positive connotations.



Snakes such as cobras, vipers and so on have been mentioned in our mythologies since many centuries. Snakes were talked about in our history even before the story of Adam and Eve was composed. However, these creatures have got a bad reputation mainly because of their role which they have played in the creation story of some religions such as Christianity as well as Judaism.

The serpent known as Shesha has a reputation of being one of the creators in the Hindu mythology. This amazing creature carries the Hindu god named Vishnu on its back and is known to have numerous heads by which it supports all the planets in this universe. In fact, in many cultures snakes are actually regarded as symbols of renewal. Furthermore, because of the shredding of the skin, many pagan traditions regard the serpent as an emblem of healing as well as rebirth.

The pre-Colombian individuals living in Central America as well as the Ashanti culture of West Africa believe the existence of a snake deity which bites its own tail. This particular belief signifies the cycle of life and death which is quite similar to the well-known Ouroboros that existed in ancient Egypt. In the Norse mythology, the Midgrade snake is yet another extension of the same tradition of “snake biting its tail”.

Snakes have also been regularly mentioned in the Greek mythology since the prehistoric times such as the notorious coils of Medusa and also the tail of the Chimera. Many centuries back, these creatures were regarded as being a potent to numerous herbal vegetation as well as medications since human beings understood that the snake venom was able to both protect and also poison. Consequently, we have seen that Asclepius, the god of medicine as well as healing, is always shown to carry a staff which had a serpent wrapped around it.

In many old cultures, the snake was regarded as a potent emblem of fertility. In the Abrahamic religions, this belief became identical with sexual desire as well as seduction and this is the primary reason why Eve has been shown in the Book of Genesis to be lured by a snake in the garden instead of any other creature. This is the identical reason why the snake is actually regarded by some Western cultures as being malicious, evil as well as dreadful. While Christianity was gaining in popularity, many powerful symbols were actually demonized and the snake happened to be among those unfortunate victims of the circumstances.

Serpents mean much more than the gliding devils as we see them and human beings viewed these reptiles with absolute fear. While more and more individuals are gradually regarding these creatures with respect as well as admiration, it is hardly surprising that there are an increasing number of snake owners as well as snake tattoo enthusiasts on this planet.

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The Significance of Serpent Tattoo Designs

A tattoo usually symbolizes different characteristics as well as meanings according to your own cultural reference point. All these include:

1. Rebirth and healing

2. Temptation

3. Sexual vitality and fertility

4. Nobility

5. Maliciousness

6. The divine

7. Intelligence and cunning

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Snake Tattoo Design Variations

Nowadays a serpent tattoo will definitely make outstanding decorations for the body irrespective of whether you would like to have a tattoo which is grounded in conventional tribal characteristics or has got Asian influences. The primary advantages regarding these types of designs is the fact that it is possible to draw and also place them in such a way which can emphasize your legs, arms, back or torso.

A competent and experienced tattoo artist will be able to even produce the illusion of a moving serpent on your body just by placing the tattoos on top of the main muscle groups. Your ink will also get noticed by the tattoo of a moving serpent. Below, we have mentioned some well-known serpent tattoo variations.

King Cobra Serpent Tattoos

The King Cobra is regarded in a very high esteem on almost every part of the world ranging from the Indian temples to the banks of the River Nile in Egypt. The Uraeus, which was actually the Royal emblem of the pharaohs, signified the heavenly lineage of the King and was instrumental in commanding the fidelity of the citizens in Egypt.

Even today, snake charmers in countries like India and Burma, make their living by entertaining people with a King Cobra that they carry in a basket. These charmers always wear tattoos that is produced from the poison of the snake which they believe will safeguard them from any kind of assaults from the reptiles. It is still a mystery whether this belief is rational or not. The King Cobra tattoos are actually symbols of nobility, status as well as wealth.

Tribal Serpent Tattoos

There is an exclusive set of tribal patterns associated with almost every culture in human history. These particular patterns hold special significance of their own and are typically linked to the elements of nature and also the spiritual world. Snakes are one of the oldest symbols in the religious cultures for many centuries. Numerous traditions in the world ranging from the Native Americans to the Germanic tribes of prehistoric Europe have related these reptiles with many folklore characters as well as deities. As a matter of fact, the tribal serpent tattoos will be capable of expressing your personal thoughts on this world.

Eagle and Snake Tattoos 

While the Eagle is actually meant for the noble and morally honorable characters, the snake is actually a symbol of temptation and sexual passion. Since these two creatures are always in conflict to each other, so also a snake and Eagle tattoo will usually symbolize the constant conflict between our wild nature and honorable intentions. In short, it can be rightly asserted that these types of tattoos symbolize a battle between the Good and the Evil. In the majority of the cases, the Good becomes victorious over the Evil.

Coiled Serpent Tattoos 

A snake which is coiled is obviously a dangerous creature which can assault us anytime it wants. This particular tattoo design shows that external appearances can to be deceptive because, although calm, the serpent can strike in a flash. This tattoo will inform the world that although you are calm and composed externality, you’re actually a dangerous personality inside.


Dagger and Serpent Tattoos 

The query must have arisen in your mind regarding why the symbol of healing and medicine is actually composed of daggers and the snakes that can kill any person. This particular image referred to as the Caduceus symbolizes the staff of Asclepius who happens to be the god of medicine as well as healing in the Greek mythology. Since a long time, the serpents have been linked with the symbols of fertility and rebirth which explains exactly why this particular tattoo design is universally recognized as a Renewal and Transformation.

Rattle Snake Tattoos 

In the past the Mayans, the Aztecs as well as other local inhabitants of Central America regarded rattle snakes in high esteem. It is hard to ignore the importance of the rattlesnakes in the history of North America. Benjamin Franklin created a great move by urging the different states of the young American colonies to join the combat against the British opposition. In the year 1751, he suggested jokingly that the American colonists must send barrels full of rattlesnakes to the King as a symbol of gratitude for the British policy of dispatching the convicted prisoners to America. From that time, a rattlesnake was used to embody the concealed strength as well as indomitable spirit of the underdog.

Lion and Serpent Tattoos 

Lions, just like the Dragons, are actually masculine symbols of strength and power. In fact, the lions are believed to be the king of the jungle whose magnificent roar will be enough to make individuals shiver in their hooves. On the contrary, a gliding snake is the thinker of Mother Nature and is able to play a game of chess mentality while others are still learning how to master the game. This particular serpent tattoo represents the constant battle between your good and evil sides.

A perfect tattoo design will be enough to make the difference between an outstanding tattoo and a good one. Therefore, make it a point to invest some time as well as resources in order to create a wonderful piece of art. Always figure out what exactly your serpent tattoo is going to symbolize and where it will be placed on the body. Confirm that it fits your personality and lifestyle. You may also take the assistance of the tattoo experts in case you require some inspiration.


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