90 Wondrous Panther Tattoo Designs – Make a Bold Statement

Looking for an amazing animal tattoo? There are hundreds of options to choose from. However, there is one design that stands out among the others – panther tattoo. This is a creature out of the ancient myth. It sports a beautiful, multi-colored hide that adds to the elegance of its tattoo. There are many types of panthers, ranging from the cougar or mountain lion (found in North America) to the jaguar (found in Central and South America). Now that we know something about the panther – what makes the tattooed panther symbol a cool choice among the endless options in the tattoo industry?

This tattoo is a great acquisition. It’s a trendy tattoo, and one of the most sought after, especially among men. However, women alike are requesting the tattoo owing to its sheer beauty. They associate it with a design of confidence and the fact that it makes a powerful body art. The ever-increasing popularity of this tattoo is linked to the strong symbolism of the panther itself – a symbolism that many find to be a perfect match to their personality. Chances are that you are planning to get this tattoo. But then, you want yours to be unique – a tattoo symbol that will make you stand out from your pals. The best option in achieving this is to do some little research and collect a good amount of information before getting inked. And it’s all at your fingertips because this article provides every bit of information you need to know about the tattoo, it’s history, meanings, and the design variations.


Historical Background

The history of the panther tattoo is quite unknown. However, the tattoo is believed to have been sported by hunters in ancient civilization. And considering the fact that panthers live in many continents, that tattoo could have been of great significance among many different cultures. Back then, the tattoo was put into the body using traditional techniques, which were often very painful. The modern tattoo industry, with its state-of-the-art technology, has greatly improved on the ancient tattoos. This has resulted in many impressive and detailed designs that sport both elegance and class.

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Before getting a tattoo symbol, it’s best that you first understand the meaning of the symbol. So my question to you is; do you know what the panther tattoo signifies? You may probably know a meaning or two regarding this tattoo. But then, that’s just not enough since that tattoo has many different meanings worth looking at. The meanings may vary from one bearer to another. Below, I’m going to go through the different meanings of this tattoo to help you decide whether it’s the right body art for you.

Have you ever asked yourself why this tattoo is more common among men? Well, there’s a reason behind it. And it’s all connected to the nature of the panther. This animal has that ferocious instinct and a certain savageness, something that is linked to masculinity. This makes the tattoo a prized possession among men. It’s regarded as a useful medium that portrays their inherent trait.


This animal is often associated with power, strength, and nimbleness – traits that most leaders try their best to emulate. The panther is symbolic to bravery, courage, confidence, and cunningness. Such traits are a perfect match for a person who’s ready to face challenges regardless of the situation at hand. They depict a person who doesn’t give up once he’s aimed at doing something.

The beautiful skin sported by some types of panthers, for instance, the jaguar, can’t go unnoticed especially when portrayed in a full-color tattoo. That’s why some people regard the animal as a symbol of beauty. The tattoo has a great aesthetic value that has won the hearts of many women. It’s no wonder that the tattoo has sometimes been used to symbolize femininity and motherhood. But in order to achieve the most elegance, this tattoo is designed to hide the fierce claws and eyes. The tattoo is also said to be symbolic to freedom from oppression and rules. Some see it as a symbol of swiftness and the ability to know the dark.

As you have seen, the tattooed panther symbol has many different meanings. But the big question is – do the above traits define your character and personality? If yes, well and good. If they don’t, then there’s no need to worry. If you feel you don’t have any of these traits, but still want to consider a tattooed panther design, then do give it a try. Just make sure that you’ll be happy with your choice.

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Design Variations

Panther tattoos come in many designs that have takers all over the world. Many artists have pushed the designs to the limit to produce symbols that are unique and simply beautiful. This tattoo ranges in relation to different aspects. This can be in terms of color, design, or type of panther. Below, I’ll outline the popular designs that have become the craze in the modern society. This will act as a guide in helping you choose the coolest design that will befit your needs.

Traditional design: This is among the most common types of designs. The design bears the image of a black panther. This is a symbol that represents honor, beauty, motherhood and femininity. Black panthers are known to stalk their prey, a trait that makes this design symbolic to intelligence and secretiveness.

Panther claw design: This design doesn’t portray the whole image of the panther. It includes only the paw, a feature that makes it small enough to fit areas like the wrist and arm. The paw design is symbolic to strength, power, and fierce conflict. This makes it a perfect choice, especially when sending a message to your enemies. But remember that the design of the panther claw varies to ensure that it gives out the real meaning.

Cartoon panther design: This design creates an element of fun, innocence, and elegance to the image of the panther. You can choose to customize the design, for instance, make it look fierce or gentle and friendly. But despite the appearance, the design always has a tendency of being elegant. This design is often used to create some other personalities in the panther.

Tribal design: Most tattoos have a tribal design. The tattooed panther symbol is no exception. It comes in a tribal design that has become popular in the recent times. This design is mostly symbolic to power. It helps connect a person to the spiritual world. Besides spiritual connection, the tattoo provides a tribal connection that identifies a person with a certain culture. The tattoo is also symbolic to honor, strength, divine beauty, and femininity.

These are just but four of the most popular designs. For the tattoo more design variations on panthers, you may check out other websites that provide lots of information. And what’s more, some of them even provide free downloadable designs to choose from. Take your time to peruse the designs that strike your fancy. After that, decide whether they’re the right ones prior to getting them inked into your skin.

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You’ve now known the meanings and design variations of this tattoo. It’s now time for placement. But you’ve got no idea regarding the areas that the tattoo will fit best. Well, don’t let this make you sweat. Most often, the tattoo depicts the whole animal. And if your design requires that you portray the image of the whole animal, then it’s advisable that you render it in large scale. And when talking about large scale, the area that fits such a design is the back. On the other hand, you might want to place the design on a lesser scale and elongate it. In such cases, you will find the legs and arms the perfect placement areas for your tattoo. You might decide to go for a design that shows only the head or the paw. To make it look presentable, choose to place it on the upper shoulders, chest, upper arms, or the lower back.

One thing to note is that this is an open tattoo. By that, I mean that the tattoo can be placed anywhere you wish. It has no restrictions or limitations whatsoever. Nonetheless, the tattoo tends to take a bigger space. That’s why it’s recommended that you place them where there’s a bigger surface area.

That panther tattoo is a trendy design that evokes a primal appeal. The tattoo amazes many with its beauty and loads of quality traits that the animal bears. It’s a unisex tattoo designed to suit all, both men and women. It’s one of the coolest choices for those that want to connote their strong traits or pass a message across.

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